Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 04 March 2013


Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Ken McClurg, and Jenny Pilgrim.

District Councillor Evelyn Westwood.  


In the absence of Jock Cairns (Chair) it was unanimously agreed to appoint Graham Dalton as Chair for the meeting.


The meeting opened at 7.33pm.




Councillors Jock Cairns, Ken Smith, Rita Corpe and Geoffrey Woof.

District Councillors Ian McPherson, and Nick Cotton.

County Councillor Kevin Lancaster.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 04 February 2013 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.


Parish Council Vacancy:

3.1 Correspondence was received from Elaine Lewis expressing her interest in becoming a member of the Parish Council.

3.2 It was resolved that Elaine Lewis should be co-opted as a member of the Council as from the next meeting on Wednesday 17 April 2013.



Policing Issues:

4.1 A report was received from Police Community Support Officers Karen Dakin and Mandy Coleman.

4.2 On Wednesday 20 February 2013 there had been a theft of 5 cattle in the Dent area. A stolen trailer had been used in the theft which was later found abandoned on the A683.

4.3 Within the last month there has been two reports of forged £20 notes being tendered at local shops in the Sedbergh area. The offender is described as a bald headed male with an Irish accent.

4.4 There have been a number of reports of suspicious vehicles and incidents in the area over the last month. Residents were thanked for their help by contacting the Police and asked to continue reporting suspicious incidents to assist in the prevention and detection of crime.  

4.5 A complaint had been received concerning the excessive speed of vehicles at the Laning, Dent. Karen Dakin stated that both Officers were now trained in the use of the speed detection device and would attend Dent to address this issue.

4.6 Both Karen Dakin and Mandy Coleman were thanked for their attendance and left the meeting at 7.50pm.



Declarations of Interest:



Clerk’s Report:

4.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-


4.2 (Item 6) Clarification was given concerning a thanks letter received from Young Cumbria in respect of the recent Parish Council grant awarded to Dent Youth Club. The grant award would be held by Young Cumbria for the sole purpose of funding the Youth Club in Dent.

4.3 (Item 11) Everything Everywhere (formerly Orange) had located a fault in the cable to the mast site in Dent. The cable had been repaired and re-run above ground. No further reports of signal loss had been received since completion of the work. 

4.4 (Item 13) It was confirmed that a letter had been sent to the organisers of the Etape du Dales cycling event concerning the depositing of litter in Dentdale. A reply was received stating that an anti-litter warning had been placed on the website together with a recommendation to the Committee of notices being placed at the start of the event, at the top of the Coal Road and at Newby Head, to remind riders of their responsibilities.

4.5 (Item 19) A suggestion had been made that flooding at the bottom of the Car Park may be improved by the placement of sandbags for approximately 15 metres at the side of the road to stop surface water running into the affected area. Alan Hulme (YDNP) had agreed to this temporary measure which, if successful, could be replaced by a more permanent solution. Jenny Pilgrim kindly agreed to supply a number of sandbags to cover the required area.   

4.6.1 (Item 20) Judith Derbyshire, Cumbria Rural Housing Trust, had offered to attend the Parish to meet members in order to learn more about housing requirements and discuss any possible options.

4.6.2 It was resolved to invite Judith Derbyshire together with a housing representative from South Lakeland District Council to a meeting with members during daylight hours to discuss housing issues within the Parish.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:-

4.7 Notification that the Cumbria Local Councils Association (South Lakeland District), would hold their next meeting on Thursday 07 March 2013, at 7.30pm, at Gilpin Bridge Inn, Levens. The guest speaker would be Claire Marsh (SLDC) on the subject of the current Community Governance Review. 

4.8 The February newsletter of the ‘Connecting Cumbria’ Broadband project had been received and circulated to members, featuring the agreed roll-out strategy.

4.9 Litter picking events will be taking place on the weekends of 9/10 and 16/17 March in the Middleton and Barbon areas bordering the Parish.  



Public Forum:




Chair and Member Announcements:

8.1 Graham Dalton reported that the flat in the Grammar School has now been let. The house is still vacant, however, some tenancy interest had been shown. 

8.2 Graham Dalton informed members that some applications had been received by the Yorkshire Dales National Park for the removal of section 106 requirements imposed on their properties. Although the section can be reviewed after five years the policy is that it should remain in place unless there are exceptional circumstances to have it withdrawn.


