Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 02 December 2013


Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Rita Corpe, Ken McClurg, Geoffrey Woof, Tom Stafford and Jenny Pilgrim.


County & District Councillor Nick Cotton.  


The meeting opened at 7.30pm.




Councillor Elaine Lewis.   

District Councillors Ian McPherson and Evelyn Westwood.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 04 November 2013 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.



Policing Issues:

3.1 Apologies had been received from PCSO Mandy Coleman. No other representative from Cumbria Police had been able to attend.

A Police report for the Parish of Dent was received:

3.2 A large vehicle had caused damage to a bay-window in Main Street, Dent. The matter had been resolved through the driver’s insurance company.

3.3 A report of dangerous driving had been received on the C5101 road between Dent and Sedbergh involving two vehicles in convoy. Both drivers had been traced by the Police.

3.4 A burglary had taken place in Sedbergh involving the theft of a caravan.



Declarations of Interest:

4.1 Councillors Jenny Pilgrim, Ken McClurg and Tom Stafford in respect of agenda item 14 – Parish Council Grants 2013/14.

4.2 Councilllors Graham Dalton and Geoffrey Woof in respect of agenda item 16 – Planning Applications.



Clerk’s Report:

5.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

5.2 (Item 16) An offer had been received from a Dentdale resident to provide a vehicle and equipment to grit the U5474 (back Dent to Cowgill road) and the U5506 (Dent to Deepdale road) at times of adverse winter conditions. The Clerk had contacted CCC Highways and requested for consideration:

i) Provision of grit to be exclusively used on the two road sections by the resident,

ii) Provision of a grant for the service.

This matter is still under consideration by CCC Highways and a reply is awaited.

5.3 (Item 19) Councillor Graham Dalton stated that he would attend a workshop to be held by the Lune Rivers Trust at the People’s Hall, Sedbergh, on Tuesday 14 January 2014, in relation to its current project and survey of the River Lune and its tributaries.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:-

5.4 Cumbria County Council Highways are to hold a ‘Meet and Greet’ event at 1pm on Friday 13 December 2013, at its Mintsfeet Maintenance Depot in Kendal. The aim of the event is to provide Parish Council representatives with a presentation of the work undertaken by the area based teams and the opportunity of meeting its members. Councillor Geoffrey Woof volunteered to attend the event.



Chair and Member Announcements:

6.1 Councillor Jenny Pilgrim announced that over the next 3 or 4 months she would be unable to attend Playing Field meetings. A request was made for an additional member to attend meetings to support Councillor Chris Evans. Councillor Tom Stafford volunteered to undertake the role. It was resolved that Councillor Tom Stafford be appointed to the Playing Field Committee.

6.2 Councillor Rita Corpe had attended the recent Sedbergh & District Community event held in Sedbergh where she met a representative from Caritas Care which had proved very useful in gathering information in relation to the assistance available to those with hearing difficulties.

6.3 Councillor Rita Corpe also reported undergoing a 40minute telephone interview with Defra and Arts Council England in connection with developing the Library Link Service in Dent. A meeting will be held in Penrith on 09 January 2014 concerning the Rural Library Service which she will attend.

6.4 Councillor Rita Corpe stated that the Hadfield Trust had authorised a grant of approximately £2,800 for work at the Reading Room Library. The funds will be used to update the kitchen, toilet and hot water facilities.

6.5 Councillor Chris Evans reported that grit piles had been deposited in Gawthrop in preparation for adverse weather conditions.

6.6 Councillor Graham Dalton had reported the deposit of fallen leaves at The Green to South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) for removal by the SLDC street cleaning service.



County and District Councillor Announcements:

7.1 County & District Councillor Nick Cotton asked for confirmation of which drains had been cleaned by Cumbria County Council Highways in Dentdale. Information was received that the cleaning operation was believed to have gone the full length of the C5101 road section. Councillor Cotton stated that he was willing to receive details of any remaining drainage problems which should include a map reference and photographic evidence where possible.

7.2 County & District Councillor Nick Cotton enquired if there had been any additional traffic in Dentdale as a result of the A684 road closure at Garsdale. Councillors reported an increase in commercial traffic.



Public Forum:

It was requested that an agenda item for the Parish Council meeting in February should include the future of the Parish Plan. Councillor Tom Stafford reported that a suitable date for the Parish Plan Committee to discuss the future strategy of the Parish Plan was still being negotiated.




Cumbria County Council – Budget Consultation:

9.1 Cumbria County Council’s budget consultation document was received.

9.2 Members considered the issue of whether or not Cumbria County Council should increase its council tax in the financial year 2014/15:

Option A) Take the government’s council tax freeze grant, do not increase the County Council’s share of the council tax and make £24.4million in savings in 2014/15. 

Option B) Do not accept the government grant, increase council tax in 2014/15 by 2% and reduce the level of savings required to £22.6million.

It was resolved to make no recommendation.

