Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 13 May 2013


Agenda Item

Present: Councillors Graham Dalton, Ken Smith, Geoffrey Woof, Jenny Pilgrim, Chris Evans,

Elaine Lewis, Rita Corpe, Ken McClurg.


District Councillor Evelyn Westwood.

County & District Councillor Nick Cotton.


The meeting opened at 7.33pm.


Election of the Chair: Councillor Ken Smith was nominated for the position of Chair by Councillors Rita Corpe and Jenny Pilgrim. There were no other nominations. Ken Smith accepted the position with immediate effect for a period of six months or for a shorter term should personal circumstances dictate.



Declaration of Acceptance of Office: The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was received and signed by Ken Smith as the elected chair.




District Councillor Ian McPherson.



Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of 17 April 2013 were received and authority granted for Ken Smith the elected Chair to sign the document as a true and accurate record.



Lyon Equipment site:

5.1 Peter Knapton (Estates Surveyor, NPS Group), Jonathan Capper (Lyon Equipment) and Robin Hughes (owner of Dent Station) attended the meeting to present a development proposal for the Rise Hill Mill site in Dent formerly occupied by Lyon Equipment.

5.2 Robin Hughes led the presentation which proposed a development of assisted living and extra care facilities on the Rise Hill Mill site. It was announced this was the commencement of a consultation period with the community which would be concluded by the end of June.

5.3 The Council thanked the presentation team for attending the meeting as the first point of contact for the consultation exercise. Members looked forward to further details of the proposed development upon completion of the period of consultation which initially appeared to be encouraging as there is currently no provision for residential care within 20 miles of the village. Peter Knapton, Jonathan Capper and Robin Hughes then left the meeting.



Declarations of Interest:

Councillors Elaine Lewis (family relationship) and Ken McClurg (family connection) in respect of agenda item 21 – Planning Application S/01/11/OF – Dent Heritage Centre.



Election of Vice Chair for the Council year 2013/2014:

Councillor Jenny Pilgrim was nominated by Councillors Rita Corpe and Elaine Lewis for the position of Vice Chair for the Council year 2013/14. There were no other nominations. Jenny Pilgrim duly accepted the position.




Appointments to Committees & Working Groups, Liaison Councillors and Representatives of other bodies for 2013/2014 were resolved as follows:-  


Car Park Committee


Ken Smith, Ken McClurg, Chris Evans


Playing Field Committee


Jenny Pilgrim, Chris Evans

Cricket Club Nominees: Peter Moorby, David Hunter

Football Club Nominees: Keith Burrow, Jill Mitchell


Parish Plan Committee


Subject to review at the Parish Council meeting on 03 June 2013



Litter Sub Committee


Subject to review at the Parish Council meeting on 03 June 2013


Planning Working Group


Jenny Pilgrim, Chris Evans, Elaine Lewis, Rita Corpe


Highways Steward Liaison Councillor


Andy Stephenson (Clerk)


Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale

Local Area Partnership (LAP)


Graham Dalton

Dent C of E Primary School Governors


Elaine Lewis


Dent Combined Charities


Graham Dalton, Geoffrey Woof,

Chris Evans


Dent Grammar School Educational Foundation


Chris Evans, Graham Dalton, Geoffrey Woof,  Rita Corpe

Heather Fraser (council appointee)


Dent Memorial Hall

To be announced. Position subject to advertisement to members of the public


Sedbergh Health Centre Patients Forum


Kate Cairns (council appointee)


Upper Dales Health Watch


Jenny Pilgrim


Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority


Graham Dalton


YDNPA / Dent Community Initiative                           

Subject to review at the Parish Council meeting  on 03 June 2013


Fibre GarDen Steering Group



Sedbergh & District Community and Heritage Trust


Subject to enquiries by Councillor Ken Smith


Graham Dalton



Chair and Member Announcements:

9.1 Councillor Rita Corpe was supportive of Electricity North West’s recent voice mail service informing residents within the Parish of an impending power outage. However, concern was raised about the receipt of these calls by elderly residents at 6.30am in the morning which could cause alarm and distress. It was resolved to contact Electricity North West to investigate whether or not the early morning call could be either eliminated or re-scheduled for future planned outages in the Parish. 

9.2 Councillor Elaine Lewis announced that she had responded to an invitation for a representative of the Council to attend the Meditation Centre for the purpose of learning more about the facility. A meditation session will be arranged in due course which Councillor Lewis will attend followed by an account of the experience at a future meeting.



Public Forum:

Information from the floor included:-

10.1 County and District Councillor Nick Cotton announced that there would be an extended road closure of the A684 road at Rawthey Bridge from 17 June 2013 for 11 weeks. An update concerning the road closure would follow when a meeting with CCC Highways had been concluded.

10.2 A complaint was received concerning a number of pot-holes on the highway at Flood Lane. It was resolved that this matter would be reported by the Clerk to CCC Highways for action and repair.

10.3 Councillor Graham Dalton reported a number of pot holes at The Green, Dent. It was resolved that this matter would be reported by the Clerk to CCC Highways for action and repair.



Clerk’s Report:

11.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

11.2 Item 8.The tree surgery work at Dentdale car park has now been completed in accordance with the findings of the tree management inspection carried out by the YDNPA. Following a complaint by Margaret Taylor the tree cuttings left as a result of the work had been removed to the corner of the site. It was resolved that due to the cost of the work no further expense should be incurred on removal of the cuttings from the corner of the site.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:-


11.3 SLDC and CCC had been contacted for an update on the transfer of land at Beech Hill to the Parish Council. SLDC had responded by stating that the legal papers were being processed and will be forwarded to the Clerk when complete. The CCC legal team had replied stating that the matter is still being progressed in consultation with CCC Highways Department. 

