Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 02 June 2014





Councillors Rita Corpe, Chris Evans, Geoffrey Woof, Tom Stafford and Elaine Lewis


District Councillors Evelyn Westwood and Kevin Lancaster



County Councillor Nick Cotton, Councillor Jenny Pilgrim




Election of the Chair for the Council Year 2014/2015:

No nominations received.

Proposed Chris Evans and seconded by Rita Corpe that Councillor Geoffrey Woof be appointed Chairman for the meeting.  Councillor Woof assented to the proposal and all members voted in favour.


Chair’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office:




The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of the 12th May 2014 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.


Declarations of Interest:

None made.


Membership of the Council

Proposed by Chris Evans and seconded by Rita Corpe that Graham Dalton be appointed a member of the Council.  Mr. Dalton agreed the nomination and all members voted in favour.


Vice Chairman:

Proposed by Rita Corpe and seconded by Elaine Lewis that Councillor Tom Stafford be appointed Vice Chairman for the council year.  Mr. Stafford accepted the nomination and all members voted in favour.


Clerk’s Report:

7.1 Contents were noted and reported that the notice board at Cowgill has been erected.  Susan Cox should be thanked for her work on the flower beds.

7.2 Bonfire Night Event – Can no longer take place adjacent to the gym building.  The playing field in the ownership of the Parish Council is an alternative site.  Notice has been placed in Lookaround for volunteers to organise the event.  Members indicated a willingness to consider any grant application to support it.




Committee, Group or Body     


Car Park Committee      


Playing Field Committee  


Parish Plan Committee



Litter Collection Co-ordinator     





Planning Working Group 



Highway Stewards Liaision Councillor


Sedbergh & Kirkby Lonsdale Local Area Partnership  (LAP)   


Dent C of E Primary School Governors


Dent Combined Charities     



Dent Grammar School Educational Foundation   




Dent Memorial Hall 


Sedbergh Health Centre Patients Forum  


Upper Dales Health Watch  


Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority  


Sedbergh & District Community and Heritage Trust Grants Sub-Committee




Chris Evans, Tom Stafford


Jenny Pilgrim, Chris Evans, Tom Stafford


Councillors Rita Corpe, Tom Stafford

Appointee Heather Fraser


John Sibley





Jenny Pilgrim, Chris Evans, Elaine Lewis, Rita Corpe


A. Stephenson (Clerk)


Graham Dalton



Elaine Lewis


Graham Dalton, Geoffrey Woof, Chris Evans


Chris Evans, Graham Dalton, Geoffrey Woof, Rita Corpe

Appointee (subject to acceptance) Heather Fraser


Graham Dalton


(subject to acceptance)  Kate Cairns



(subject to acceptance) Jenny Pilgrim





Graham Dalton


Chair and Member Announcements:

Chris Evans receipt of notice for two events on the playing field – Saturday 12th July barbecue by the First Responders.  Establish numbers and explanation of what needed.

-   David Beaumont for a rally of motorcycles and music the first weekend in August.  Friday to Sunday.  More details of proposed activity required.  Request Mr. Beaumont to write in with clear details.


District Council Announcements:

Each has £1,000 at their disposal to give grants to kick start any sort of new project.  It must not be existing.  A disabled picnic area given as an example. 


Public Forum:

11.1  Attention drawn to the conditions of the cobbles under the lamp at the ginnel to Vicarage Lane.  Some cobbles come out and a hole is developing and needs doing properly.

11.2  Question why YDNP are seeking to remove the recent relaxation granted nationally for agricultural buildings to have consent to change to other business use.  Significant organisations such as the NFU, County Landowners Association and Richmondshire District Council all supported the right to change without obtaining planning consent.  Criteria applying for any planning consent to change barns are too strict. 

Disappointment expressed that planning policies continue to be too restrictive.


Local Area Partnership:

G. Dalton explained that a successful area had been co-operation on highways matters including the giving of grants for additional works from the LAP resources.  It is a subject common to all councils and all can relate to it. 

For those parishes affected, the liaison forum via the LAP is helpful in respect of Appleby Fair matters.  The LAP is the conduit through which statutory bodies e.g. Police, can give information.

Less successful is the speed watch operation with the only one established on the A65 at Endmoor.  Three volunteers had been found in Sedbergh.  Michael Roberts of Middleton Parish meeting is pursuing working on extending the speed watch use.

Representatives from parish meetings find the LAP discussions useful as overcoming their sense of isolation.

Graham Dalton explained that the Sedbergh & Kirkby Lonsdale LAP starting to look at the huge question of health care which is an across the board subject.  Little is known how it operates, duties and responsibilities of the bodies involved in it and identifying improvements which can be made for the benefit of residents.



Following payments authorised




David Ramsbottom – Internal Audit                                                   100.00


Andy Stephenson – Clerk’s Expenses May 2014                                16.49


Susan Cox – Flower Bed Expenses                                                     31.40


Dent Stores – Car Park Toilets Consumables                                      23.75


Cale Briparc – Ticket Machine Maintenance Contract 2014/2015      770.14


E.On Street Lighting May 2014                                                             15.38


United Utilities Water and Wastewater -  Toilet Block                           58.22




Planning Applications:  None

Decision. Removal of agricultural occupancy and substitution local occupancy restriction Low Mill Dent:  Granted


Next Meeting:

7th July 2014 7:30 p.m. Sedgwick Room