Meeting of Dent Parish Council -  07 July 2014


Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Rita Corpe, Chris Evans, Tom Stafford and Jenny Pilgrim.


District Councillor Kevin Lancaster.  


The meeting opened at 7.34pm.


Election of Chair for the Council year 2014/15:

Councillor Graham Dalton was nominated for the position of Chair by Councillors Tom Stafford and Rita Corpe. There were no other nominations. Councillor Graham Dalton accepted the position with immediate effect.



To receive the Chair’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office:

The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was received and signed by Councillor Graham Dalton as the elected chair.





Councillors Geoffrey Woof and Elaine Lewis.  

County & District Councillor Nick Cotton.

District Councillor Evelyn Westwood.




The minutes of the meeting of 02 June 2014 were received and authority granted for Councillor Graham Dalton the elected Chair to sign the document as a true and accurate record.



Declarations of Interest:




Clerk’s Report:

6.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

6.2 (Item 2) The Clerk had contacted the Connecting Cumbria Broadband Team requesting a position statement concerning the upgrading of the broadband infrastructure in Dentdale. A reply had been received stating that a decision of whether or not to de-scope Dentdale and Garsdale from the Connecting Cumbria project will now be made by the County Council Cabinet at its September meeting.

6.3 (Item 9) It was reported that the defective cobbles at the junction of Main Street with Vicarage Lane, Dent, had now been repaired although tarmacadam had been used rather than replacement cobbles. The repair has proved effective but aesthetically unattractive in terms of the traditional cobbled surface being displaced by an alternative solution.

6.4 (Item 15) The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority had agreed to change the planting arrangements for the bottom of Dentdale car park from that originally outlined in its planning consent for the car park track. The new requirement is for the planting of:

4 Crataegus monogyna (Hawthorn) and 2 Sorbus aucparia (Rowan). They are to be planted in a line approximately 1 metre away from the edge of the southern side of the track. Philip Ayers on behalf of the Music and Beer Festival Committee is to approach Nicky Edwards, Head of Dent Primary School, to enquire if the School would be interested in taking part in the planting project.

6.5 (item 16) A communication had been received concerning the possibility of a renewed request by the Parish Council for the early morning Northern Rail train to Leeds to stop at Dent station. Reply had been made explaining the attempt made by Tim Farron MP (on behalf of the Parish Council in February 2012) which did not produce change. It was resolved that the Clerk would write to Tim Farron MP requesting a further attempt for the train to stop at Dent with a copy of the communication being forwarded to the Friends of the Carlisle Settle Line.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:

6.6.1 The Police report for Dentdale for the previous month had been received including:

6.6.2 A local resident had received a telephone call from an individual claiming to be raising money for the local school. It had been confirmed that Dent Primary School was not involved in any such fund raising exercise and the call was a hoax with the intention of gaining personal details from the resident.

6.6.3 A burglary had been reported on 26 June at Cowgill involving the theft of a green Kawasaki quad bike together with hand tools.

6.6.4 On 07 July fencing wire and hooks totaling £400 had been stolen in the Garsdale area.

6.7 It was acknowledged that former Councillor Ken McClurg had not stood for election for the Council’s new term. It was resolved that the Clerk should write to Ken McClurg thanking him for his years of service both to the Council and the community of Dentdale. 



Chair and Member Announcements:





County and District Councillor Announcements:

8.1 Councillor Kevin Lancaster highlighted the significance of the decision of Banks Renewables to withdraw its application for the development of the proposed wind farm at Killington.

8.2 Councillor Kevin Lancaster made reference to the proposed legislation concerning the direct election of members to National Park Authorities stating that he would be looking with interest at its detail when available.




Public Forum:

9.1 It was proposed that the Music and Beer Festival Committee should be congratulated on a very successful event this year. It was resolved that the Clerk would write to the Music and Beer Festival Committee complimenting the Committee on the event’s success and the achievement in ensuring no litter was in evidence following its conclusion.


9.2 A proposal was received concerning a further music festival provisionally planned for the second week in August 2015 consisting of a blues and jazz event. It was resolved that a formal application should be made in writing to the Council. To assist the applicant members would highlight relevant areas requiring detail within the application and these would be forwarded to the applicant by the Clerk.

9.3 It was reported that the ‘no through road’ sign at Bamford Cottage, Laning, Dent, was missing resulting in additional traffic travelling onto The Green causing congestion. It was resolved that the Clerk would make contact with Cumbria County Council Highways requesting a replacement sign.

9.4 A report was made of numerous pot holes on the U5506 road in the Deepdale area. It was resolved to provide the complainant with a map in order that specific defective sites could be highlighted and reported to Cumbria County Council Highways requesting repair.



