Meeting of Dent Parish Council - Monday 04 February 2013


Agenda Item


Councillors Jock Cairns, Chris Evans, Rita Corpe, Ken McClurg, Ken Smith,

Geoffrey Woof, Jenny Pilgrim and Graham Dalton.


County Councillor Kevin Lancaster.


The meeting opened at 7.32pm.




District Councillors Ian McPherson, Evelyn Westwood and Nick Cotton.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 03 December 2013 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.



Declarations of Interest:

Councillor Jock Cairns in connection with Agenda item 8.2.2 in respect of his relationship with the Chair of Dent C of E Primary School Governors.



Clerk’s Report:

4.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

4.2 (Item 18) The Orange mobile communication mast in Dent had been subject to two outages, firstly, on Thursday 27 December 2012 and, secondly, on Tuesday 29 January 2013. A complaint had been raised with Everything Everywhere for each of these events; however, no reason for the outages had been forthcoming from the Company to date. 

4.3 (Item 37) Clarification was given that the transfer of land at Beech Hill from both South Lakeland District Council and Cumbria County Council had not yet taken place. The Parish Council is still awaiting legal documentation from both Authorities concerning the transfer.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:-

4.4 Dorothy Vernon, Clerk to the Governors, Dent Grammar School Educational Foundation, had made a written request on behalf of the Foundation for the Parish Council to make a further nomination to represent the Organisation. It was resolved to defer this item which should be raised on the Agenda at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 04 March 2013.

4.5 South Lakeland District Council’s Plan for 2013/17 will go to its Cabinet on Tuesday 13 February 2013. Comments and observations of the Plan can be made by email to until Monday 12 February 2013. 

4.6 Minutes of the Sedbergh and District Transport Group of the meeting of Monday 14 January 2013 had been received featuring updates on:- The Western Dales Community Bus, The Sedbergh and District Transport Hub and the Electric Bike Network.

4.7 A complaint had been received concerning road defects on the U5506, Deepdale Road, between Holly Bush and the waterfall. The road section had been examined and reported to CCC Highways (complaint refs:- 601437, 601443, 601444 & 601450).


Public Forum:

5.1 It was reported that the Dentdale Show would be held with restricted capacity this year.

5.2 A request was made for the Parish Council to give their support to the Music and Beer Festival for this year’s event. Jock Cairns reported that the Festival Committee would be represented at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 04 March 2013 where a presentation covering the management plan and strategy for the event would be given to members. 


Chair and Member Announcements:

6.1 Rita Corpe stated the need for the U5474 Cowgill to Dent road to be a priority section for gritting purposes, as the road was now frequently used by many parish residents. Jock Cairns reported that this matter had been raised with Cumbria County Council (CCC) Highways and whilst it was unlikely that a change in gritting priority would be authorised, a discretionary approach by the gritting Contractor had so far proved beneficial to previously untreated road sections.

6.2 Ken Smith raised the issue of the road between Lea Yeat and Dent Station being recently impassable due to snow. It was reported that CCC Highways had been notified of this incident and had confirmed that the road is a Priority 2 section. CCC Highways had stated they would contact the Contractor and highlight the need for Priority 2 treatment.



Playing Field Committee:

7.1 The minutes of the meetings of Thursday 13 December 2012 and Thursday 10 January 2013 were received. 

7.2 The main business of the meeting of Thursday 10 January 2013 had concerned the allocation of funds from the grant provided by Cumbria County Council and the installation of additional drainage.


Parish Plan Committee:

8.1 The minutes of the meeting of Wednesday 16 January 2013 were received.


8.2.1 Recommendations for the allocation of funds held for the outcomes of the Parish Plan were received for consideration. It was agreed that the two major projects for Parish Plan funds currently held by the Parish Council should be the refurbishment of the Memorial Hall and the development of land at Beech Hill and that £8,000 should be awarded to these two projects.


8.2.2 This item was chaired by Jenny Pilgrim due to the interest declared by Jock Cairns. A written request for financial support had been received from Kate Cairns, Chair of the Governors of Dent C of E Primary School, for the refurbishment of Dentdale Memorial Hall. It was reported that £7,000 had already been raised; however, the total estimated cost of the project was £10,788. It was resolved to award £3,788 towards Memorial Hall refurbishment costs.


8.2.3 The remaining funds held by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) for the Parish Plan is £2,471.54. It was noted that the Dent members of the Initiative’s Steering Group would be recommending to YDNPA that any surplus from these funds should be invested in the development of Beech Hill.



