Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 03 June 2013


Agenda Item


Councillors Ken Smith, Chris Evans, Rita Corpe, Geoffrey Woof, Jenny Pilgrim,   Elaine Lewis and Graham Dalton.


The meeting opened at 7.30pm.




Councillor Ken McClurg

County & District Councillor Nick Cotton

District Councillors Ian McPherson and Evelyn Westwood.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 13 May 2013 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record with amendment to the second sentence of agenda item 5.3, to read as follows: ‘Members looked forward to further details of the proposed development upon completion of the period of consultation which initially appeared encouraging as there is currently no provision for residential care within 20 miles of the village’.



Policing Issues:

3.1 No representative from Cumbria Police was available to attend the meeting.

A Police report had been received which included:-

3.2 In the Sedbergh area during the last month there had been reports of stolen scrap metal, an attempted theft from a shed and theft of diesel. Kirkby Lonsdale reports included theft of a scooter, two incidents of criminal damage, two thefts from business premises and two burglaries.

3.3 Appleby Fair related ‘drop-in’ events are being held at the Sedbergh Community Office between 10am and 11am on 04 and 08 June.  A post Appleby Fair de-brief will be held on Tuesday 09 July between 5pm and 7pm at The People’s Hall, Sedbergh.



Declarations of Interest:




Clerk’s Report:

5.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

5.2 (Item 11) As a result of a complaint by the Parish Council, Electricity North West (ENW) had apologised for telephone voicemail alerts being received by residents at 6.30am in respect of planned outages. Early morning alerts would be either eliminated or re-sheduled to a later time. ENW had recently adopted the voicemail system to improve their service delivery to customers, however, alerts at 6.30am were a programme error and ENW regrets any inconvenience to its clients.

5.3 (Item 12) Quotations had been received from contractors for the repair of parish benches at Helmside and Ibbeth Peril. It was resolved to accept a quotation of £97 for the repair of both benches and for work to proceed.


Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:

5.4 Enquiries had been made with the authorities concerned with the transfer of land at Beech Hill to the Parish Council. Ian Astle acting for Cumbria County Council stated that detailed transfer documentation would be made available to the Parish Council by 14 June 2013, and, similarly, Zaheer Bashir acting for South Lakeland District Council by 12 June 2013.

5.5 It was reported that John Hyde had cleaned the outside of the toilet block at the Car Park. This had been a time consuming exercise but had resulted in a significantly improved appearance. It was agreed that no further action would be taken this financial year in relation to repainting the building and John Hyde was thanked for undertaking the work.    

5.6 An update had been received from Cumbria County Council Highways (CCCH) concerning the scheduled closure of the A683 road at Cautley Embankment from 17 June 2013. Delay in Government funding for this project has resulted in the work and road closure being deferred. Due to the need for CCCH to adhere to the Environment Agency’s window for in-river working before the end of September, the project may be delayed until next year.

5.7 A team working on behalf of Channel 4 television is planning to film in Dentdale on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th June 2013. Mike Russell representing the Team had requested the Parish Council’s approval to film scenes in Dentdale on these dates. It was resolved to approve the request and inform the film crew accordingly.

5.8 The street light at Ghyll Head had been reported as defective as it remains constantly lit. Examination with a view to repair had been actioned by the Clerk.



Chair and Member Announcements:

6.1 Elaine Lewis reported visiting the Meditation Centre on behalf of the Council to observe the facilities offered. Funding of the Centre had been highlighted as an issue together with appropriate signage to advertise the Centre’s location. It was agreed that the Centre’s Director, Annette Ainsworth Brooke, should be advised that applications for Parish Council grants would be advertised later in the year and help with signage should be made directly to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Planning Authority.     

6.2 Elaine Lewis reported that water at the Sedgwick fountain had stopped running resulting in it becoming dirty and unsightly. It was agreed that the fountain should be cleaned and enquiries made concerning restoration of the water supply.

6.3 Rita Corpe presented a poster for the Library Link service which would be displayed at the open day of the Sedbergh Heritage Trust. A copy of the poster could also be viewed at the Reading Room. Cumbria County Council Library Service remain very pleased and supportive of the Library Link operation in Dent.