Playing Field Committee:

10.1 A report together with meeting notes were received from the meeting of Thursday 03 July 2014.

10.2 The dry stone walling competition would be unlikely to proceed in August due to both a lack of competitors and prize money.

10.3 An offer had been made by Andrew Burrow, Dentdale Sheep Show, that in lieu of payment for using the Playing Field for this year’s show, competitors would be willing to repair the dry stone wall on the western side of the Playing Field following the event.  

10.4 The Playing Field Committee would discuss repairs and upkeep of the eastern boundary wall together with considering contact with the adjacent landowner at the meeting on Thursday 10 July 2014.

10.5 An amendment was agreed to the Parish Council representation on the Playing Field Committee 2014/15 by Councillor Jenny Pilgrim stepping down from the Committee.



Land Transfer – Beech Hill:

11.1 The legal documentation for the transfer of land at Beech Hill from Cumbria County Council to Dent Parish Council was received.

11.2 It was resolved that the legal transfer should proceed and the transfer documentation was duly signed by Councillors Graham Dalton (Chair) and Tom Stafford (Vice-Chair) being witnessed by the Clerk as Officer to the Council.



Parish Plan:

12.1 The minutes of the meetings of 09 and 30 June 2014 were received.

12.2 It had been agreed that the community survey stage of the consultation programme should be postponed until October/November 2014. Consultation with the community would begin at the Dent Gala where the Committee will have a stall promoting the process of creating the plan and gathering community input.

12.3 It had been proposed that a website and Parish Council newsletter should become part of an integrated communications strategy for Dentdale and that a working group should be formed for this project.


12.4 Councillor Tom Stafford raised concern that the ambition of Phase 2 of the Parish Plan may be undermined by a lack of support from volunteers to help achieve its aims and objectives.

12.5 It was resolved that Councillor Graham Dalton would attend the next Parish Plan meeting on Monday 28 July 2014 to discuss:

i)  the overall organisation and future of the Parish Plan, and,

ii) the urgent need to review website provision.



Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Representation:

13.1 Details were received of the forthcoming visit of Robert Heseltine, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) representative, to the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 04 August 2014.

13.2 The purpose of the visit is to assist the YDNPA to understand local concerns and an opportunity to offer help and/or guidance where possible.  

13.3 It was resolved that the YDNPA should be advised that the main topics for discussion and questions will be Planning Policy and Economic Development.



Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Local Plan 2015-2030:

14.1 The Yorkshire Dales National Park Local Plan draft consultation documentation was received.

14.2 It was resolved that this issue should be discussed and a response considered at an additional meeting of members to be held at 7pm on Monday 14 July 2014 at The Reading Room, Dent.



Playing Field & Car Park Charging:

15.1 The subject of whether or not to adopt a charging policy for the hire/use of the car park and playing field sites was raised.

15.2 It was resolved that a working group should be formed to consider this issue. Councillors Graham Dalton, Jenny Pilgrim, Chris Evans and Tom Stafford agreed to join the group and absent members Councillors Elaine Lewis and Geoffrey Woof should be offered the opportunity in writing by the Clerk.



Internal Audit Report:

16.1 The 2014/2015 internal audit report was received and accepted. There were no areas of concern raised within the report.

16.2 It was resolved that the annual return and all relevant documentation should now be forwarded to the external auditor for review.



Finance Monitoring:

A report and financial statement on the Parish Council income and expenditure position to the conclusion of Quarter 1 - 2014/15 was received and accepted.





Payments made since 02 June 2014:

HMRC PAYE (Quarter 1 – 2014/15)


HMRC VAT   (Quarter 1 – 2014/15)



Payments authorised:

E.on  (street Lighting – June 2014)


E.on  (car park electricity Quarter 1 - 2014/15)


A. Stephenson  (administration & Clerk’s expenses June 2014)


United Utilities (Car Park water & wastewater – June 2014)


Burton Turf Care (ground maintenance April & May 2014)


Sally Bansor (Car Park – Relief)


Edwin Middleton  (erection of notice board at Cowgill)


J E Charnley Limited  (repair to tap at car park toilet block)


Dent Stores (car park consumables and swing bin)






19.1 Applications:

S/01/15A - Willans, Deepdale, Dent. Application for erection of muck midden, extension to existing cow shed and new concrete yard area – Support.


S/01/259LB – Stonehouse Bridge, Stonehouse, Dent – listed building consent for works to reinstate and replace coping stones – Support.


19.2 Decision:

S/01/22J/LB – East Banks, Dent. Application for listed building consent for erection of cat-slide roof to the south to form wc & new kitchen area, and the re-laying of existing cobbles – Granted with conditions.


19.3 Withdrawn

S/01/49D – Cowgill Barn, Cowgill. Full application for erection of extension to existing dwelling.



20.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.52pm.

20.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 04 August 2014, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.