Dentdale hedgehog home after hospital stay

21st September 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Dentdale hedgehog

After six weeks recovering from a broken pelvis at a local wildlife hospital, the luckiest hedgehog in Dentdale is back home.
During the summer, a passer-by saw the juvenile male hedgehog being bowled over by the vehicle travelling in front of her.
She stopped to pick him up and, noticing a ‘hedgehog crossing’ sign at the roadside, took the injured animal to a nearby house for help.
The stunned hedgehog was taken to Farmgate Vets, in Sedbergh, where it was checked over and referred to the Wildlife Rescue Centre at Kendal College.
An X-ray revealed it had a broken pelvis, but after six weeks of specialist nursing the animal was declared fit to be returned to its home territory.
It was collected for release back into the wild in September, complete with a supply of ‘Spike’s Meaty Feast’ hedgehog food and a temporary shelter.
At this time of year, hedgehogs can be spotted busy foraging to build up sufficient stores of body fat to get them through their winter hibernation.
Cumbria Wildlife Trust is keen to encourage people to give this much-loved, but increasingly endangered, species a helping hand by gardening and managing land in a wildlife-friendly way. For more information and advice visit their website here.