Minutes of the meeting of Dent Parish Council on Monday 07 September 2015

To be presented for acceptance at the Parish Council Meeting on 05 October 2015

Agenda Item


Councillors   Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Tom Stafford, and Scott Thornley.

County   Councillor Nick Cotton.

District   Councillors Mel Mackie and Kevin Lancaster.

The   meeting opened at 7.32pm.




Councillors   Jenny Pilgrim, Rita Corpe and Geoffrey Woof.



The   minutes of the meeting of Monday 03 August 2015 were presented and signed as   a true and accurate record.



Declarations of Interest:



Clerk’s Report:

4.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and   accepted.

Further   information was given on:-

4.2. (item 6)The YDNPA had   arranged two Parish Forums which it is hoped will offer an opportunity for   better liaison and joint working between the YDNPA and Parish Councils. The   initiative is led by the Authority’s four Parish-appointed Members who will   chair each Forum and be responsible for the agenda at each meeting. The   meeting

for Richmondshire and South Lakeland parishes will be held on Tuesday   22 September, at 7pm in Leyburn. It   was resolved that Councillor Graham Dalton will attend the event if available.

4.3. (item   8) During recent weeks there had been several instances of non-recyclable   rubbish being deposited by the recycling bins in Dentdale car park. South   Lakeland District Council is treating this as a case of illegal fly tipping. Enquiries   have subsequently been made and South Lakeland District Council has   interviewed someone in connection with the incidents. Residents and holiday   cottage owners are reminded that the containers in Dentdale car park are   restricted to re-cycling waste only. Cardboard should be folded before being   deposited in the appropriate bin.

4.4 (item 13)The Clerk   had made enquiries with the YDNPA – Sustainable Development Fund concerning   the possibility of a grant towards the running of a Dent to Kirkby Lonsdale   (QES) School Bus service. The former service had ceased to operate at the end   of the summer term. It was revealed that any proposal to provide a new School   Bus service would not meet the present criteria of the Fund. A campaign is   currently being undertaken relating to the removal of subsidy for school   transport in respect of post 16 year old students. The campaign and petition   can be found at www.getustoschool.co.uk. The   petition will request the Government to undertake an urgent review of the   provision of home-to-school transport for students in education or training   beyond the age of 16 years and to make it compulsory for local authorities to   provide transport to all children in education.  

4.5 (item 18)   The next meeting of the Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale Local Area   Partnership (LAP) will be at Casterton Village Hall on Monday 14 September   2015, commencing at 7.00pm.The main item of the meeting will be the North   West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and how changes to the Service will affect   delivery in the Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale area as well as the national   picture. NWAS had also made an offer to attend the next Parish Council   meeting in Dent on Monday 05 October 2015, to explain the changes. It was resolved to accept the NWAS offer   and invite a member of the NWAS Team to the next Parish Council meeting.

4.6 (item 20) A new community bus will be   arriving at the end of September. This will mean that there will be an   additional community bus until the present vehicle is returned to Cumbria   County Council (CCC). Jock Cairns on   behalf of the Western Dales Community Bus had requested that one of the vehicles   be allowed to park at Dentdale Car Park for a short time prior to its return   to CCC. It was resolved that the   request should be granted.

4.7 (item 22) Following a complaint the Clerk had reported to Cumbria   Highways the need for roadside verge hedges to be cut on the C5101 road between   Sedbergh and Cowgill. Foliage is currently compromising the width of the road   and creating a health and safety risk in respect of restricted visibility for   road users. Complaint reference no: 62/1359343. The Cumbria Highways Steward   had subsequently contacted the Clerk and advised that the hedges would be cut   on the road section from Tuesday 15 September onwards as a priority. Cumbria   Highways is restricted to this commencement date for reasons of ecology in   Dentdale.

4.8 (item25) Notice has been received from   Cumbria Highways that the C5101 road near to Dee Cottage, Cowgill, will be   closed from Monday 28 September 2015 for road investigation and repairs. This   work concerns recent complaints by the Parish Council of road subsidence to   the carriageway. Initially the closure is for 5 days but may re-open sooner   dependent on the extent of the repairs required.


Chair and Member Announcements:

5.1 Councillor Tom Stafford reported   that the District Council refuse vehicle had not made a collection from Glebe   Fold due to parked vehicles preventing access at the entrance to the   development. It was resolved that   residents should erect a temporary ‘no parking’ notice on refuse collection   days to ensure access is possible.

5.2.1 Councillor Chris Evans raised   concern about the lack of progress of the Fibre Garden project.

5.2.2 In response the Clerk reported   receipt of an email on 06 September 2015 from David Wright representing Fibre   Garden. The communication indicated that a Fibre Garden Board meeting had   been held on Thursday 03 September to improve clarity in defining   responsibilities between the various organisations in delivering the project.