6.4 Chris Evans observed that there was no report from the Parish Council in last month’s Lookaround. Elaine Lewis agreed to ask Laura Thornley if she would be interested in providing a Parish Council article to the Lookaround each month alongside her reports to the Westmorland Gazette.

6.5 Jenny Pilgrim reported a highways defect on the ‘coal road’ that had not yet received attention from CCC Highways. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact CCC Highways to action repairs.


County and District Councillor Announcements:



Public Forum:

8.1 A complaint was raised concerning the standard of road repair work by CCC Highways on the C5101 Sedbergh to Cowgill road section and whether or not repairs were to be completed as far as the North Yorkshire boundary. It was resolved to request a quality control inspection of the work by CCC Highways and to confirm that the C5101 had received the same standard of repair service as similar road sections throughout the County. The road section to be examined by the Clerk to ascertain whether or not work had been completed to the County boundary.

8.2 A complaint was raised concerning the speed of supermarket delivery vans within the Parish. Additionally, an oil tanker had been seen driving at high speed at Cowgill on Monday 03 June. It was agreed the Clerk would make enquiries concerning the oil tanker. However, the complainant was requested to report future incidents by relating the time, date, location and registered number of the vehicle to the Police as the appropriate authority to take action. The Parish Council should only become involved in cases where a specific problem persists. 



Appointments to Committees & Representatives of other Bodies 2013/14:

9.1 Member appointments and the future of specific Committees/Groups were considered.

9.2 Parish Plan Committee: As the current Parish Plan was due to expire at the end of the year it was resolved to leave member appointments vacant and to invite Heather Frazer to the Parish Council meeting in October to give a presentation on the outcomes of the Plan including the lessons learned. An informed decision could then be taken on whether or not to retain the Committee.

9.3 Litter Picking  Sub Committee: Representation to remain the same as last year. Councillor Ken Smith and appointees: Barbara Bowden, Susan Cox, Susan Johnson, John Sibley.

9.4 YDNPA / Dent Community Initiative: It was resolved that representation was not required as the Group no longer meets.  

9.5 Fibre GarDen: Anne Fleck had agreed to report progress of the project to the Council.

9.6 Dent Memorial Hall Committee: Notices asking for a volunteer from the Parish to represent the Council on the Committee had not received any response. In view of the need for Council representation Councillor Graham Dalton volunteered to be appointed to the Committee for a further year. 



Parish War Memorial Monuments:

10.1 A report from the Reverend Peter Boyles was received stating that enquiries concerning the ownership of the war memorial monuments at Dent and Cowgill were still ongoing.

10.2 Members considered the estimated costs of cleaning both memorials and to re-level the Cowgill monument. It was resolved that the Parish Council should consider the required work as a civic responsibility, however, any proposed work should wait until the ownership of the memorials is ascertained. The Vicar to be informed accordingly.  





Risk Assessment Review:

11.1 A report was received relating to an assessment of the Council’s exposure to risk including the steps taken to manage and control the identified risks recorded. Work had commenced reviewing the risk assessment in the final quarter of the last financial year (2012/13). 

11.2 Members reviewed the completed risk assessment documentation and resolved to accept its content in full without amendment.

11.3 The next annual risk assessment review would be due in June 2014 or returned to members sooner for amendment should any change in circumstances dictate.






                      Payments authorised:

United Utilities (water & wastewater May 2013)


E.on (street lighting May 2013)


A. Stephenson (Administration & Clerk’s expenses)


Sally Bansor (Car Park - relief cleaning)


John Hyde (Car Park – purchase of bedding plants)


Cale BriParc (Car Park ticket machine contract)


David Ramsbottom  (internal audit service)


Stone Close Tea Room (DBPFIS – Grant)







13.1 Applications

S/01/58U/LB – Dent Memorial Hall - listed building consent for internal works to building - Support.

S/01/251/GPDO – West House, Manor Farm, Dent - full application for erection of agricultural building – Support.

S/01/169B – Low Laning Barn, Laning, Dent – full planning permission for installation of new window with stone recessed base to replace existing two windows on west elevation – Support.

S/01/16D – Bridge End, Dent – full planning permission for erection of extension to barn to cover existing midden – Support.


13.2 Decisions




14.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.09pm.

14.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 01 July 2013, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.