Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 11 May 2015


Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Geoffrey Woof, Jenny Pilgrim, Chris Evans,

Tom Stafford and Scott Thornley.


County & District Councillor Nick Cotton.


The meeting opened at 7.32pm.


Election of the Chair: Councillor Graham Dalton was nominated for the position of Chair by Councillors Chris Evans and Jenny Pilgrim. There were no other nominations. Councillor Graham Dalton accepted the position and was re-elected as Chair for the Council year 2015/16.


Declaration of Acceptance of Office:

2.1 The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was received and signed by Councillor Graham Dalton as the elected chair.

2.2 The Chair welcomed Councillor Scott Thornley to his first meeting since being co-opted to the Council.



District Councillor Rita Corpe.

District Councillor Kevin Lancaster.



Minutes: The minutes of the Parish Council meeting of Monday 13 April 2015 were received and authority granted for Councillor Graham Dalton as the elected Chair to sign the document as a true and accurate record.



Declarations of Interest:




Election of Vice Chair for the Council year 2015/2016:

Councillor Tom Stafford was nominated by Councillors Graham Dalton and Chris Evans for the position of Vice Chair for the Council year 2015/16. There were no other nominations. Councillor Tom Stafford duly accepted the position.



Economic Development in Dentdale:

7.1 Joanne Golton and Jackie Robinson, representing South Lakeland District Council’s (SLDC) Economic Development Team were welcomed to the meeting to discuss economic development issues in Dentdale.

7.2.1 A presentation was given on SLDC’s support for business in the district, including:

7.2.2 ‘Invest in South Lakeland’ provides information and advice to businesses of all sizes, covering all industry sectors ( Parish businesses can advertise by visiting the website and completing a submission form, which, once approved, will appear in the free business directory. No entries are currently recorded for Dentdale.

7.2.3 ‘Explore South Lakeland’ is an interactive, community based website to find local events, guides, attractions, activities and places to explore. It was noted that the website contained only one forthcoming event within Dentdale, namely: the Music and Beer Festival taking place in June (   

7.2.4 Support is available for both start-up and existing businesses. SLDC’s business support programme includes mentoring, workshops, seminars and business planning. Packages start from £50 plus VAT, or, alternatively, a pay as you go option is available with prices starting from £20 plus VAT.

7.3 Grants are available for economic development schemes including a shop front investment programme of which Dent Parish Council has previously taken advantage. This scheme helps local businesses enhance the appearance of their properties. Public realm development is a similar scheme designed to improve the appearance of buildings at key points of towns and villages.

7.4 Concern was raised by members about the demise of the former Lyon Equipment site at Rise Hill which has had a detrimental effect on local employment. Joanne Golton stated that SLDC had been working with the YDNPA on possible uses for the site. The District Council had also been working with Lyon Equipment on the possibility of a joint venture to attract businesses to the site. It was resolved to write to Chris Jarvis, Economic Development, SLDC, for further information on the potential of a joint venture between the District Council and Lyon Equipment at Rise Hill. Additionally, to express the Parish Council’s concerns about the economic decline faced by the community arising from the closure of the site which has failed to attract a buyer to date.

7.5 It has been proposed that the wording on the six ‘Western Dales’ tourist information signs currently located on the M6 close to Junction 37 should be changed to ‘The Yorkshire Dales’. This will involve six new signs at a total cost of £12,000. SLDC is looking for funding for the new signs which it believes will attract more tourist traffic to the area. £3,000 has currently been raised towards project costs. It was resolved that this issue should be an agenda item at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 01 June 2015.

7.6 Joanne Golton and Jackie Robinson were thanked for their attendance and presentation leaving the meeting at 8.35pm.



Clerk’s Report:

8.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted.

Further information was given on:-

8.2 (Item 10) The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has chosen Cumbria for its campaign to inform the public of the changing role of its service. An action from the last Parish Council meeting was to contact NWAS to request a representative to attend a future Parish Council meeting to discuss the changes. NWAS had been contacted and has agreed for a staff member to attend the Parish Council meeting on Monday 07 September 2015.