MAP Group had now been engaged as the main contractor for construction   of the network and will be project managing the construction phase. A site   meeting was held on 04 September between Fibre Garden, ITS and MAP Group. The   whole project area was driven around with a number of key sites visited. The   three parties will meet again on Monday 07 September to start a detailed   review of the route as MAP Group in particular wish to be certain of the   route, the most appropriate engineering techniques and any specific issues   relating to landowner concerns, before they start construction. By so doing   some of the earlier mistakes will be avoided. A Fibre Garden Board member is   taking on a specific governance role for the project and will be on site each   week. A progress report will be received from MAP/ITS each week and will be   reflected in future communications from Fibre Garden.

5.2.3 District Councillor Mel Mackie   agreed to make contact with Fibre Garden with the objective of seeking   further information on the current position with the broadband project.

5.3 Councillor Graham Dalton reported that   the Council Working Group looking at the future of Rise Mill had recently met   where a variety of opportunities for the site were discussed. Since the   meeting it was apparent that there was some possible interest in the site   being purchased and further developments are awaited with interest.


County and District Councillor   Announcements:

6.1 County Councillor Nick Cotton   reported that there had been some liaison between the YDNPA and Cumbria   Highways in respect of the damaged bridges in the Parish. He stated that he   would continue to campaign for the four bridges in Dentdale to be repaired by   Cumbria Highways at the earliest opportunity, namely; Stonehouse, St John’s,   Barth and Haycote.

6.2 District Councillor Kevin Lancaster   was in possession of information concerning the assessment of private water   supplies which he would report at agenda item 7.


Assessment of Private Water Supplies:

7.1 A written update from South Lakeland   District Council (SLDC) was received concerning the assessment of private water   supplies in Dentdale.

7.2 A written communication had been   sent by the Clerk to Sean Hall, Principal Environment Health Officer, SLDC, inviting   him to the meeting but this had been declined. As an alternative he stated   that an officer would be available to meet with either the Parish Council or   a representative, to discuss any concerns which had not been answered in the   information submitted to the Council, however; this would not include a   public meeting.

7.3 The written information provided by   SLDC consisted of 17 answers to questions concerning the assessment of   private water supplies which had been originally posed by District Councillor   Kevin Lancaster to SLDC members.

7.4 The Private Water Supplies   Regulations 2009, requires local authorities to:

(i) Carry out the Risk Assessment of all   private water supplies except those serving single domestic properties.

(ii) Sample and analyse supplies at the minimum   frequency unless the risk assessment identifies the need to sample more   frequently.

(iii)   Investigate failures of samples.

(iv)   Serve notice on the relevant person to protect human health.

(v) Make reasonable charges up to the maximum   set out in the regulations.

(vi)   Requires local authorities to report to the Drinking Water Inspectorate annually.

These   regulations attach a greater emphasis on proactive measures, rather than   carrying out infrequent monitoring for large numbers of parameters in   drinking water supplies. These measures involve identifying potential hazards   and the risk of those hazards occurring, including measures to prevent and   control any risk.

The   Regulations allow a Local Authority to charge for undertaking these works and   maximum charges are included in the Regulations. SLDC has advised supply   owners that the cost should be in the region of £200-£300 per assessment   based on work it had previously undertaken. If following a risk assessment a   Local Authority considers that a supply is a potential danger to human health   it is required to inform consumers about the quality of their water supply   with details of the nature and timescale of any necessary safe guards and improvements.

7.5 Questions were invited from the   public which covered: private water supplies serving single domestic   properties, assessments including business premises and holiday cottages   together with the imposition of charges by the District Council.

7.6 District Councillor Kevin Lancaster asked   members of the Council and the public to submit any unanswered questions to   either himself or the Clerk which he would present to SLDC for an appropriate   response.


Public Forum:

No   issues were raised.


Playing Field Committee:

9.1 The minutes of the meeting of   Thursday 13 August 2015 were received.

It   was further reported:-

9.2 The   annual Sheep Show had been a success and the organisers had kindly repaired   the western dry stone wall. Additionally, the Sheep Show Committee had agreed   to carry on work on the damaged eastern wall adjacent to the large tree.

9.3 It was announced that it was the   imminent intention of the Football Club to pay the Council for the use of the   Playing Field for the season 2014-2015 which amounted to £144.00.

9.4 The fence   between the Playing Field and the footpath adjacent to the river has failed   allowing dogs to gain access to the Playing Field. A request has been made to   Peter Moorby asking if he would kindly undertake repairs.