9.3 County & District Councillor Nick Cotton highlighted that Cumbria County Council would be holding two local ‘drop-in’ sessions  for the public to receive further information on the budget consultation proposals:-

Kirkby Lonsdale Market on Thursday 05 December between 10am and 1pm, and,

Sedbergh Market, Joss Lane car park on Wednesday 11 December, 10am to 1pm.



Land at Beech Hill:

10.1 In respect of the land at the flower bed area of Beech Hill proposed for transfer to the Parish Council from South Lakeland District Council (SLDC), the Council had responded declining the Parish Council’s request to amend its overage provisions.

10.2 In respect of the land at Beech Hill proposed for transfer to the Parish Council from Cumbria County Council (CCC), the Chair had written to CCC concerning the restrictive overage provisions contained within the transfer documentation. A reply is still awaited.



Litter Picking:

11.1 A report was received relating to an assessment of the Council’s exposure to risk in respect of its volunteer litter pickers together with an amended version of the Litter Collection Scheme Statement of Safe Working Procedures.

11.2 An issue had been raised during consultation with the Litter Picking Group questioning the requirement of the Risk Assessment for litter pickers to wear high visibility clothing when picking litter on roads other than the C5101 road section between Peggleside and Ibbeth Peril.

11.3 Members reviewed the completed risk assessment documentation and the amended Statement of Safe Working Procedures and resolved to accept the content of both documents in full without amendment which included the requirement to wear high visibility clothing when working on all road sections.



Community Land Trusts:

12.1 Details were received of an offer from Cumbria Rural Housing Trust to give a presentation to the Parish Council on the benefits of Community Housing Trusts.

12.2 It was resolved to invite a representative from the Cumbria Rural Housing Trust to either the Parish Council meeting of 03 February 2014 or 03 March 2014, dependent on the representative’s availability, for the purpose of deciding whether or not a Community Land Trust is either feasible and/or appropriate for the Parish.





13.1 Budget and Precept 2014/15:

13.1.1 Budget and precept proposals for the financial year 2014/15 were received.

13.1.2 The car park budget proposal was accepted.

13.1.3 The Parish Council budget was accepted.

13.1.4 It was resolved to formally approve both the Car Park and Parish Council budgets. This would be subject to their compliance with any change in benefit support grant from central government and grant support from South Lakeland District Council.


13.2 Payments for authorisation:

E.on  (street Lighting – November 2013)


A. Stephenson  (administration & Clerk’s expenses)


United Utilities (water & wastewater Car Park - 11/2013)


Dentdale Memorial Hall (room hire July – September 2013)





Parish Council Grants 2014/15:

14.1 Councillors Jenny Pilgrim, Tom Stafford and Ken McClurg left the room for this item.

14.2 A total of seven Grant applications were received and considered.

14.3 It was resolved to authorise the following Grants:

Dent Pre-School


Dent C of E Primary School


Dent First Responder Group


Dent Over 60’s


Dent Football Club


Dent Music & Beer Festival

Western Dales Community Bus Service







Dentdale Memorial Hall:

15.1 A written request for financial support had been received from Kate Cairns, Chair of the Governors of Dent C of E Primary School, for the completion of the refurbishment work at Dentdale Memorial Hall. Two outstanding matters remained to conclude the project:

1) Blackout blinds for all windows, and,

2) A new hanging rail for the curtains across the stage.

The quotation for this work amounted to £2,232.56 leaving a shortfall of £712.42 in project funding.

15.2 Members were extremely supportive of all work undertaken to date and agreed that the Hall had seen significant improvement, however; Councillors did raise concerns being expressed about the acoustic difficulties now being experienced in the Hall, which were prominent when listening to presentations, films and with musical events. It was resolved to refer the acoustic problem back to the Governors for consideration of looking at a revised scheme to combine the window blackout capability with improvement in the Hall’s acoustics. Members would welcome the opportunity to consider financial support of an amended scheme should an appropriate solution be found.





16.1 Applications:

S/01/256 – Holme Hill, Cowgill.  Application for erection of garden room and implements store – Support.

S/01/87B – Millwood, Helmside, Dent. Application for erection of a steel framed building to cover silage pit and yard - Support.

S/01/133C – Northwaite, Dent. Application for erection of roof over existing feeding area - Support.

S/01/257 – Low Mill, Dent. Application for variation of condition 5 of the planning permission YD8/76/5080 relating to agricultural occupancy restriction - Support.


16.2 Decisions:

S/01/169B – Low Laning Barn, Laning, Dent. Application for installation of new window with stone recessed base to replace existing two windows on west elevation. Refused.

S/01/255 – Lawrence Cottage, Laning, Dent. Application for erection of single storey extension to replace existing bathroom. Granted with conditions.



Dates of meetings 2014:

Proposed Parish Council meeting dates for 2014 were received and accepted as the definitive meeting dates for next year.



18.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.35pm.

18.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 03 February 2014, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.