Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 06 July 2015


To be presented for acceptance at the Parish Council Meeting on 03 August 2015

Agenda Item


Councillors Tom Stafford (Vice-Chair), Rita Corpe, Chris Evans, Jenny Pilgrim,

Scott Thornley.


District Councillor Kevin Lancaster  


The meeting opened at 7.32pm.




Councillors Graham Dalton and Geoffrey Woof.   

County Councillor Nick Cotton.

District Councillor Mel Mackie.




The minutes of the meeting of Monday 01 June 2015 were received and signed as a true and accurate record.



Declarations of Interest:

Councillor Scott Thornley in respect of agenda item 9, School Transport, as a prospective parent of a Queen Elizabeth School student.



Clerk’s Report:

4.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

4.2 (Item 10) The highway defect on the C5101 near to Hud’s House had been once again reported and CCC Highways had attended in an attempt to repair the existing pot hole. Councillor Jenny Pilgrim reported that the new tarmac was already sinking and subsidence of the surface remained across the width of the road. It was resolved that the issue should be raised with CCC Highways in order that further action be taken to ensure satisfactory repair of the road.   

4.3 (Item 15) Contractors on behalf of South Lakeland District Council had now been to re-cut the grass at the closed section of St Andrew’s Churchyard following a complaint of poor quality work made at the last Parish Council meeting.

4.4 (Item 20) My Cumbria is an exclusive membership card scheme from Cumbria Tourism for residents of Cumbria with a CA or LA postcode and for those who work in the County. The card entitles the holder and their families to a range of offers and discounts from eating out, things to do, shopping and leisure activities across the whole County. The annual membership fee is £20.  Residents can sign-up for a membership card at:  New and special offers are being frequently added to the scheme. The full range of offers available is listed on the website.

4.5 (item 22) Philip Ayers representing the Music and Beer Festival Committee had been contacted and congratulated for the work of all the volunteer team to make this year’s Festival a success. Two minor issues were brought to the Committee’s attention, namely: (i) a small section of the western wall had been damaged, however, this had since undergone repair. (ii) The ladies toilet facilities had seen long queues on occasions which might be subject of worthy consideration for an increase in female facilities for next year’s event.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:

4.6 Anthony Fisher, Raven Ray, Deepdale, had conducted a survey of the condition of the U5506 road section in Deepdale as far as Hill Top. References to surface damage include photographic evidence and GPS reference points. He will forward the information to the Clerk in order that details can be submitted to CCC Highways for action on the outstanding road defects.

4.7 The metal pole supporting the ‘Parking’ information sign at the entrance to Dentdale Car Park has been damaged. CCC Highways has been requested to conduct repairs.

4.8 Richard Rhodes, The Police and Crime Commissioner, will be holding a surgery at the Information Centre, Sedbergh, between 11am and 1pm on Wednesday 08 July 2015.

4.9 The Clerk had received a communication from the Valuation Office Agency requesting information concerning Dentdale Car Park and Public Conveniences. The purpose of the exercise is to re-assess the rateable value of the property. The Valuation Office is an Executive Agency of HM Revenue and Customs which assesses the rateable value of all non-domestic properties.


Chair and Member Announcements:

5.1 In his absence, the Clerk had submitted a proposal from Councillor Graham Dalton concerning the future of the Lyon Equipment site at Rise Hill, Dent. Members were asked to decide whether or not the Council should become involved in the future of the site by forming a working group to initially gather information and see what, if anything, has been done with similar problems elsewhere. It was resolved to accept the proposal with Councillors Chris Evans, Jenny Pilgrim and Scott Thornley offering to join Graham Dalton on the Working Group. 

5.2 Councillor Scott Thornley reported that the street light at Rowell House was recently illuminated during daylight hours. It was agreed that the light would be monitored during brighter daylight hours to see if the sensor was capable of switching off the light automatically prior to any further action.

5.3 Councillor Scott Thornley reported that the Youth Club was due to close caused by a lack of funding. It was resolved that CouncillorThornley would investigate the finances of the Club and ascertain how much was required to ensure it was able to continue.

5.4 Councillor Rita Corpe reported that it was the third anniversary of the Dent Library Service. 7,500 people have used the service in the 3 years of its existence which has proved a resounding success. A celebration of the anniversary was to be held for volunteers who continue to ensure that the library is allowed to flourish.



County and District Councillor Announcements:

District Councillor Kevin Lancaster reported that he had attended a recent broadband meeting with representatives of Fibre Garden in company with District Councillor Mel Mackie. The meeting had proved useful for Councillor Mackie in introducing him to the progress of the project. It was the intention of Fibre Garden to make further progress with the infrastructure from mid-July following the hay making season.  


Public Forum:

There was only one matter arising from the public which related to the impending cessation of the school bus from Dent to Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale, which was deferred to item 9 of the agenda.     


