Parish Council survey

A survey to find out what matters most to those who live in or visit Dentdale

In 2009 Dent with Cowgill Parish Council launched its first Parish Plan. This plan lasted for 5 years until 2014 and was very successful with many great things coming to Dentdale as a result. The Library Link, upgrades to the play area and playing fields and the new parking area/gardens at Beech Hill to name a few.

Four years have now passed since the end of the last Parish Plan and your current council would like to get your opinions on what is most important to you.

The Parish Council is your most local authority with powers to change many things in the dale for the better including, housing, allotments, public seats, playing fields, community spaces, consultation on planning matters and generating tourism. These are a few examples and there are many more opportunities available.

Your current council is made up of 9 councillors (6 covering Dent ward and 3 covering Cowgill ward). They are Graham Dalton (Chair), Rita Corpe, Chris Evans, Geoff Woof, Danny Smith and Martyn Knapton for Dent and Ian Mitchell, Andy Cowton and Juliet Hoggar for Cowgill. The Clerk is Scott Thornley.

We would be grateful if you could fill in the very short questionnaire on the reverse to give us an idea about what matters most to you.

Ideally, we would like as many responses as possible to give a good idea of what matters most to everyone who lives and visits our dale.



We aim to compile a list of the most important issues from your answers and this will form the basis of a new Parish Plan. We will be sending out a more exhaustive survey once we have a list of the top issues.

The deadline for submitting completed surveys is 31 October 2018.

Download a copy of the questionnaire