Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 05 August 2013


Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Geoffrey Woof, Rita Corpe.


The meeting opened at 7.31pm.


Election of Chair:

1.1 Correspondence had been received by the Clerk confirming Ken Smith’s resignation from the Council following his move from the Parish leaving the position of Chair to the Council vacant.

1.2 Councillor Graham Dalton was nominated for the position of Chair by Councillors Rita Corpe and Chris Evans. There were no other nominations. Councillor Graham Dalton accepted the position with immediate effect.



Declaration of Acceptance of Office:

The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was received and signed by Councillor Graham Dalton as the elected chair.




Councillors Jenny Pilgrim, Ken McClurg and Elaine Lewis.


District Councillors Ian McPherson and Evelyn Westwood.

County & District Councillor Nick Cotton.



Parish Council Vacancy:

4.1 Correspondence was received from Tom Stafford expressing his interest in becoming a member of the Parish Council.

4.2 It was resolved that Tom Stafford should be co-opted as a member of the Council with immediate effect.

4.3 Tom Stafford joined the Council as a member for the meeting.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 01 July 2013 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.


Declarations of Interest:

6.1 Councillor Geoffrey Woof in respect of agenda item 16.1 concerning a planning application for Millbeck Farm, Dent, for which he is an applicant.

6.2 Councillor Chris Evans in respect of agenda item 16.1 concerning a planning application for Peas Gill House, Stonerigg Outrake, Gawthrop, for which he is the applicant.


Clerk’s Report:

7.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

7.2 (Item 28) The National Association of Local Councils together with the Society of Local Council Clerks had reached agreement on pay scales for Clerks for the financial year 2013-14. The national salary scales had been adjusted accordingly to reflect a 1% increase back dated to 01 April 2013. The Clerk requested that if the Council recommended the increase it should consider implementation from 01 August 2013 and not back-dated to 01 April 2013. It was resolved to recommend the new salary scales to commence from 01 August 2013.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:-

7.3 The Independent Custody Visiting Scheme operated by the Police and Crime Commissioner is currently seeking to recruit five new member volunteers to its Kendal panel. Each visitor makes a minimum of eight visits in a year and appointment is for a three year term. Further information is available from John Askew at or by calling 01768 217158.

7.4 BDS Fuels is offering a community scheme for supply of LPG gas. Should eight or more customers from the Parish wish to take advantage of the scheme LPG would be offered at 43p per litre. Contracts would be for 1 year. It was resolved to request details of the scheme be placed on and anyone interested in the offer should contact BDS Fuels directly.

7.5 All Parish and Town Councils in South Lakeland are currently under review. The process takes place every few years. In respect of Dent Parish Council the draft comments present little change although an issue has been raised concerning a discrepancy between Councillor ratio of the two wards (6 for Dent and 3 for Cowgill). The comment suggests a Councillor ratio of 7 for Dent and 2 for Cowgill may represent a more even spread of representation. The Parish Council will be consulted in due course upon this observation.

7.6. is advertising for volunteers to give support for people within the community with hearing loss. More details of this befriending service can be obtained by emailing: or by calling 01228 562691.

7.7 Developing a high level walking route around Dentdale was identified as a project through the Dent Initiative. John Hyde is continuing to progress the project with route plans and eventually the publication of a route guide. The assistance of Ordnance Survey mapping will be required for any guide and /or promotional material. A contract document was received from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority who is a Licensor for Ordnance Survey mapping. The contract allows YDNPA as Licensor to give Dent Parish Council authority to produce Ordnance Survey maps for Dentdale relating to the high level walk. It was resolved to sign the contract to allow reproduction of Ordnance Survey maps for the high level walking route.



Chair and Member Announcements:

8.1 Councillor Rita Corpe enquired upon the present position regarding the Parish war memorials which had received recent media attention. The Clerk informed the meeting that the Council was in possession of quotations for work required to both Parish memorials but was still awaiting information from the Vicar, Peter Boyles, as to their ownership. Once the ownership issue had been resolved the issue of repairs to the memorials would be brought to the attention of the Council for decision on appropriate action.

8.2 Councillor Rita Corpe reported that the seat at Church Bridge dedicated to the memory of Freda Meakin’s husband had been re-painted within days of the matter being raised at the last Parish Council meeting. It was agreed to thank Councillor Ken McClurg who had kindly offered to undertake the work.



County and District Councillor Announcements:

9.1 There was no representation present at the meeting.

9.2 It was noted that this was the third consecutive month that no County or District Councillor had attended a Parish Council meeting in Dent. It was resolved to write to the County and District Councillors to express the Parish Council’s disappointment that no representation had been made at a Parish Council meeting in Dent since May 2013.



Public Forum:

An expression of thanks was submitted to all those involved in ‘Yorkshire Day’ on 01 August 2013 where a number of Yorkshire flags were evident within the Parish. The event served as a reminder of Dent’s historical links and receipt of publicity for Dentdale particularly within the West Yorkshire area.



