Minutes of the meeting of Dent Parish Council on Monday 05 October 2015

To be presented for acceptance at the Parish Council Meeting on 02 November 2015

Agenda Item


Councillors   Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Geoffrey Woof, Tom Stafford, Rita Corpe and Jenny   Pilgrim.

District   Councillor Mel Mackie.

The   meeting opened at 7.32pm.




District   Councillor Kevin Lancaster (attending Barbon Parish Council meeting).

County   & District Councillor Nick Cotton (attending Barbon Parish Council   meeting).


North West Ambulance Service:

2.1. A presentation was received from Peter Mulcahy, Head of Service in   Cumbria & Lancashire for the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS).

2.2.1 The presentation concerned the   evolution of the Ambulance Service both locally and nationally as part of its   #Team 999 campaign to close the gap between public perception and what the   Ambulance Service offers in reality, including:

(i)   An enhanced treatment role as a community based provider of mobile urgent   care and emergency health care.

(ii)   To safely manage more patients at the scene of an incident, treating them at   home or referring them to a more appropriate community based service.

(iii) To assess, prescribe & manage   exacerbations of chronic illness, and,

(iv)   To work closer with GP’s and community services.

2.2.2 The importance of the role of   volunteer Community First Responders was highlighted where vital care for   patients could be administered prior to arrival of the Ambulance Service.

2.2.3 It is planned that NWAS will   introduce Advanced Community Paramedics in some areas who will be attached to   GP medical centres which will   allow paramedics to work and engage with communities more effectively.

2.2.4 The objective of the Ambulance   Service together with its current process of evolution is to deliver the   right care, at the right time, in the right place. This is against a   background of increased demand for the Service with an 8.1% higher activity   rate in Cumbria and the Morecambe Bay area in 2014/15. The Service in the   same area responds to an average of 440 emergency calls per day.

2.3 Peter Mulcahy was thanked for the   opportunity that the Parish Council had been afforded to receive the   presentation. Peter Mulcahy left the meeting at 8.15pm.



Minutes   of the meeting of Monday 07 September 2015 were presented and signed as a   true and accurate record.



Declarations of Interest:



Clerk’s Report:

5.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and   accepted. Further information was given on:-

5.2 (Item   15) Cumbria Highways had responded to the Parish Council’s request for   roadside hedges in Dentdale to be cut at the earliest opportunity from 15   September 2015. A complaint had since been received that the hedges on the   C5101 road between Sedbergh and Dent had only received a light trim rather   than a significant cut. The Clerk had made contact directly with the Highways   Steward responsible for hedge and verge cutting and as a result the Steward   had agreed to instruct the contractor to return to the area to undertake a   more robust cutting approach to fulfil contractual obligations.

Information   received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:

5.3 The Parish Council website,   dentdale.com, had recently been the target of hackers and as a result there   was a need to take down the site from public view on Monday 05 October. Due   to the content of the unauthorised material placed on the site the Clerk had   reported the matter to Cumbria Police. Swift action by the Parish Council’s   website consultant, Stephen Bramall, ensured that the unauthorised content   was safely removed from the site and normal operation was resumed later the   same day.

5.4 The car park sign and pole adjacent   to the bus shelter and toilets at Dentdale Car Park had been knocked down and   flattened by a large vehicle. The incident had been witnessed by a local   resident who had recorded details of the alleged offending vehicle.

As   a result, the information had been passed to the Police for further   inquiries. The Clerk had corresponded with the witness expressing   appreciation of the information provided to assist in tracing the driver   responsible for the damage. Cumbria Highways were made aware of the incident   and responded promptly to make the scene safe for the public.

5.5.1 Members were advised that the   visitor information notice board at Dentdale Car Park had been removed due to   its content being outdated and the frame in need of repair. It was resolved that the wording of the   display should be up-dated with a view to being restored for the information   of visitors and that an additional identical display should be placed in   Cowgill.

5.5.2 District Councillor Mel Mackie   stated that he would contact South Lakeland District Council to ascertain if   finance was available towards the cost of the project.



Chair and Member Announcements:

6.1.1 Councillor Graham Dalton raised the   issue of the lost school bus service between Dent and Queen Elizabeth School,   Kirkby Lonsdale, specifically relating to the adverse impact this decision   would inevitable have on families in the dale. Public transport for school   students is now only available from Sedbergh and students aged 16 years and   above are required to pay for their journeys. The cost of public transport   for post 16 year old students from Sedbergh to Kendal is £950 per annum.

6.1.2 It was resolved that the Clerk   should write to Cumbria County Council asking for a review of the decision   not to financially support post 16 year old students travelling to or from a   place of education or training.

