Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 12 May 2014


Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Geoffrey Woof, Tom Stafford and Elaine Lewis.


County & District Councillor Nick Cotton.  


The meeting opened at 7.30pm.




Councillors Rita Corpe, Jenny Pilgrim and Ken McClurg.   

District Councillors Ian McPherson and Evelyn Westwood.




2.1 Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Monday 07 April 2014 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.

2.2 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Monday 07 April 2014 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.



Policing Issues:

3.1 A report was received from PCSO Mandy Coleman. 

Further information was given on:-

3.2 On 29 March a complaint had been received of noisy youths breaking glass in the car park of the George and Dragon. All parties responsible had subsequently been spoken to by the police.

3.3 On 16 April there had been a report of theft of items from a house in the Parish.

3.4 On 20 & 21 April police had responded to two domestic incidents in the area.

3.5 On 20 April premises were entered at Middleton and a field bike, digger and tools were stolen.

3.6 On 30 April a quad bike had been stolen from Middleton Farm, Middleton, resulting in a police pursuit where the quad bike had been recovered, however, enquiries continue to locate the persons responsible.

3.7 PCSO Coleman was thanked for her attendance leaving the meeting at 7.45pm. 



Declarations of Interest:

Councillor Chris Evans in respect of agenda item 18, Planning, concerning application S/01/252A – Peas Gill House, Stonerigg, Outrake, Gawthrop.




5.1. An update from John Colton of Fibre Garden was received on the current position of the delivery of an improved broadband infrastructure to Dentdale, including:-

5.2.1 It was reported that Alan Cook from the Connecting Cumbria Project Team would be stating in its evaluation report that the proposed broadband solution from Fibre Garden would provide sufficient support and contingency for there to be no concerns over Fibre Garden’s ability to provide a service to people within the Fibre Garden area. The timing of publication of Connecting Cumbria’s evaluation report is not yet known.

5.2.2 Additionally, it was reported that Alan Cook had made a formal request to British Telecom to undertake an impact assessment so that the County Council can consider the consequential impact upon the overall program of de-scoping the area.

5.3 Negotiation on wayleaves with land owners was stated to be going well in both Dentdale and Garsdale, however, it was proving to be a time consuming exercise.

5.4 Funding arrangements are in place with DEFRA and its contract should be with Fibre Garden this week.

5.5 There are plans for Fibre Garden to appoint a community liaison officer. Fibre Garden’s partner ITS will have its own project manager and the community liaison officer will be the link between Fibre Garden, the ITS project manager and the community.

5.6 ITS will be involved with the design, building and running of the network together with responsibility for some maintenance work.  

5.7 Fibre Garden is close to being able to provide a range of internet service providers for the network.

5.8 It will be the choice of individual residents whether they choose to take up the network service with Fibre Garden, or, as an option, remain with the present service they receive from British Telecom.

5.9 County and District Councillor Nick Cotton stated that he had conveyed the public support for the Fibre Garden project witnessed at the Annual Parish Meeting in April to County Council cabinet members.  

5.10 John Colton was thanked for his attendance at the meeting and for the Fibre Garden project update. He left the meeting at 8.17pm.

5.11 It was resolved:

5.11.1 The Council should correspond with Fibre Garden requesting the answers to three supplementary questions, namely:

i)   How many ISP's is Fibre Garden close to working with and who are they?

ii)  What is the latest information on individual subscription rates?

iii) How many investors does Fibre Garden have?

5.11.2 No further action should be taken at this time.



Clerk’s Report:

6.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

6.2 (Item 17) Dentdale residents are being encouraged to join the Cumbria Community Messaging Service (CCMS). It is the intention of the Dentdale Neighbourhood Watch (DNW) Co-ordinators to stop filtering messages from CCMS and forwarding them to residents. Reminders to current users will be sent to inform them of the change. CCMS is designed to help residents get and receive information. In urgent cases there is a facility to receive alerts by text or phone. This facility can assist greatly in the prevention and detection of crime. The service is free of charge. An instruction guide to join the service is available from John Sibley or the Clerk. Alternatively, the local PCSO’s will be happy to visit residents and help anyone access the system. The present Dent NW Co-ordinators and the Clerk will also be happy to assist.