8.3 (Item11) A letter had been received from Margaret Taylor informing the Council that permission has been requested for the erection of a number of brown information signs in Sedbergh, directing road users to Dent Village Heritage Centre. The communication also requested the Council’s help towards the costs for the planning application and signs.              It was resolved that members would consider the matter when more information has been received regarding project costs.

8.4 (Item 14) The Clerk had contacted J. Hartley & Sons of Ingleton in connection with improving highway drainage in Dentdale. A site meeting with the Contractor will follow to discuss a drainage clearance project recently authorised by the Council. J Hartley & Sons has been contracted and subsequently successful in clearing drains in the parishes of Casterton, Firbank and Barbon. This is part of a Local Area Partnership funded scheme.

8.5 (Item 8) The Parish Council had responded to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s consultation on its Selective Review of Housing Policy, following a meeting to consider the implications of the Review on Wednesday 22 April 2015. Copies of the Parish Council’s response are available from the Clerk.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:

8.6 Correspondence had been received from Michael Pulford who is a member of the Yorkshire Ridings Society. Mr Pulford has offered to read out the ‘Yorkshire Declaration’ in Dent on the occasion of Yorkshire Day which falls on Saturday 01 August 2015. It was resolved to accept Mr Pulford’s offer and to inform him that he will be welcome to attend the village to conduct the reading of the Yorkshire Declaration.

8.7 Cumbria Police had informed the Clerk that PCSO Danielle Ayers had now left the Constabulary to further her career with the British Transport Police and will be replaced by PCSO Martin Boak.

8.8 A letter had been received from Sarah and John Woof representing Dentdale Christian Fellowship; informing the Council that a Christian Festival will take place in Dent between Friday 07 August and Monday 10 August 2015. The Festival will feature a double decker activity bus for use by young people for films and other activities. Permission has been requested for the bus to be located at Dentdale Car Park for the duration of the event and for games and activities to take place within the car park field area. It was resolved that the bus would be allocated an appropriate space at the car park for the event and permission was granted for the use of the field for activities. This would be conditional upon the car park being left in good condition and any litter being cleared from the site immediately following the event.




Appointments to Committees & Working Groups, Liaison Councillors and Representatives of other bodies for 2015/2016 were resolved as follows:-  


Car Park Committee


Chris Evans, Tom Stafford


Playing Field Committee


Chris Evans, Tom Stafford

Cricket Club Nominees: Peter Moorby,

David Hunter

Football Club Nominees:  Jill Mitchell,

Ian Mitchell


Parish Plan Committee


Rita Corpe, Tom Stafford

Appointee: Heather Fraser

Co-opted: Tim Deighton, Sarah Woof



Litter Collection Co-ordinator


Co-ordinator: John Sibley


Planning Working Group


Jenny Pilgrim, Chris Evans, Scott Thornley, Rita Corpe


Highways Steward Liaison Councillor


Andy Stephenson (Clerk)


Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale

Local Area Partnership (LAP)


Graham Dalton

Dent C of E Primary School Governors


Scott Thornley (provisional subject to Governors approval)


Dent Combined Charities


Graham Dalton, Geoffrey Woof,

Chris Evans


Dent Grammar School Educational Foundation


Chris Evans, Graham Dalton, Geoffrey Woof,  Rita Corpe

Heather Fraser (council appointee)


Dent Memorial Hall

Graham Dalton


Sedbergh Health Centre Patients Forum


Kate Cairns (council appointee)


Upper Dales Health Watch


Jenny Pilgrim


Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority


Ian McPherson (Sedbergh Parish Council)


Sedbergh & District Community and Heritage Trust Grants Sub-committee

Graham Dalton





Chair and Member Announcements:

Councillor Graham Dalton advised members that a development of nine houses in Bainbridge had been constructed all of which had a local occupancy restriction. A builder from Richmond had constructed the dwellings which have a starting price of £150,000. It is understood that a number of the houses have been reserved demonstrating that small developments with a local occupancy restriction are capable of being sold within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.



County and District Councillor Announcements:

11.1 County Councillor Nick Cotton informed the meeting that Sarah Littlefield from the Lune Rivers Trust in collaboration with Hilary Deighton representing the Environment Agency had made an offer to Dent Primary School to give education and instruction into the issues surrounding Himalayan balsam in the river network.