6.1.3 District Councillor Mel Mackie stated   that both he and District Councillor Kevin Lancaster supported free transport   for post 16 year old students travelling to and from a place of education or   training.

6.2 Councillor Jenny Pilgrim reported   that the road closure on the C5101 road between Dee Cottage and Ewegales   Bridge was now in operation as work on the road section affected by subsidence   had started.

6.3.1 Councillor Jenny Pilgrim stated that   she had received two complaints of staff depositing litter in the Dent Head   area whilst working overnight on the rail network. This included litter being   found on land adjacent to the railway fencing.

6.3.2 It was resolved that the Clerk   should raise a complaint with Storey Rail who are believed to be the   contractors for the current scheme of work being carried out on the rail   network at Dent Head.

6.4.1 Councillor Chris Evans announced   that the most recent refuse collection had been missed by SLDC in Gawthrop.   Councillor Jenny Pilgrim stated that there had also been no collection in   Cowgill.

6.4.2 District Councillor Mel Mackie   requested to be informed should further collections be missed in order that   he could address the matter with South Lakeland District Council.


County and District Councillor   Announcements:

7.1.1 District Councillor Mel Mackie   announced that he had written to Tony Roberts representing Digital dales (UK)   Limited requesting an update on the progress of the superfast broadband   project in Dentdale and Garsdale. A reply had been received assuring him of   the commitment of the Team to deliver the network across both dales but was   devoid of detail.

7.1.2 Members expressed their concern   about the lack of visible progress of the   network being built in the dale, and, in a wider context, the future of   the project.

7.1.3 It was resolved that the Clerk should write to Andrew Fleck, Chairman   of Fibre Garden – Digital Dales, requesting a position statement of the   project to date and planned detail of intended progress.


Public Forum:

8.1.1 Directions had been requested via   the dentdale.com website of the route from the Leeds/Skipton area to Dent.   The directions given suggested the route should be through Kingsdale which is   not only a gated road but unsuitable for large vehicles and inappropriate for   any vehicle in adverse weather conditions.    

8.1.2 It was resolved that Councillor   Tom Stafford would address the matter with the Parish Council’s website   consultant, Stephen Bramall, for a suitable course of action in order that   vehicle users could be alerted to the restrictive nature of the Kingsdale   road section.  


Playing Field:

9.1 The minutes of the meeting of Thursday 10 September 2015 were received.

9.2.1 It was requested by Councillor Chris   Evans on behalf of the Playing Field Committee that meetings should be held   quarterly rather than monthly to ensure that there was a meaningful agenda   for the Committee to discuss.

9.2.2 It was agreed that meetings   should take place quarterly unless there was a matter of urgency to discuss   in which case an additional meeting should be called as and when required.

9.3.1 The notice board at the entrance to   the Playing Field had been damaged and knocked down. The Committee considered   that a replacement should be obtained stating that the field is owned by the   Parish Council together with a notice concerning the behavior of dogs and the   responsibility of their owners.

9.3.2 It was resolved that a new   notice board should be acquired.

9.4 It had been noted that the grass on   the playing field appears to have died in several places. The issue had been   raised with the Contractor, Burton Turf Care, requesting a resolution to the   problem.

9.5 The next meeting of the Committee   would be held on Thursday 08 October 2015, commencing at 7.30pm.



Parish Forum:

10.1 Councillor Graham Dalton had   attended the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s (YDNPA) Parish Forum   meeting at Leyburn on Tuesday 22 September 2015.

Further   information from the meeting included:

10.2 Figures had revealed that 25% of   the housing stock within the YDNP was not in full-time residence.

10.3 Representation had been made to the   Government by the YDNPA concerning the sale of social housing under the   Government’s initiative of the ‘right to buy’ scheme. An exemption to the   scheme had been requested within the National Park. The purpose of this   exemption is to protect the social housing stock within the YDNP in order   that it is not further reduced.

10.4 It is believed that the geology   within the YDNP is unsuitable for fracking purposes thereby reducing the   threat of future calls for this activity to take place within the National   Park area.

10.5 The Authority will release a new   Local Plan in 2016. This will include the conversion of roadside barns for   residential purposes. If such a conversion is placed on the ‘open market’ a   levy is proposed which could be set against the cost of social housing needs,   however, it will be further proposed that if a converted barn is placed for   sale specifically for ‘local occupation’ then there would be no levy attached   to the sale.



Dent Youth Club:

11.1 A report was received by Councillor   Graham Dalton on the Youth Club meeting of Tuesday 22 September 2015   involving members of Cumbria County Council (CCC) staff.