After 3 months if current users of DNW have not registered with CCMS they will only receive the very few messages generated from the Parish Council.

6.3 (Item 19) Correspondence had been received from Valerie Gornall requesting use of the Playing Field on Sunday 24 August 2014, for the purpose of the 2014 Dentdale Sheep Show. It is proposed that the Sheep Show will run alongside the walling competition. It was resolved that permission be granted for use of the Playing Field for the Sheep Show with the event running alongside the Walling Competition.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:

6.4 A metal surface cover on the C5101 road at Helmside had been reported as defective. The Clerk had brought the matter to the attention of CCC Highways for action at the earliest convenience.

6.5 A report had been received of garden boundary trees growing into the highway at Laning, Dent. The owner of the trees had been contacted by the Clerk and informed of the complaint.

6.6 Correspondence had been received on behalf of FELLS (Friends of Eden, Lakeland & Lunesdale Scenery and DGG (Dales Gateway Group) requesting that the Parish Council join the DGG to continue their objection to the Killington wind farm proposal currently being considered by the Secretary of State. It was resolved that the Parish Council had previously communicated its view on the application which is on record for consideration of the inspector acting on behalf of the Secretary of State. The Parish Council should therefore decline joining the DGG.



Chair and Member Announcements:




County and District Councillor Announcements:

8.1 County and District Councillor Nick Cotton stated that he had been contacted by John Sibley (Co-ordinator, Dentdale Neighbourhood Watch) in connection with the Cumbria Community Messaging Service. A specific request had been made to identify the County Council cabinet member responsible for the CCMS. Enquiries would be made accordingly.

8.2 With reference to item 4 of the Clerk’s report County and District Councillor Nick Cotton asked if there was knowledge of the owner of the land at Rash Bridge in order that arrangements could be made for the treatment of balsam in the River Dee at that location. In response Councillor Geoffrey Woof stated he would make enquiries to identify the landowner.



Public Forum:

It was announced that the British Telecom metal road surface cover on the C5101 at Holme Cottage which had previously been reported to CCC Highways was still defective and had not received attention. In reply the Clerk stated that he would make enquiries with CCC Highways requesting repair action.



Playing Field Committee:

10.1 The minutes of the Playing Field meeting of Thursday 08 May 2014 were received.

10.2 All Playing Field matters for consideration related to the Dentdale Walling Competition therefore it was agreed to bring forward the Dentdale Walling Competition from agenda item 12 to item 11.  


Dentdale Walling Competition:

11.1 The Dentdale Walling Competition proposal paper raised by Paul Wilkinson (Ranger, YDNPA) was received.

11.2 Paul Wilkinson and members of the Playing Field Committee would be actively seeking further sponsorship for the event as currently there is a funding gap of £700. It was agreed that the walling competition is a significant event in the Dentdale calendar with the additional benefit to the Parish Council that a section of the Playing Field boundary wall would see improvement as a result of the competition.

It was resolved that the Dentdale Walling Competition should receive a grant of £400 from the Council’s annual grant funding budget.

11.3 It was reported that enquiries are being made with a view to forming a Walling Competition Committee through members of the Football Club and Show Committee.

It was resolved that no further action should be taken at this time on the formation of a Parish Council steering group in respect of the walling competition due to the possibility of a committee being found elsewhere.

11.4 Councillor Graham Dalton kindly offered to present the winning competitors with their respective trophies.     



Parish Plan:

12.1 A paper produced by Heather Fraser was received on the proposed future structure of the Parish Plan. The paper included an overview of the proposed process, a project plan, resource requirements and proposed governance arrangements.

12.2 The governance arrangements proposed that the Parish Council should appoint a steering group which will have the responsibility for developing the next phase of the Parish Plan and a process to ensure it becomes a rolling strategy for Dentdale.

