Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 01 July 2013


Agenda Item


Councillors Ken Smith, Chris Evans, Rita Corpe, Geoffrey Woof, Jenny Pilgrim,   Elaine Lewis and Ken McClurg.


The meeting opened at 7.32pm.




Councillor Graham Dalton.

County & District Councillor Nick Cotton

District Councillors Ian McPherson and Evelyn Westwood.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 03 June 2013 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.



Policing Issues:

3.1 A report was received from PCSO Karen Dakin. 

Further information was given on:-

3.2 The current community priority for Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale is rural burglaries and vehicle crime due to a recent increase in these offences in and around Kirkby Lonsdale.

3.3 A ‘cold-caller’ had been reported in Dent on Monday 01 July 2013. This individual had been subsequently located and checked by the police. For residents not wishing to deal with ‘cold-callers’ display stickers can be obtained from the local Police Community Support Officers. Residents were advised to ask for identification from anyone who they do not know and to call the Police if they are in doubt or suspicious of any individual calling at their home.  

3.4 Crimes on the increase in rural areas included burglary from farm buildings, theft of machinery, vehicles, metal, fuel and livestock.

3.5 In response to a query on the issue of ‘no parking’ cones for specific events, PCSO Dakin informed the meeting that the police would provide ‘no parking’ cones for charity events, however, requests should be made in writing and in good time by the event organiser to the Community Sergeant at Kendal Police Station.

3.6 In response to a question concerning the police presence at the recent Music and Beer Festival PCSO Dakin stated that she would make enquiries with regard to the dates and times of visits to the Festival and respond to the Clerk when details were known.

3.7 PCSO Dakin was thanked for her attendance leaving the meeting at 7.46pm. 



Declarations of Interest:




Clerk’s Report:

5.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

5.2 (Item 3) As a result of a complaint and the continued efforts by the Parish Council to Cumbria County Council Highways for repairs to be undertaken at Stonehouse Bridge, a reply had now been received from Martin Elson, Bridge Maintenance Engineer, Cumbria Highways. YDNPA had made a preference for second hand copings to be sourced for the repair, however, due to the size and shape required this had not been possible. New stone will be used and the work undertaken by a specialist stonemason.

5.3 (Item 21) A copy of a letter had been received by Mike Bellion in respect of a communication made to South Lakeland District Council concerning the community notice board at Cowgill.

5.4 (Item 20) The Parish Council had re-negotiated the timing of road works in Dentdale as the original programme of surface dressing work coincided with the Music and Beer Festival. Notices of the new dates had been displayed throughout the parish and on, however, the schedule would be subject to change if weather conditions prevented work being undertaken on the specified days.

5.5 (Item 16) David Boulton had informed the Parish Council that due to logistical problems the contracted haulier at Hobsons would be transporting up to 5 loads of timber through Dent village to Greenwell. This decision had been taken by the contractor due to the timber transport being unable to negotiate Ewegales Bridge.



Chair and Member Announcements:

Councillor Rita Corpe announced that Freda Meakin had reported that the seat dedicated in the memory of her late husband at Church Bridge was in need of re-painting.  Councillor Ken McClurg kindly offered to undertake the work and it was resolved that the cost of materials would be funded by the Parish Council.



County and District Councillor Announcements:




Public Forum:

8.1 It was announced that a letter had been printed in the Yorkshire Post on 25 June 2013 stating that Dentdale was a lovely place to visit but the roads were in need of attention and hedges needed cutting. It was noted that CCC Highways were currently undertaking work to upgrade the C5101 Sedbergh to Cowgill road section and the back Cowgill to Dent section. Hedges were restricted to the September/October programme of cutting.

8.2 Comment was made concerning the appearance of solar panels on the roofs of houses at Glebe Fold looking like a ‘row of industrial greenhouses’. Councillor Jenny Pilgrim explained that as the houses were not listed buildings there was nothing the planning authority could do in this matter and a property owner had no need to notify the YDNP of the work although clearly YDNP would welcome any placings being as discreet as possible.

8.3 It was highlighted that the Music and Beer Festival had been a great success this year being well attended by members of the public. A proposal was made that a letter of congratulations should be sent by the Parish Council to the Festival Committee. It was agreed that a letter should be sent to the Music and Beer Festival Committee in recognition of the success of the event and for the hard work undertaken by all those involved before, during and after the weekend’s festival.



