Weather in Dentdale

weather in dentdaleThe warmest month in Dentdale is August and driest is May. As an upland area the weather in Dentdale can be quite changeable and you should always check the forecast especially if heading onto the fells.

If the prevailing south-west wind is blowing you can usually see what the weather is going to be like in the next few minutes or hours depending on the strength of the wind by looking up Deepdale (below Whernside) or Barbondale (between Crag Hill above Dent village and Calf Top to the west)!

For the weather conditions at valley level BBC Weather is normally quite reliable, especially up to 36 hours ahead. If you are planning outdoor activities, the Met Office Mountain Forecast for the Yorkshire Dales gives a good overview, but do bear in mind that Dentdale is one of the most westerly dales.

For a more detailed prediction of weather conditions on the local fell tops, the Met Office forecast for Crag Hill directly to the south of Dent village gives an indication of wind speed and visibility as well as temperature.

The Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) is probably best known for its forecasts for the Scottish Highlands and is highly regarded by many outdoor enthusiasts. They also produce forecasts for the Yorkshire Dales and the northern Pennines covering Dentdale.

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