11.4 A request had been made by the Ministry Of Defence for the Parish to support Armed Forces Day on Saturday 29 June 2013. It was resolved to pass the request to Rev Peter Boyles for consideration of flying the Church flag in recognition of the event.

11.5 Correspondence had been received from David Boulton, Hobsons Farm, concerning recent complaints of timber wagons using the Dent to Cowgill road section passing through Dent village. David Boulton wished to clarify that at no time since timber movements began last summer had any timber left Hobsons by any other route than the south-easterly route from Hobsons via Newby Head. Additionally, movement of timber transport through Dent had not been sanctioned at any time and the contractor’s drivers have been reminded to respect the wishes of the Hobsons operation which is expected to close within the next two or three weeks. 

11.6 The Parish Council now has a vacancy due to the resignation of Councillor Jock Cairns. The Council would follow statutory procedures to advertise the vacancy.

11.7 A complaint had been received from Margaret Taylor of a defective information sign at Station Road, Sedbergh, at its junction with Guldrey Fold. The sign indicating the direction of Dent had become detached from the sign pole. A complaint has been made to CCC Highways for rectification (complaint number 611663).

11.8 The Beauty and the Beast cycling event is due to take place on Saturday 01June 2013. The Clerk requested clarification of charges at Dentdale car park for participants of the event. It was resolved that normal car parking charges would apply. 



Playing Field Committee:

The Playing Field Committee meeting scheduled for 09 May 2013 had not taken place as the meeting was not quorate.



Local Area Partnership:

13.1 The notes of the meeting of 09 April 2013 were received.

13.2 Councillor Graham Dalton reported that a significant part of the meeting had considered the arrangements for travellers commuting to this year’s Appleby Fair. SLDC had decided not to provide funding to individual LAP’s in 2013/14 and the Cumbria County Council position was unknown. A paper had been received on the New Homes Bonus scheme and funding for Locally Important Projects.




14.1 A report was received on the outcome of a housing meeting which had taken place in Dent on 24 April 2013. The meeting had been attended by Councillors  Ken Smith, Chris Evans, Rita Corpe, Elaine Lewis, Jenny Pilgrim, Jock Cairns, Andy Stephenson (Clerk), Judith Derbyshire (Cumbria Rural Housing Trust), David Meadows (Church of England - Bradford Diocese) and Tom Harland (YDNPA).

14.2 David Meadows stated that the Church was currently negotiating with a developer in conjunction with a housing association for the development of the Ghyllside site which would incorporate a new vicarage. Tom Harland highlighted that the YDNPA was reviewing its policy on the conversion of agricultural barns the results of which would be made public when complete. Judith Derbyshire had promoted the value of the ‘Cumbria choice based letting system’ encouraging potential tenants wishing to be housed in Dentdale to ensure they register their details on the system’s database. 



Council Insurance Review:

15.1 The proposed insurance arrangements for 2013/14 were received for review.

15.2 It was resolved to accept the arrangements as proposed within the renewal documentation from AON insurance.



Risk Assessment Review:

16.1 A draft proposal for Council risk assessment arrangements for the year 2013/14 was received.

16.2 It was resolved to defer the risk assessment proposals until the next meeting on 03 June 2013 which should include consideration of Parish benches. Additionally, assessment of the activity of the Litter Picking Group should be subject to a separate review and submitted for the observations of the Council when available.



Annual Financial Statement:

The Annual Financial Statement was received and approved by all members being duly signed by the Chair and Responsible Financial Officer.



Annual Audit Return and Governance Statement:

18.1 The Annual Audit Return and Governance Statement was received and considered by the Council.

18.2 Section 1 – The Accounting statements were approved by all members being duly signed by the Responsible Financial Officer and Chair.

18.3 Section 2 – The Annual governance statement was approved by all members and signed by the Chair and Clerk.



Parish Council Banking:

19.1 The authorised signatures for current account cheques and administration rights to the accounts were reviewed.

19.2 It was resolved that additional cheque signatories would be Councillors Chris Evans, Rita Corpe and Elaine Lewis. Additionally, Elaine Lewis would be the sole Council representative with administration rights to the accounts.




          Payment made since 17 April 2013:

                      YDNP (conditions of planning consent at Dent Car Park)         £97.00


Payments for authorisation:

AON (annual insurance cover)


A. Stephenson (Administration & Clerk’s expenses)


Cumbria Playing Fields Association (Affiliation Fee)


United Utilities (water and wastewater)


Dent Stores  (car park toilets - consumables) 


E-on  (street lighting – April 2013)


Stramongate Press (Parish newsletter)


O. Higginbotham (tree surgery- Dent Car Park)







21.1 Applications

        Councillors Ken McClurg and Elaine Lewis left the meeting for this item.

        S/01/11/OF – Dent Heritage Centre – erection of extension and change of use to     

        provide café facilities - Support. However, for the purpose of transparency and

        reduction of tension it is suggested that the following issues be resolved by the

        planning authority:-

(i)           Clarity regarding the numbers of people, especially Dent residents, to be employed in the Heritage Centre.

(ii)         Clarity regarding actual size of the catering proposal.

(iii)       An assurance from the Heritage Centre that the café will only be open to visitors to the Centre.

        S/01/250 – Hainingrigg, Dent – replacement of glazed lean-to garden room with pitch 

        roof garden room - Support.


21.2 Decisions Granted with conditions

        S/01/8C/LB – Craggs Farm, Dent – additional beams.

        S/01/213A – Railway Tunnel north of Dent – installation of radio antenna and ancillary


        S/01/36F – Walnut Bungalow, Deepdale Lane, Dent – erection of summerhouse.



12.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.58pm.

12.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 03 June 2013, 7.30pm, Sedgwick Room.