Local Area Partnership:

9.1 The notes of the meetings of Tuesday 27 November 2012 and Tuesday 15 January 2013 were received.

9.2 It was reported that future LAP meetings would consider health and well-being issues within the area.



Litter-Picking AGM:

The minutes of the annual general meeting of the Litter-Picking Committee of Monday 07 January 2013 were received.



Parish Council Vacancy:

11.1 Consequent to the resignation of Peter Knapton the Parish Council had followed statutory procedures to fill the vacancy. Details of the procedures followed to date were presented.

11.2 South Lakeland District Council had written to the Council on 28 January 2013 stating that no requests had been received within the 14 day statutory period for the vacancy to be filled by election which should now be filled by Parish Council co-option.

11.3 It was resolved that members would canvass the community for prospective candidates and report to the next meeting.




SLDC Community Governance Review:

12.1 Details of South Lakeland District Council’s, ‘Community Governance Parish Review’ was received.

12.2 It was resolved to respond to the Review by recommending  ‘no change’ to the current arrangements for the Parish of Dent on the following grounds:

12.2.1 The geographical position of the Parish.

12.2.2 The relatively static population within the Parish.

12.2.3 The cohesive nature of the community and how it works together.

12.2.4 Inward investment within the Parish over the last several years which has enabled the Council to attract finance to undertake and complete projects.




Grass Cutting Contract 2013:

13.1 The proposed contractor tender document for the grass cutting & maintenance of the Playing Field and Car Park sites for the 2013 season was received.

13.2 It was resolved to accept the document and commence the tendering process.



Parish Council Grants 2012/13:

14.1 A total of six Grant applications were received and considered.

14.2 It was resolved to authorise the following Grants under the Local Government Act 1972:

Dent Pre-School (section 137)

£  75

Dent C of E Primary School (section 137)


Dentdale Methodist Church (section 137)


North West Air Ambulance (section 137)


Dent Youth Club (section 137)


Sedbergh & District Community Centre (section 144)






15.1 Precept 2013/14:

15.1.1 Revised Precept documentation for 2013/14 received from South Lakeland District Council following the recent Government review was presented to members.

15.1.2 The Council had been awarded £13,678.11 precept finance together with a further grant from SLDC of £636.89. The Precept and Grant total of £14,315 amounted to the Council’s original budget request to SLDC for the financial year 2013/14.

15.1.3 It was resolved to approve the Precept.


15.2 Finance Monitoring:

A report and financial statement on the financial position of the Parish Council income and expenditure account to the conclusion of January 2013 was received and accepted.


15.3 Payments made since 03 December 2012 were agreed:

HMRC (PAYE – third quarter)


HMRC (VAT – third quarter)


E.on (Car Park electricity – (Quarter 3, 2012)


E.on (street lighting December 2012)


United Utilities (water & wastewater December 2012)


The Sign Man (No Parking signs for Dent)



15.4 Payments authorised:

United Utilities (water & wastewater January 2013)


E.on (street lighting January 2013)


A. Stephenson (Administration & Clerk’s expenses)


Sally Bansor (Car Park - relief cleaning)


John Hyde (locks for toilet block)


Dent Stores (public toilets – consumables)


Philip Middleton (street light maintenance)


Dentdale Memorial Hall (room hire)






16.1 Applications

S/01/248A - Rivling, Cowgill – Application for planning consent for erection of a two storey side extension, detached single garage, alterations and change of use of home field to form part of residential curtilage (amended application) - Support.

S/01/110E – Dent Heritage Centre, Dent. Application for planning permission for erection of an extension - Support. 

S/01/8B/LB – Craggs Farm, Dent. Application for listed building consent for replacement of weak floor beam - Support.

S/01/169A – Low Laning Barn, Laning, Dent. Application for planning permission for erection of detached double garage including domestic storage (amended plans) - Support.

S/01/106D/LB – Tubhole, Dent. Application for listed building consent for re-roofing of ‘L’ shape’ roof - Support.

16.2 Decisions

The following decisions were noted:

S/01/249 - Dentdale Car Park. Application for planning permission for creation of hard but permeable standing area for supply and storage vehicles used during Dentdale Music and Beer Festival (Retrospective). GRANTED with conditions.

S/01/119C – East Banks Cottage, Dent. Application for planning permission for demolition of existing porch and erection of single storey extension to form replacement. GRANTED with conditions.



17.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.46pm.

17.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 04 March 2013, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.