Cold to Cosy Homes

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A new service from September 2019 run by Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) and building on past experiences in Cumbria.

Working in partnership with LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership) as well as South Lakeland District Council, Warm Homes Eden (Eden District Council) and Home Life (Carlisle City Council).

Cold to Cosy Homes provides energy advice visits for households and can provide immediate installation of a wide range of practical energy saving improvements.

It is available across Cumbria for people who meet the eligibility criteria. Past experience indicates that focusing on particular areas will give the most effective use of the funding and resources available, so publicity will focus on South Lakes and Eden Districts and then Carlisle.

Project background

The project is aiming to help over 1000 Cumbrian households over two years, with home visits for 600. We can also advise people by telephone and face-to-face at a number of events we are planning to attend or organise.

CAfS can offer this thanks to funding from the Energy Redress Scheme, which redistributes voluntary payments from UK energy companies. We partner with the Local Energy Advice Partnership (LEAP), who organise energy advice widely across areas of England and Wales to deliver it.

What is involved?

A FREE home energy efficiency advice visit from a qualified CAfS assessor who can:

  • Provide energy saving advice – including using heating systems, setting thermostats and radiator valves, dampness and ventilation, insulation, checking fuel tariff and switching
  • Fit free energy saving measures, such as LED bulbs and draught proofing
  • Refer for the free fitting of professionally installed energy saving improvements
  • Help check energy tariffs and offer switching advice
  • Refer for larger energy efficiency measures, such as insulation and heating
  • Refer for income, benefit and debt advice, Warm Home Discount, Priority Services Register, Fire Service visit and help with other home hazards
  • Refer to a variety of schemes provided by local agencies and charities

Who is eligible?

Any home, regardless of tenure, where any member of the household meets the eligibility criteria, which are based on household income and benefits, vulnerability and a range of health conditions. The eligibility for Cold to Cosy Homes is the same as for LEAP visits and details are at the end of this sheet.

Champions and referrers

To reach the people who can most benefit we need the help of trusted organisations and people in the community to advise others of the scheme and how they can benefit. We are looking for people who can champion Cold to Cosy Homes and refer people directly to the scheme.

We also offer half-day training for Energy Champions to learn more about energy saving, how this scheme helps people and how to refer others. We are looking for front line workers, volunteers and people in the community who help and care for others to become Energy Champions.


There are a number of ways to make a referral for eligible Cumbrian households:

  • Go to and complete the form
  • Use the Multi Agency Referral System (for registered organisations)
  • Call CAfS on 01768 210276 and speak to a member of our team

Any information you can provide about why you think the person you are referring should be entitled to help from Cold to Cosy Homes will help. Plus brief details of any specific help required, such as tariff check, draught proofing front and back doors.

Referrals made to LEAP also automatically qualify for Cold to Cosy Homes.

To find out more contact us.

What happens next with the referral?

  1. CAfS, or LEAP will contact the client directly to check their eligibility and where possible to make an appointment.
  2. CAfS will visit the client to provide the energy advice and make onward referrals.
  3. Where a referral is made to another organisation, that organisation will then contact the client directly.

In some cases, it’s helpful for a carer, friend or relative to be there for the appointment. As a referrer, you might want to advise them of this from the start.



To find out more about any aspect of Cold to Cosy Homes, please contact the CAfS office on 01768 210276 (Monday to Friday) or email


Cold to Cosy Homes Eligibility

Income Criteria Health Criteria Vulnerability Criteria
Anyone receiving one of the following:

  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit / Working Tax Credit
  • Universal credit
  • Child benefit
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction
  • A Disability Benefit (incl. Attendance Allowance, DLA, PIP)
  • MoD administered benefits
  • Annual income not more than that shown in the LEAP income matrix below:


Anyone with one of the following:


    Cardiovascular condition (incl. coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, transient ischemic attack)

Respiratory condition (incl. COPD, asthma)

Neurological or neurobiological condition (incl. dementia, Parkinson’s disease, MS, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, ME)

Musculoskeletal conditions (incl. arthritis, limited mobility, recently attended hospital due to a fall)

Blood conditions (incl. Sickle cell disease, thalassemia)


Moderate to severe mental illness (incl. schizophrenia bipolar disorder and depression where receiving regular treatment)

Severe learning disabilities

Autoimmune or immunodeficiency diseases (e.g. lupus, diabetes, HIV)

Terminally ill

Other illness exacerbated by cold (confirmed by GP)

In possession of a valid NHS Medical Exemption Certificate


Anyone in one of the following situations:


    Victim of domestic violence

Recent bereavement

Moving in and out of homelessness

Recent immigrant or asylum seeker

Physical or sensory disability


No. of children / young persons under 18 in household
One Adult Two Adults
0 £14,520 £21,780
1 £19,140 £26,400
2 £23,760 £31,020
3 £28,380 £35,640
4 £33,000 £40,260