Playing Field Committee:

11.1 A report was provided by Councillor Chris Evans relating to current Playing Field issues.

11.2 The Playing Field meeting of Thursday 11 July 2013 had not been quorate.

11.3 Oxford United Football Club had booked the Playing Field for a period of three days later this month at a cost of £100 plus VAT.

11.4 Peter Moorby had completed the drainage work and a covering of sand had been applied to the field. Although the cost of sand had been greater than the Parish Council’s £300 original agreement the excess would be recovered from the Football Club.

11.5 The next Playing Field committee meeting will be held on Thursday 08 August 2013.


Local Area Partnership:

12.1 The notes of the meeting of Tuesday 09 July 2013 were received together with a report from Councillor Graham Dalton.

12.2 Funding had been removed from the LAP. It had been suggested that funds from the ‘New Homes Bonus Scheme’ could be distributed by the LAP, however, this had been declined by South Lakeland District Council who prefer to control this function.   

12.3 A list of parishes affected by the Electricity North West (ENW) decision to remove parish street lights from their poles is being compiled. Dent Parish Council remains unaffected by this decision as no street lighting sites rely on ENW equipment.

12.4 A list of Community Led Plans in the Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale LAP area had been raised to show all actions relating to partnership working for the purpose of identifying common themes which the LAP may want to influence. The Dentdale Parish Plan of 2008 had been included.

12.5 Future LAP functions would include looking at health and social care across the area to identify needs and gaps in service. It had been agreed that parishes would advise of key issues.

12.6 There had been a number of Respect Group meetings relating to the conduct and management issues surrounding Appleby Fair. The notes from each meeting had been circulated to all parishes. 



Land at Beech Hill:

13.1 A report and position statement was received relating to the transfer of land to the Parish Council at Main Street and Beech Hill, Dent.

The report summarised the position of the two Councils involved as follows:

13.2 An initial draft contract and draft Land Registry transfer document (TP1) had been forwarded from Cumbria County Council (CCC). Further work is on-going concerning overage provisions and consideration on the wording of any restrictions CCC may place on use of the land.

13.3 South Lakeland District Council is still in the process of registering the currently ‘unregistered’ section of land at Beech Hill in order that transfer to the Parish Council can be completed. This process had been delayed with the Land Registry due to CCC requesting time for observations and report as adjoining land owners. The transfer documentation will be sent to the Parish Council once the registration procedure is complete.

13.4 The proposal of CCC to retain a narrow section of land along the boundary with the road on all three parcels of land to be transferred had created confusion for members in view of no detailed reason being given concerning the proposal. It was resolved to request from CCC the exact dimensions of the land which it proposes to retain and a detailed reason why retention is deemed necessary.     

13.5 It is understood that there has been a historic dispute between CCC and the owner of Cobble Cottage in relation to the land opposite the Sun Inn which CCC proposes to transfer to the Parish Council. It was resolved to request from CCC correspondence regarding the dispute together with details of any remedial action taken by CCC, in order that the Parish Council can undertake a risk assessment of the proposed transfer of this section of land.

13.6 It was agreed to re-visit the proposed transfer from both Councils when further information is available.





Financial Monitoring:

A report concerning the Council’s financial position of the car park from 01 April to 31 July 2013 was received and accepted.





              Payments authorised:           

E.on (street lighting – July 2013)


E.on (car park electricity usage Quarter 1)


CALC (‘Good Councillor’ guides)


A. Stephenson (administration & Clerk’s expenses July 2013)


Dentdale Memorial Hall (room hire)


United Utilities (car park water & wastewater – July 2013)


Dent Stores (car park consumables)


BBP LLP (external audit fees)


Border Aggregates (sand for Playing Field – grant funded)


Andrew Burrow (Playing Field walling repairs – grant funded)


Middleton Landscapes Limited (tree surgery Dentdale Car Park)








16.1 Applications

Observations and support of all applications had been forwarded from the Parish Council to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Planning Department prior to the meeting with the exception of application F106300.

S/01/230A – Gale Garth, Dent. Application for full planning permission for construction of a roofed and walled enclosure over an existing midden - Support.

S/01/252 – Peas Gill House, Stonerigg Outrake, Gawthrop. Application for full planning permission for re-occupation of the former dwelling - Support.

S/01/253 – Dent Allotments, Sunny Bank, Dent. Full planning permission for erection of a hut - Support.

S/01/254 – Millbeck Farm, Dent. Full planning permission for installation of hydro-electric scheme - Support.

F106300 - Congregational Manse, Flintergill, Dent. Application to remove a leylandi tree within the grounds of the Congregational Manse - Support.


16.2 Withdrawn

S/01/251/GPDO – West House, Manor Farm, Dent. Full planning application for erection of agricultural building.


16.3 Decisions – Approved with Conditions

S/01/11/OF – Dent Heritage Centre – erection of extension and change of use to provide café facilities.

S/01/250 – Hainingrigg, Dent – replacement of glazed lean-to garden room with pitch roof garden room.

S/01/58U/LB – Dent Memorial Hall - listed building consent for internal works to building.

S/01/16D – Bridge End, Dent – full planning permission for erection of extension to barn to cover existing midden.



17.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 8.52pm.

17.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 02 September 2013, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.