8.4 It had been observed that a number of highways issues are being reported by residents direct to the Parish Clerk for action whilst the relevant authorities for these matters are either CCC Highways or the Police. It was requested that an article be placed in the Lookaround outlining the responsibility of residents to contact the Highways Hotline on 0845 609 6609 or in urgent cases to the Police on 101. If satisfaction or resolution to problems had not been achieved by the relevant authorities then the issue should be reported to the Parish Council which would support any relevant complaints as appropriate. It was resolved that John Hyde would forward a draft article to the Clerk covering this issue for publication in the Lookaround.


Playing Field Committee:

9.1 The minutes of the meeting of Thursday 13 June 2013 were received.

It was further reported:

9.2 There was a dead tree on the land farmed by Kevin Raw which was in danger of falling on the Playing Field. This matter has been brought to the attention of Kevin Raw for action.

9.3 A gate will soon be installed between the land farmed by Kevin Raw and the Playing Field.

9.4 The outside of the pavilion is in need of maintenance by the application of wood stain to the wooden structure. Members of the football club had volunteered to carry out the work. It was resolved that the Parish Council would finance the cost of materials required to complete the work.

9.5 As part of the upkeep of the field a request had been made for the grass to be chemically spray treated. It was resolved that the work should be undertaken at a cost of £70.

9.6 In continuing the ongoing drainage work it had been requested to spread sharp sand on the field. It was resolved that £300 should be allowed for the purchase and spreading of sand from the recent grant awarded by Cumbria County Council.


Parish Council Vacancy:

The current vacancy had been registered with the Electoral Services Department of South Lakeland District Council and as no requests had been received within the statutory 14 day period for the vacancy to be filled by election, the Parish Council had now been advised that the vacancy should be filled by co-option. It was resolved that the vacancy should be advertised within the parish for all applications to be forwarded to the Chair, Councillor Ken Smith, by Wednesday 10 July 2013.


Land at Beech Hill:

11.1 A report and position statement was received relating to the transfer of land to the Parish Council at Main Street and Beech Hill, Dent.

The report summarised the position of the two Councils involved as follows:

11.2 South Lakeland District Council is in the process of registering a section of land at Beech Hill with the Land Registry and once this had been completed a draft contract would be sent to the Parish Council.

11.3 Cumbria County Council is finalising a draft contract which will be forwarded to the Parish Council by Friday 05 July 2013.





Internal Audit Report:

12.1 The 2012/2013 internal audit report was received and accepted.

The report acknowledged:

12.2 Failure to complete a formal risk assessment within the financial year had subsequently been rectified and all internal control objectives had been met.

12.3 The Council’s accounting system provides a high level of transparency and its efficient and effective application ensures the Council is well informed in executing its financial obligations.

The following recommendations were noted:-

12.4 An asset register review should take place when the position concerning the war memorials is known and reflecting the deterioration of the cricket pavilion in terms of its value.

12.5 Council employees should be issued with an invoice book to enable both parties to maintain a common record of all transactions.


Finance Monitoring:

A report and statement of the Council’s financial position detailing income and expenditure to the conclusion of Quarter 1 - 2013/14 was received and accepted.



            Payments made since 03 June 2013

            HMRC (VAT Quarter 1 - 2013/14)                                       £976.21                   

                 HMRC (PAYE Quarter 1 - 2013/14)                                     £536.40                         


                      Payments authorised:

United Utilities (water & wastewater June 2013)


E.on (street lighting May 2013)


A. Stephenson (Administration & Clerk’s expenses)


Graham Bradley (car park ground repairs)


Graham Bradley (repair of two parish benches)


Moorby Building Limited (Playing Field drainage work)


Dent Stores (car park consumables)


Dent Stores (DBPFIS – grant payment)


Burton Turf Care (grass management April/May 2013)






15.1 Applications:


15.2 Decisions:

       S/01/250 – Hainingrigg, Dent – replacement of glazed lean-to garden room

     with pitch roof garden room. GRANTED with conditions.


16.1 Close of Public Meeting:

The public meeting closed at 9.05pm.

16.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 05 August 2013, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.


Clerk’s Workload: (public excluded)

17.1 The Clerk’s workload was considered since his appointment in January 2011.

17.2 It was apparent that the Clerk regularly exceeds his contracted hours of work and it was resolved to offer payment of 70 hours per month with effect from 01 July 2013 at the rate of current remuneration recognising the value the Council places in the Clerk’s commitment and hours of work undertaken.