Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 17 April 2013


Agenda Item


Councillors Jock Cairns, Chris Evans, Ken McClurg, Elaine Lewis, Rita Corpe,           Ken Smith.


Prior to the commencement of the meeting Jock Cairns, Chair, welcomed Elaine Lewis as a member to her first Council meeting.

Additionally, it was proposed to introduce an emergency item (4a) Music and Beer Festival 2013. It was agreed to accept the emergency agenda item.


The meeting opened at 8.47pm




Councillor Jenny Pilgrim. 

District Councillors Ian McPherson, Nick Cotton, Evelyn Westwood.

County Councillor Kevin Lancaster.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 04 March 2013 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.


Declarations of Interest:

Elaine Lewis in respect of agenda item 11.1, application for planning consent at Dent Heritage Centre.



Music and Beer Festival 2013:

4a.1 Bob Dobson on behalf of the Music and Beer Festival Committee made a request for this year’s Festival to return to Dentdale Car Park due to considerable dryer ground condition at the site in recent weeks. The Festival would take place on  28, 29 and 30 June 2013.

4a.2 A communication had been received from YDNP authorising its use for the Festival subject to the agreement of the Parish Council.

4a.3 It was resolved that permission should be granted for the Festival to take place on the car park site subject to suitable ground conditions, agreement to the conditions imposed within the Council’s lease and appropriate insurance cover being in place.



Clerk’s Report:

4b.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

4b.2 (Item 11) An invitation had been received from Annette Ainsworth Brooke for members to visit the Meditation Centre for an insight into what the Centre had to offer. It was resolved that Elaine Lewis would arrange to visit the Centre on behalf of the Council.

4b.3 (Item 24) The Music and Beer Festival Committee’s proposed tree planting plan for Dentdale Car Park had been received. The scheme resulted from conditions placed upon the recent planning approval for the car park track. Members had no further observations regarding the scheme and the plan will now be forwarded to the Yorkshire Dales National Park for consideration. 

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:-

4b.4 YDNP had received a further letter from Edwin Thompson, Chartered Surveyors, enquiring whether or not the tree management work at the car park had been completed. Alan Hulme (YDNP) was informed that instructions had been assigned to a contractor to complete the remaining work on behalf of the Parish Council, however, to date the work still remains outstanding. Edwin Thompson to be informed accordingly by YDNP.    

4b.5 The Clerk had negotiated with AON, the Council’s insurer, the level of premium for the 2013/14 policy which is due for renewal in June. The Council has been quoted a figure of £1,267.57 which is £187.77 lower than the 2011/12 policy and £105.65 lower than last year’s premium.

4b.6 The Vicar, Peter Boyles, has arranged for two monumental masons to quote for the renovation of the war memorials at Dent and Cowgill. Attempts had been made to obtain a third quote with two further stone masons declining the invitation. Doubt was expressed about the ownership of the war memorials and the Clerk undertook to research the issue.

4b.7 Paul Wilkinson, YDNP Ranger, had reported damage to a horse chestnut tree at Dentdale Car Park. The tree had been planted last year by children from the primary school. The damage appears malicious. 


Chair and Member Announcements:

5.1 Chris Evans had received a request from the Sedbergh & District Chamber of Trade and Business for a volunteer to represent Dent at its meetings.

5.2 Jock Cairns announced that the Sedbergh & District Community and Information Centre had made a request for volunteers from Dent to help at the Centre.

5.3 It was resolved to advertise for volunteers for both organisations by placing an article in the next edition of the Lookaround.


Playing Field Committee:

6.1 The minutes of the meeting of 14 March were received.

6.2 Peter Moorby will undertake additional drainage work shortly and there had been agreement for wall repairs to be completed at the corner of the field.  


Local Area Partnership:

7.1 The minutes of the meeting of 09 April 2013 had not been released and a report was unavailable to members.

7.2 It was resolved to defer this item until the next Parish Council meeting.


Society of Local Council Clerks:

8.1 A report was received to consider the benefits to the Council of the Clerk gaining membership of the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC), in respect of improved external legal, financial and technical support.

8.2 It was resolved that the Clerk should join the SLCC and the annual fee paid by the Council. Membership would serve as an additional control measure in the risk assessment process.    


Parish Council Banking:

9.1 In view of the impending resignation of Jock Cairns a report was received highlighting the need for a member to act as administrator for the Council bank accounts and for additional members to be authorised signatories for cheque payments.

9.2 It was resolved to defer any new arrangements until the next meeting.





                      Payments made since the meeting of 04 March 2013:

HMRC (PAYE – Q4 2012/13)


HMRC (VAT – Q4 2012/13)




Payments authorised:


United Utilities (water & wastewater March 2013)


E.on (street lighting March 2013)


E.on (car park electricity – Q4 2012/13)


A. Stephenson (Admin & Clerk’s expenses March 2013)


CALC (annual membership 2013/14)


YDNPA (annual rent – Dentdale Car Park 2012/13)


SLDC (car park rates  2013/14)


Dentdale Memorial Hall (room hire)


J. Brooksbank (car park relief)


John Hyde (expenses - car park maintenance)


Society of Local Council Clerks (membership 2013/14)

£124.00 (website domain name renewal)


The Information Commissioner (data protection fee)





11.1 Applications

S/01/8C/LB – Craggs Farm, Dent. Listed Building consent for additional supporting beams to the kitchen ceiling - Support.

S/01/213A – Railway Tunnel north of Dent. Full planning permission for installation of radio antenna within tunnel and ancillary equipment at portal - Support.

S/01/36F – Walnut Bungalow, Deepdale Lane, Dent. Full planning permission for erection of summerhouse - Support.

S/01/11/0F – Dent Heritage Centre – Full planning permission for erection of extension and change of use to provide café facilities – Deferred until meeting of 13 May 2013.


11.2 Decisions

S/01/169A – Low Laning Barn, Laning, Dent. Application for full planning permission for erection of detached garage including domestic storage -  Granted subject to conditions.

S/01/106D/LB – Tubhole, Dent. Application for listed building consent for re-roofing the main L-shaped roof - Granted subject to conditions.

S/01/248A – Rivling, Cowgill. Application for full planning permission for erection of two-storey side extension, detached single garage, alterations and change of use of home field to form part of the residential curtilage – Granted subject to conditions.


12.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.37pm.

12.2 Next Meeting:

Annual Parish Council Meeting, Monday 13 May 2013, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.