Training Event for Councillors:

10.1.1 Information was received concerning   a Good Councillor’s training course to be held in Sedbergh on Thursday 17 September   2015. Members from Dent and   Garsdale Parish Councils had formally been invited to the event which is to   be hosted by Sedbergh Parish Council.

10.1.2 It was resolved that   CouncillorsTom Stafford and Scott Thornley would attend the training course subject   to confirmation of availability.



Dent Youth Club:

11.1 A report on Cumbria County Council’s   new approach to Youth Club provision in the community was received.

11.2 Cumbria County Council (CCC) had taken the decision not to award the youth services contract   to any external organisations including charities that have been providing   such services over the last few years. At the end of September 2015 the youth   work contract that had supported Young Cumbria’s delivery of youth work   across the county was taken back ‘in-house’ by CCC.

The   implication for Dent Youth Club is that it has now ceased to function as it   was reliant on the support of Young Cumbria to operate through the leadership   of Pauline Hartley.

11.3 It is understood by Young Cumbria   that there may be the possibility of finance being released by CCC for which   communities could apply in order to continue to fund local youth provision,   however; this would rely on local volunteers or the purchase of appropriate   youth workers from other sources. To date there is no detail or confirmation   that a fund will be made available. Youth support volunteer programmes are   also being offered to train potential volunteers within communities.

11.4 It was resolved that Councillor   Scott Thornley would contact Pauline Hartley to ascertain if she would be   interested in continuing her involvement with Dent Youth Club in a private   capacity now that provision by Young Cumbria had been withdrawn.

11.5 County Councillor Nick Cotton agreed to make enquiries about the   future dates of training courses for youth club volunteers should anyone from   the community be interested in fulfilling the role.


Motorway Signs:

12.1 A request from South Lakeland   District Council (SLDC) was received to ascertain the financial level of   support available from the Council for the motorway signage project.

12.2 SLDC had proposed that the wording   on the six ‘Western Dales’ tourist   information signs currently located on the M6 close to Junction 37 should be   changed to ‘The Yorkshire Dales’. This would involve six new signs at a total   cost of £12,000. SLDC is looking for funding for the new signs which it   believes will attract more tourist traffic to the area. £3,000 has currently   been raised towards project costs.

12.3 Councillor Graham Dalton   proposed that the Council should agree to contribute a maximum of £500 to the   project. The proposal was seconded by Councillor Chis Evans and the matter   resolved with a condition that the payment would only be made once the signs   had been erected.  


Dentdale Car Park – Public   Conveniences Project:

13.1A report was received on the project to carry out   repairs and redecoration to the exterior of the public conveniences.

13.2 The project had now been completed   with all work carried out by the contractor as requested by the Council. The   original quotation for the work was £1,300.00. Some additional work had been   required and had been undertaken including: removal of all the signs for wood   decay treatment with replacement of some new oak trims on the frames, the   bench at the front of the bus shelter had been raised and the outer wooden   trim of the window in the ladies toilet had been replaced due to decay. The   total for the additional work was £220.00.

13.3 Members had noted the aesthetic   improvement of the building following the work and resolved that the sum of   £1,520.00 be made payable to the contractor.

13.4 It was additionally resolved   that a new ‘Pay Here’ sign should be purchased for the ticket machine as the   current sign had lost its clarity.





14.1 Car Park:

A report and statement   was received and accepted regarding the financial position

of Dentdale Car Park between 01 April and 04   September 2015.

14.2 Payments   authorised:            

    E.on (car park electricity – August 2015)        £22.39   
    A. Stephenson (Clerk’s expenses – August 2015)        £5.00   
    J. Brooksbank (car park relief)        £24.00   
    Dent Stores (car park consumables)        £42.19   
    S. Hawley (repair & redecoration of public conveniences)         £1520.00   




15.1   Pre-Application

Pre-planning consultation request by   Arqiva Ltd in respect of a proposed

Replacement Broadcast Installation,   on land at Whernside Shoulder, off

Dyke Hall Lane, Deepdale, Dent – Support.

15.2   Applications


15.3 Decisions

S/01/114C   and S/01/114D/LB – Mill Dam, Gawthrop. Application for

erection of porch – Granted subject to conditions.

S/01/245A/LB   – Hewthwaite, Dent. Application   for listed building consent        

for rebuilding of chimney – Granted subject to conditions.

15.4 Withdrawn:

S/01/87C –   Millwood, Helmside, Dent. For outline planning permission for    

erection of Agricultural Workers   Dwelling.



16.1 Close of Meeting:

The   meeting closed at 8.56pm.

16.2 Next Meeting:

Monday   05 October 2015, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.