Playing Field Committee:

8.1 A report together with the minutes of the meeting of Thursday 11 June 2015 were received.

8.2 A proposal was received from Councillor Chris Evans that John Hyde should be co-opted to the Playing Field Committee in view of his commitment to Playing Field issues and meetings. It was resolved that John Hyde be co-opted to the Committee with immediate effect.

8.3 A request had been made to the Football Club to raise the nets surrounding the goalposts at least four feet from the ground at the conclusion of each match. This was as a result of a complaint received from Kevin Raw relating to lambs being caught in the netting. The lambs are gaining access to the Playing Field due to the perimeter dry stone wall being damaged and not yet repaired.

8.4 It was requested that when a new padlock is fitted to the pavilion a key should be left with John Hyde in order that he can prepare for the First Responders social evening.

8.5 The next meeting of the Playing Field Committee will be held at 7pm on Thursday 09 July at the Reading Room.



School Transport:

9.1 A report was received on the intended cessation of the school bus from Dent to Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale (QES). The bus service is due to be withdrawn at the conclusion of the summer term.

9.2 A number of parents representing students currently using the bus were present at the meeting. They were concerned how their children would travel to QES at the start of the next academic year and the detrimental effect this may have on the community.

9.3 It was resolved that parents of students using the Dent – QES School bus would benefit from a separate meeting with representatives from organisations who may be able to assist with future travel arrangements to Queen Elizabeth School. Requests to attend a separate school bus meeting to be held prior to the end of the summer term would be sent to; Cheryl Cowperthwaite (Cumbria County Council Integrated Transport Team), County Councillor Nick Cotton, Jock Cairns (Western Dales Community Bus) and Cathy O’Neill (Deputy Head, Queen Elizabeth School). The Parish Council would be represented together with and an invitation to Dent Primary School Governors and staff.



Superfast Broadband in Dentdale:

10.1 A report was received on the progress of Fibre Garden’s delivery of superfast broadband in Dentdale.

10.2 A meeting had been held on Wednesday 17 June 2015 in Sedbergh attended by representatives of Fibre Garden, Councillor Graham Dalton and District Councillors Kevin Lancaster & Mel Mackie.

10.3 It is intended that the broadband infrastructure will enter Dentdale at Peggleside having followed the route of the supplementary electric supply that was put in place some years ago over the Riggs from Sedbergh.

10.4 The infrastructure work will commence in mid-July following the haymaking season when two contractors will be engaged to progress the installation.




Motorway Signs:

11.1 South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) had proposed that the wording on the six ‘Western Dales’ tourist information signs currently located on the M6 close to Junction 37 should be changed to ‘The Yorkshire Dales’. This would involve six new signs at a total cost of £12,000. SLDC is looking for funding for the new signs which it believes will attract more tourist traffic to the area. £3,000 has currently been raised towards project costs.

11.2 Members considered SLDC’s proposal and agreed ’in principle’ to support the project but would not be in a position to be a significant contributor to the scheme.



Website Service:

12.1 A position statement on the progress of the website project was received.

12.2 The first training session for the website administrators had taken place and another will take place in July on a date to be arranged.

12.3 The website is now live, however, further development continues to take place with information and background technology being added daily. Currently a ‘contact us’ link is being commissioned which will alert all the administrators to action any requests or tasks submitted to the site.



Finance Monitoring and Budget Review:

A report, financial statement and budget review of the Parish Council income and expenditure position to the conclusion of Quarter 1 - 2015/16 was received and accepted.




      Payments since 01 June 2015:   

       HMRC PAYE (Quarter 1 - 2015/16)                                          £896.98                                                                                                                                  

       HMRC VAT (Quarter 1 – 2015/16)                                         £1,022.47


      Payments Authorised:

E.on (car park electricity – June 2015)


E.on (street lighting - Quarter (1) 2015/16


South Lakeland District Council (election expenses 2014)


Chris Pickthall Limited  (repairs to two street lights)


A. Stephenson (administration & Clerk’s expenses 06/15)


United Utilities (car park water & wastewater – 06/15)


Dent Stores (car park consumables)






15.1 Applications

S/01/258D and S/01/258E/LB – Methodist Manse, Flintergill, Dent. For renovation of Methodist Manse and extension to south including solar panels on extension (4.3kW) - Support.

S/01/269 and S/01/269A/LB – Platt, Deepdale.  For repair / replacement of existing roof and all windows - Support.




S/01/126L and S/01/126M/LB – Biggerside, Dent. For demolition of existing steel building, re-roofing of slaughter house and erection of detached double garage with studio above - Support.

S/01/87C - Millwood, Helmside, Dent. For outline permission for erection of Agricultural Workers Dwelling - Support.

S/01/114C and S/01/114D/LB – Mill Dam, Gawthrop. For erection of porch – Support.


15.2 Decisions



15.3 Withdrawn

S/01/263 – Winny’s Field, Dent Road, Sedbergh.  Application for construction of anaerobic digester and erection of associated barn and drying shed.



16.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.27pm.

16.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 03 August 2015, 7.30pm, Sedgwick Room, Dent.