Car parking

Dent Village Car Park

The car park in the centre of Dent is operated by the Parish Council.

Visitors’ parking fees support the facilities and contribute to community projects.

Charges apply between 8am and 6pm (6pm to 8am free)

Car up to 3 hours: £2.00

Cars up to 24 hours: £4.50

Parking is FREE for: Disabled badge holders, coaches, mini-buses and motor cycles.

Machine accepts 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins only. No change given.

Please note:

No overnight occupation of vehicles

Vehicles and contents left at owner’s risk and Dent Parish Council accept no responsibility for any loss or damage.

Other parking

If you park anywhere else in the dale, please follow a few simple rules:

Do not block the road – leave ample space for tractors and other large vehicles to pass.

Do not block field entrances, tracks or driveways – access may be needed at any time.