Music and Beer Festival:

9.1 A report and presentation was received from Bob Dobson on behalf of the Music and Beer Festival Committee (MBFC).

9.2 Now that planning permission had been received for a track at the car park, plans were currently being drawn to show the proposed location of a tree planting scheme. Once completed, the plan will be discussed with Officers at the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

9.3 Due to the wet conditions that prevail on the car park site the MBFC would not be seeking permission from the Parish Council to stage this year’s festival at the car park. An alternative site adjacent to the playing field had been agreed with the landowner and tenant. It is hoped that in future years the festival would be granted permission to return to the car park site should ground conditions allow.

9.4 The event will take place between Friday 28 and Sunday 30 June 2013. In order to make the site viable a request was made to the Council for its support for permission to access the site through the playing field. Additionally, to use a small area of the playing field adjacent to the festival site for the purpose of locating a generator and possibly a couple of artists vehicles. Movement of vehicles would be kept to a minimum alongside the wall of the Playing Field with no encroachment onto the playing areas.

9.5 It was resolved to take the request of the proposed use of the playing field to the Playing Field Committee for their observations. A report would then be made to the Parish Council for its decision.

9.6 Bob Dobson was thanked for his presentation and for attending the meeting on behalf of the Music and Beer Festival Committee.   


Western Dales Community Bus:

10.1 A position statement was received on the Western Dales Community Bus service.

10.2 Contracts had been agreed on the running of both the Saturday and Sunday service from 01 April 2013 to 31 March 2014. There would be some changes to the timetable, however, the Sunday service will include one round trip to Hawes.


Dent Grammar School Educational Foundation:

11.1 A request had been received from the Dent Grammar School Educational Foundation for a further nominated representative from the Parish Council.

11.2 It was resolved to delay any decision until the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Monday 13 May 2013 when all appointments to Committees and Working Groups would be discussed and nominations made for the year 2013/14.  


Annual Report – Annual Parish Meeting:

12.1.1 Consideration was given to the format for the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 17 April 2013. Offers from Jock Cairns and Anne Fleck had been received to present the latest developments of the Broadband project.

12.1.2 It was agreed that the main subject area for this year’s meeting should be the provision of Broadband within the area. Jock Cairns to present the position in respect of the delivery of Broadband countywide and Anne Fleck to reflect the position locally. The presentations to be followed by question and answers to conclude the session. 

12.2 Production of the Annual report was agreed together with the deadline of 22 March 2013 for the submission of relevant material for the report from Ken McClurg, Jenny Pilgrim and Graham Dalton.


Parish War Memorial Monuments:

13.1 A report had been received from the Vicar, Peter Boyles, concerning the two Parish War Memorials at St John’s Church, Cowgill and St Andrew’s Church, Dent. Both monuments are in need of renovation to preserve them for future generations and to ensure the memory of those who gave their lives is properly respected and honoured in Dentdale. A request was made for the Parish Council  to support:

1) The Vicar obtaining estimates for the work, and,

2) A financial contribution from the Council towards the renovation costs with any shortfall being requested from the community.

13.2 It was resolved to support quotations being sourced, and, in principle, a financial contribution from the Council towards the cost of renovation work.





Internal Audit:

14.1 A report was received that due to the retirement of David Ramsbottom an internal auditor would be required to audit the Parish Council accounts for the financial year 2012-2013.

14.2 It was resolved to advertise the vacancy within the Parish to invite applications to undertake the work. In the event of no applications being received further enquiries should be made to ensure an Internal Audit service is secured.     




                      Payments authorised:

United Utilities (water & wastewater February 2013)


E.on (street lighting February 2013)


A. Stephenson (Admin, equipment & Clerk’s expenses)


Dent Reading Room (room hire)


Sophie’s Wild Woollens (DBPFIS – Grant)





16.1 Applications


16.2 Decisions


16.3 Withdrawn

S/01/8B/LB – Craggs Farm, Dent. Application for listed building consent for replacement of weak floor support beam – Application withdrawn.     


17.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 8.35pm.

17.2 Next Meeting:

Annual Parish Meeting, Monday17 April 2013, 7.30pm, in the Memorial Hall.



Grass Cutting Contract: (public excluded)

18.1 Tenders for grass cutting and maintenance for 01 April to 31 October 2013 were received in respect of the Playing Field and Car Park sites.

18.2 It was resolved to award the contract to Burton Turf Care subject to further information concerning rolling of the football pitch.


The meeting closed at 8.52pm.