Sedbergh Red Squirrel Group

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We are a small group of people trying to conserve red squirrels in the Sedbergh and Dentdale area.
Our aims are to raise public awareness of the difficulties facing red squirrels and to encourage more people to become involved in helping them.
Our contribution to the national effort is to:

  • Monitor both red and grey squirrels in the area.
  • Help red squirrels by feeding them
  • Encourage landowners to provide areas of pine forest
  • Humanely trap greys
  • Host various events to publicise the work.

Can you help?
There are a number of very different things you can do to help us in our work of conserving red squirrels:

  • Report sightings.
  • Have a squirrel feeder.
  • Squirrelise your garden.
  • Have a trap in your garden.
  • Help with events.
  • Sponsor us and/or manage your land with squirrels in mind.
  • Become a member.

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