12.3 It was resolved to formally approve the plan and adopt the proposal.

12.4 It was also resolved that a list collated by the Clerk relating to volunteers who had expressed an interest in being involved with the development of the Parish Plan should be forwarded to Councillor Tom Stafford and Heather Fraser.



Council Insurance & Assets Review:

13.1 The Council insurance arrangements and Assets Register for 2014/15 were received for review.

13.2 It was resolved that the Asset Register should now include the notice board at Dent and the new board at Cowgill when it has been installed. No further amendments were necessary.

13.3 The Council is currently insured with AON and the Policy is due for renewal on 01 June 2014, however, a proposal from Zurich Insurance was received which included increased Public liability from £10,000,000 to £12,000,000 and higher limits on money loss issues. Zurich’s quotation of £755.41 for 2014/15 represents a saving of £607.86 on the renewal documentation received from AON.

13.4 It was resolved to accept the arrangements and quotation proposed by Zurich Insurance for the period 01 June 2014 to 31 May 2015.



Risk Assessment Review:

14.1.1 The Council’s Health & Safety Policy Statement of Policy and Commitment together with Risk Assessment documentation were received for review.


It was resolved:

14.1.2 There should be no change to the Health & Safety Policy Statement of Policy and Commitment.

14.1.3 Under the subject area ‘banking’ to revise the number of signatories to: ‘Currently there are 6 authorised signatories to the principal account’.

14.1.4 Under the subject area ‘Financial controls and records’ to revise the wording concerning Administration Rights to: ‘Councillor Elaine Lewis is the holder of Administration Rights’.   

14.1.5 Under the heading ‘Clerk’ to revise wording from ‘membership of SLCC now authorised’ to ‘membership of SLCC maintained’.

14.1.6 To add a new subject area entitled ‘Notice boards’ in respect of the board at Dent and the impending erection of the new board at Cowgill together with the identified risks and control measures.

14.1.7 The Risk Assessment Review was then accepted without further amendment.

14.2 The next annual risk assessment review would be due in June 2015 or returned to members sooner for amendment should any change in circumstances dictate.



Annual Financial Statement:

The Annual Financial Statement was received and approved by all members being duly signed by the Chair and Responsible Financial Officer.



Annual Audit Return & Governance Statement:

16.1 The Annual Audit Return and Governance Statement was received and considered by the Council.

16.2 Section 1 – The Accounting statements were approved by all members being duly signed by the Responsible Financial Officer and Chair.

16.3 Section 2 – The Annual governance statement was approved by all members and signed by the Chair and Clerk.





Payments authorised:

E.on  (street Lighting – April 2014)


A. Stephenson  (administration & Clerk’s expenses April 2014)


United Utilities (water & wastewater Car Park – April 2014)


Dentdale Memorial Hall (room hire January to March 2014)


Sally Bansor (Car Park – Relief)


John Hyde  (Car Park plants, paint & consumables)


Zurich Insurance (annual insurance policy)


Dent Stores (Car Park consumables)







18.1 Applications:

S/01/252A - Peas Gill House, Stonerigg, Outrake, Gawthrop – Full application for re-occupation of former dwelling – Support.



S/01/22H & S/01/22J/LB - East Banks, Dent – Full planning permission and listed building consent for erection of single storey extension on east to form self-contained annexe, extension of cat-slide roof to the south to form wc and new kitchen area and the re-laying of existing cobbles - Support.

S/01/258 & S/01/258A/LB– Methodist Manse, Flintergill, Dent – Full planning permission and listed building consent for erection of extension to south elevation, replacement of five windows on north elevation, internal and external alterations and demolition of outbuildings - Support. 


18.2 Decisions:




19.1 Close of Meeting:

Councillor Graham Dalton highlighted that the end of the meeting concluded the term of office for members. He thanked all members for their contribution over the last four years and for the work undertaken by former Councillor and Chair, Jock Cairns.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

19.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 02 June 2014, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.