Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 07 October 2013


Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Elaine Lewis, and Ken McClurg.


District Councillor Evelyn Westwood.


The meeting opened at 7.30pm.




Councillors Geoffrey Woof, Rita Corpe, Jenny Pilgrim and Tom Stafford.


District Councillor Ian McPherson.

County & District Councillor Nick Cotton.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 02 September 2013 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.



Policing Issues:

3.1 A report was received from Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Karen Dakin.

3.2 There were no incidents to report in the Parish, however, the current priority for the Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale area, including Dentdale, is rural burglaries and vehicle crime.

3.3 During the last month in the Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale area there had been reports of:- the theft of a pedal cycle, one metal theft and four burglaries. One of the burglaries involved the theft of jewellery to the value of £12,000.

3.4 Concerns regarding ‘cold callers’ have been raised by members of the public. As a deterrent to unwanted sales visitors, ‘no cold callers’ stickers for property windows and doors are available and can be obtained by contacting the local PCSO.

3.5 As part of ‘Alcohol’ week the Police have attended Settlebeck High School to deliver a presentation together with being been involved in the School’s drugs and alcohol immersion day. Local schools will also be visited regarding safety prior to Halloween and Bonfire Night.

3.6 PCSO Dakin was thanked for her attendance and left the meeting at 7.37pm.



Declarations of Interest:




Clerk’s Report:

5.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted.

Further information was given on:-

5.2 (Item 1) Street lights at Dene Cottage, Hodgson’s Barn and Sedgwick Fountain had been reported as unlit. All three lights have been actioned for immediate repair. The light at Ghyll Head has been fitted with a new sensor and should now be working correctly.

5.3 (Item 2) Cumbria Highways had been contacted concerning damage to the bridge at St John’s Church; however, it appears no repairs to date have been carried out.       It was resolved that the Clerk would again contact Cumbria Highways to ascertain the current position with regard to repair.

5.4 (Item 16) As part of the Parish Council’s risk assessment process the annual tree survey had been carried out at the Car Park by Niki Child, Woodland Officer, YDNP. Her report is awaited. A separate meeting between YDNP (as owner of the Car Park) and representatives of Mr J. & Mrs M. Taylor is to take place on Thursday 10 October 2013, concerning an ongoing complaint relating to the height and density of the trees at the Car Park.

5.5 (Item 15) The Clerk has compiled a draft litter-picking risk assessment. The document has been forwarded to John Sibley for consultation with the litter-picking team. Once the initial consultation process has been concluded the risk assessment documentation will be brought before the Council for consideration.

5.6 (Item 18) It was confirmed that Cumbria Highways would ask Swaledale Stonemasonry to quote for repairs to Stonehouse Bridge subject to the Contractor completing an acceptable standard of work at its current Devil’s Bridge project at Kirkby Lonsdale

5.7 (Item 11) A complaint had been raised with British Telecom (BT) concerning the height of overhead wiring across the highway at Gawthrop. This had followed a recent incident where BT wires had been lifted manually to allow a high-sided heavy goods vehicle to travel through Gawthrop. It was resolved that the Clerk would contact BT to ascertain what action had been taken.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:-

5.8 It was reported that Burton Turf Care had almost completed the 2013 grass cutting contract at the Car Park and Playing Field sites. Members commented that the standard of maintenance this year had been very good.

5.9.1 Minutes of the meeting of the Sedbergh & District Transport Group on Monday September 16 September had been received including:

5.9.2 The Saturday bus service was continuing, however, the summer Sunday service had now stopped and would be subject to review over the winter. Passenger numbers had been reported as reasonable but it was not yet clear whether or not the service would financially break even over the year. Initial problems concerning hiring the bus to community groups had now been resolved and the group would be making its third application for a National Lottery grant towards the cost of a new vehicle. New routes were being considered which, if approved, would probably start at Easter 2014.

5.9.3 Electric bike hire would not be offered this year. Currently enquiries are being made in an attempt to locate a partner to take the project forward.

5.9.4 Information is being distributed from the Sedbergh and District Information Centre on the concept of a local Car Club. The aim is to generate interest from a core group of potential car club users before preparing a bid to DITA and other funding organisations for set-up costs.

5.10 The Clerk had made contact with Heather Fraser who has agreed to present a summary of the Parish Plan (2008 – 2013) at the November Parish Council meeting.


Chair and Member Announcements:

6.1 Councillor Elaine Lewis raised concern about the number of recent vehicle collisions on the A684 road at Black Horse Hill. District Councillor Evelyn Westwood suggested that additional appropriate signage may be helpful to alert drivers of the dangers of this section of road. It was resolved that the Clerk would make contact with County Councillor Nick Cotton highlighting the issue.

6.2 Councillor Chris Evans reported that South Lakeland District Council’s ‘Power- Up the Community’ Scheme had been delayed by six weeks due to present difficulties with Government legislation. Councillor Chris Evans had previously commended the project as he had made a worthwhile saving on an earlier release of the scheme. 

6.3 Councillor Graham Dalton gave an update on the planning application at Grassington involving the expansion of a milk-retailing business to accommodate dairy processing, distribution infrastructure and additional employment in the area. Councillor Dalton stated that the application had now been approved.



County and District Councillor Announcements:

Councillor Evelyn Westwood informed the meeting that each District Councillor was issued with an allowance of £1,000 to be used to support community schemes. Councillor Westwood stated that she wished to use her funding allowance to support community projects that were unable to gain funding from other charitable sources. She would be interested to hear from anyone within the community with suitable projects requiring financial support.



Public Forum:

No issues reported.