11.2 It was agreed that Councillor Nick Cotton would make enquiries with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and Cumbria County Council Highways concerning what appeared to be a ‘sample’ stone which had appeared at Stonehouse Bridge prior to repair work being carried out. Councillor Jenny Pilgrim stated that the ‘sample’ was extremely light in colour and would be inappropriate as a replacement to be used for the damaged and missing sections.

11.3 It was noted that Mel Mackie had been successful in the recent District Council election. It was resolved to contact Councillor Mackie welcoming him to the next meeting on Monday 01 June 2015 and forward a list of meeting dates for the year.



Public Forum:

Information and questions from the floor included:-

12.1 An enquiry was made as to whether the Music and Beer Festival Committee (MBFC) had been requested to clear the car park area following the Festival event this summer. In response it was confirmed that the MBFC had been advised accordingly.

12.2 Information was given that a notice board positioned at the car park public conveniences was available for use and may be helpful to advertise Dentdale related activities.



Council Insurance & Assets Review:

13.1 The Council insurance arrangements and Assets Register for the year 2015/16 were received for review.

13.2 It was resolved that no amendments to the Asset Register were required.

13.3 The Council is currently insured with Zurich Municipal and the Policy is due for renewal on 01 June 2015. The new Policy includes maintaining Public liability at a limit of £12,000,000 and Employers liability at a limit of £10,000,000. Zurich Municipal’s quotation of £755.41 for 2015/16 represented no increase on the previous year’s premium with all areas of insurance cover preserved.

13.4 It was resolved to accept the arrangements and quotation proposed by Zurich Municipal for the period 01 June 2015 to 31 May 2016.



Risk Assessment Review:

14.1.1 The Council’s Health & Safety Policy Statement of Policy and Commitment together with Risk Assessment documentation were received for review.

It was resolved:

14.1.2 There should be no change to the Health & Safety Policy Statement of Policy and Commitment.

14.1.3 Under the subject area ‘banking’ to revise the number of signatories to: ‘Currently there are 5 authorised signatories to the principal account’.

14.1.4 Under the subject area ‘Financial controls and records’, Management/Control of Risk, to revise the wording concerning Administration Rights to: ‘The Parish Clerk as the Responsible Financial Officer to the Council is the only individual with Administration Rights. Two Councillors have ‘view only’ access to the accounts as a risk control measure in order to check the conduct of the accounts’. 

14.1.5 Under the heading ‘Financial controls and records’, Review/Assess/Revise, to revise wording to; ‘The Parish Clerk as Responsible Financial Officer to the Council is the holder of Administration Rights. Councillors Graham Dalton and Tom Stafford have ‘view only’ rights to the Bank Accounts as a control measure to the proper conduct of the accounts’.

14.1.6 The Risk Assessment Review was then accepted without further amendment.

14.2 The next annual risk assessment review would be due in May 2016 or returned to members sooner for amendment should any change in circumstances dictate.



Annual Financial Statement:

The Annual Financial Statement was received and approved by all members being duly signed by the Chair and Responsible Financial Officer.



Annual Audit Return and Governance Statement:

16.1 The Annual Audit Return and Governance Statement was received and considered by the Council.

16.2 Section 1 – The Accounting statements were approved by all members being duly signed by the Responsible Financial Officer and Chair.

16.3 Section 2 – The Annual governance statement was approved by all members and signed by the Chair and Clerk.




          Payments for authorisation:

Zurich Municipal (annual insurance cover)


A. Stephenson (Administration & Clerk’s expenses)


CALC (annual subscription)


United Utilities (water and wastewater – April 2015)


Dent Stores  (car park toilets - consumables) 


E-on  (car park electricity – April 2015)


S. Bansor (car park relief)


The Information Commissioner (registration renewal)


John Hyde (car park consumables)

£17.97 (renewal of domain name -


Viking (office printer and stationary)









18.1 Applications

S/01/267 – Three Roods, Dent. Application for re-occupation of former dwelling and shop, partial change of use and internal & external alterations (part retrospective). Support.      


18.2 Decisions




19.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.27pm.

19.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 01 June 2015, 7.30pm, Sedgwick Room.