11.2 The Youth Club in Dent has   previously been reliant on the services of Young Cumbria which was funded by   CCC. The County Council has now withdrawn its funding to Young Cumbria,   however, it is providing assistance to youth clubs through its Early Help   Team. This Team will specifically mentor, train and support local volunteers   to run local youth clubs independently.   As a consequence Dent Youth Club requires voluntary help from the   community if it is to continue to function.

11.3.1 The Clerk had submitted an article   to the Sedbergh & District Lookaround asking for contact from members of   the community who may be   interested in supporting the Youth Club   as a volunteer. No response had yet been received from the article which   was published on 01 October.  

11.3.2 Councillor Tom Stafford agreed to   post a similar volunteer request on dentdale.com.

11.3.3 It was resolved to await responses from the community and no further   action should be taken at this time.



Music and Beer Festival 2016:

12.1.1 A request had been received from   Philip Ayers on behalf of the Music and Beer Festival Committee (MBFC) for   the use of the Car Park site for next year’s Dent Music and Beer Festival.   The event would take place between 24 and 26 June 2016.

12.1.2 It was resolved that the Parish Council would give consent for the   MBFC to use the Car Park site for the purpose of the Festival, subject to the   agreement of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) as owner of   the site; together with any terms and conditions being imposed, including   those imposed on the Parish Council within its lease agreement. It was   additionally stipulated that following the Festival the site should be left   in the condition it was received prior to the event. The Clerk should write   to the YDNPA seeking its permission for the event to take place and contact   the MBFC with the YDNPA’s decision.


Parish Council Document Archive:

13.1 A report was submitted concerning   the storage of Parish Council documentation.

13.2 A request had been received by Jock   Cairns for the storage of Parish Council documentation which he still holds   following his association with the Council.

13.3.1 The Clerk was unable to help with   storage of additional material. As a result inquiries were made for   permission to lodge a secure cabinet at the Reading Room which would ensure   all Council documentation would remain in the Parish allowing accessibility   to both the Clerk and Councillors. The request to use the Reading Room for   this purpose had been rejected. Further inquiries with the County Archive   Service in Kendal had been more helpful but storage would be strictly limited   to what the Service considered historic value.

13.3.2 It was resolved that other possible points of storage within the   Parish should be researched, however, if the documents could not be stored locally   the County Archive Service at Kendal should be utilised.


St Andrew’s Churchyard Steps:

14.1 A complaint had been received by   Councillor Rita Corpe concerning the differing height of the Churchyard steps   adjacent to Beech Hill.

14.2 The steps had been found to be secure   with safety rails firmly positioned on each side of the steps; however, the   fifth step was lower in height than the others which may contribute to a trip   hazard.

14.3 It was resolved that an oak inscribed sign on either side of the   steps should be obtained stating, ‘please mind the steps’ which would further   assist the safety of pedestrians.



Ministry Of Justice Consultation:

15.1 Details were received of a   consultation being conducted by the Ministry of Justice concerning the   closure of Court facilities in the North West of England. This included the   closure of Court facilities in Kendal and business being transferred to   Barrow.

15.2 Members were in agreement with   reasons submitted by the South Lakeland Community Partnership rejecting the   proposal. The Parish is geographically compromised in relation to Barrow   where public transportation links are particularly long, expensive and   difficult, therefore, inevitably, equality of justice for residents is   denied.

15.3 It was resolved that the Council should contribute to the   consultation rejecting the proposal in favour of Court facilities being   retained in Kendal or re-located to either Carlisle or Lancaster where public   transport allows greater access.



Finance and Budget Monitoring:

A   report, financial statement and budget review of the Parish Council income   and expenditure position to the conclusion of Quarter 2 - 2015/16 was   received and accepted.




17.1 Payments made since   07 September 2015:

    HMRC - PAYE (Quarter 2     – 2015/16)         £897.18   
    HMRC - VAT (Quarter 2 – 2015/16)        £1141.15   
    Safety Signs and Notices Limited (car park ‘pay-here’ sign)           £67.12   


17.2 Payments   authorised:

    E.on (street Lighting –     September 2015)        £31.61   
    E.on (car park     electricity - Quarter 2 - 2015/16)        £21.66   
    A. Stephenson     (administration & Clerk’s expenses - 09/2015)        £42.83   
    United Utilities (car park water & wastewater – 08 &     09/2015)        £102.80   
    Sally Bansor (car park – relief)        £32.00   
    John Hyde (car park consumables)        £11.40   


18.1   Applications

S/01/127D   & S/01/127E/LB – Millbeck Cottage, Dent, for   installation of 14kw air source heat pump - Support.

S/01/268A   – Well Head, Dent, for works to existing outbuilding to form bedroom   and ancillary accommodation – Support.

18.2   Decisions



19.1 Close of Meeting:

The   meeting closed at 9.35pm.

19.2 Next Meeting:

Monday   02 November 2015, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.