Playing Field Committee:

9.1 The minutes of the meeting of Thursday 12 September 2013 were received.

It was further reported:-

9.2 A dead tree adjacent to the Playing Field had previously been reported to the land’s tenant, Kevin Raw, concerning health and safety implications to members of the public using the playing field. To date no steps have been taken to remove the tree. It was resolved that the Clerk would write to the owner of the land requesting the tree’s removal on the grounds of health and safety.



Parish Council Vacancy:

The current Parish Council vacancy had been advertised locally, however, at the present time no applications had been received. It was resolved that interest from eligible members of the community would continue to be sought.




Planning Forum:

11.1 Details were received of a Yorkshire Dales National Park Planning Forum to be held at 2pm on Monday 21 October 2013, at The People’s Hall, Sedbergh. The purpose of the meeting is to improve the relationship with Parish Councils and seek the views of members in relation to the Planning Service.

11.2 Councillor Jenny Pilgrim had submitted a list of issues in respect of the Planning Forum which were received by members. It was resolved that the issues were relevant and appropriate to the meeting and should be submitted to the YDNP by the Clerk for consideration as part of the Forum agenda.  

11.3 Four Council members have been invited to represent the Parish at the meeting:-

It was resolved that the Parish Council would be represented by:- Jenny Pilgrim, Rita Corpe, Graham Dalton and Chris Evans.



Yorkshire Dales National Park (YDNP) – Local Plan 2015-2030:

12.1 The YDNP – Local Plan 2015-2030 consultation document was received for consideration and appropriate response.

12.2 It was resolved that due to the significant detail contained within the document a separate meeting of members should be held to consider and formulate an appropriate response to YDNP. The Clerk would arrange a meeting of members in order that a response could be received by YDNP no later than 29 October 2013.




Broadband in Dentdale:

13.1 A report was received relating to a Broadband meeting held on Wednesday 11 September 2013, at The People’s Hall Sedbergh, involving:- British Telecom, Fibre GarDen and representatives from both Dent and Garsdale Parish Councils. The aim of the meeting which had been initially proposed by British Telecom was to consider a working partnership between British Telecom and FibreGarDen on the delivery of superfast broadband in Dentdale and Garsdale.

13.2 The meeting concluded with an agreement between British Telecom and Fibre GarDen to conduct further discussions on the concept of a working partnership and to report back to a second meeting in November to announce any developments.

13.3.1 A subsequent response from Julia Watts, Business Development Director, British Telecom, was received by the Clerk following an internal British Telecom senior management meeting where its proposed strategy included:

13.3.2 British Telecom (BT) remains open to working with Fibre GarDen and the Parish Councils as discussed in the meeting, however, BT believes it would be wrong to engage further with Fibre GarDen until their share offer exercise is concluded and until such time that Fibre GarDen make a decision not to move forward. BT does not wish to confuse the current plans for local people, and, maintain separate projects in the short term.

13.3.3 BT will continue with their roll-out plans and if Fibre GarDen at any time decides not to continue BT will explore ways to extend coverage of the National Openreach network with FibreGarDen.

13.3.4 BT would be pleased to attend a further public meeting later in the year to understand from Fibre GarDen if they intend to continue their project. There are no plans for BT to offer services over alternative networks.

13.4 It was resolved that the Council should await further project developments and not take any action at this stage.




Land at Beech Hill and Main Street, Dent:

14.1 A report and position statement was received relating to the transfer of land to the Parish Council at Beech Hill, Dent.

14.2 Cumbria County Council (CCC) had been informed that the Parish Council did not wish to proceed with the transfer of land at Main Street due to the risk of inheriting a maintenance dispute which may have financial consequences to the Parish. CCC’s initial response was that the transfer could not proceed as ‘cherry-picking’ parcels of land could not be accommodated. However, this decision has since been withdrawn and the transfer has been allowed to continue for the two parcels of land at Beech Hill with amended documentation being prepared by CCC. 

14.3 SLDC had been contacted with a request from the Parish Council to limit its overage provision to a period of 5 years. Currently there is no time limit to the provision within the proposed transfer documentation. The provision states that a future change of use of the land would incur a 50% claw back from SLDC of the difference in value of land between its current use and the value of the change of use. The request is receiving attention and a response is awaited from SLDC.





Finance Monitoring:

A report and statement of the Council’s financial position detailing income and expenditure to the conclusion of Quarter 2 - 2013/14 was received and accepted.  




  Payments made since 02 September 2013:

HMRC (VAT Quarter 2 – 2013/14)


HMRC (PAYE Quarter 2 – 2013/14)



  Payments authorised:             

E.on (street lighting – September 2013)


E.on (car park electricity Quarter 2)


A. Stephenson (administration & Clerk’s expenses – September 2013))


United Utilities (water & wastewater car park – September 2013)


Sally Bansor (car park relief)


Gary Sedgwick (maintenance – car park toilets)


Burton Turf Care (car park & playing field grass maintenance)


Dent Football Club (Parish Council loan for Bonfire Night expenses)


Dent Stores (car park toilets - consumables)





17.1 Applications

S/01/255 – Lawrence Cottage, Laning, Dent. Application for erection of single storey extension to replace existing bathroom - Support.

S/01/33A - Peacock Hill, Deepdale, Dent.  Application for erection of an agricultural building to form roof cover over sheep handling and feed area - Support.


17.2 Decision – Approved with Conditions

      S/01/254 – Millbeck Farm, Dent. Application for installation of hydro-electric



     17.3 Withdrawn

     S/01/252 – Peas Gill House, Stonerigg Outrake, Gawthrop. Application  

     for re-occupation of former dwelling.



18.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 8.55pm.

18.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 04 November 2013, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.