Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 07 April 2014


Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Rita Corpe, Tom Stafford, Elaine Lewis,

Jenny Pilgrim and Ken McClurg.


County & District Councillor Nick Cotton.


The meeting opened at 8.48pm.




Councillor Geoffrey Woof.

District Councillors Ian McPherson and Evelyn Westwood.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 03 March 2014 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record following date amendment to item 12.1.1 from ‘10 April 2014’ to ‘07 April 2014’.




Declarations of Interest:




Walling Competition:

4.1 A request for support was received from Paul Wilkinson, Ranger, Yorkshire Dales National Park, concerning the annual walling competition.

4.2 It was reported that this year’s event was due to be held in conjunction with the Sheep Show on Sunday 24 August 2014.

4.3 A proposal was made that the walling competition would benefit from a Parish Council steering group to seek involvement of competitors, assistance in running the event and a Parish representative to present trophies.

4.4 The total cost of funding the event is estimated to be in the region of £900. The Yorkshire Dales National Park would contribute £200 leaving a £700 funding gap.

4.5 It was resolved to consider the request and the steering group proposal at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 12 May 2014.

4.6 Paul Wilkinson was thanked for his attendance at the meeting and for documenting a summary of the event and its requirements.



Clerk’s Report:

5.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted.

Further information was given on:-

5.2. (Item 16) On Monday 31 March 2014 a heavy goods vehicle travelled the C5101 from Newby Head to Stonehouse Bridge. The result was that the vehicle could not negotiate Stonehouse Bridge and the road was closed for several hours whilst recovery of the vehicle was secured. Despite previous Parish Council requests within the last two years for improved signage on the B6255 at Newby Head warning of the C5101 being unsuitable for large vehicles, no action had been taken. As a result of the latest incident County Councillor Nick Cotton has made a request for additional warning signage with North Yorkshire County Council and the matter is being investigated.

5.3 (item 14) Fibre Garden had been contacted by the Clerk with an invitation from members to attend a future Parish Council meeting for the purpose of an update on its current superfast broadband project in Dentdale. The invitation had been accepted and a representative from Fibre Garden will attend the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 12 May 2014.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:

5.4 A meeting had taken place between UPM Tilhill and Cumbria County Council (CCC) concerning this year’s timber extraction plans from the Cowgill plantation. UPM Tilhill has agreed to work to the conditions that were agreed between the Parish Council, UPM TIlhill and CCC when work was last undertaken. This includes the use of a 6 axle rear steer vehicle, limiting daily vehicle movements and avoidance of bus and train times. Additionally, UPM Tilhill has been informed of the need to accommodate the Tour De France planning in July.

5.5 The April 2014 Police report for Dentdale had been received which included:

The theft of a red Honda Quad bike from Peggleside, calls for service to a residential property in Dent where a woman was taken to hospital for treatment and the intended Police visits to farms and residential properties in an attempt to raise awareness of the benefits of signing up to the Cumbria Community Messaging Service. 



Chair and Member Announcements:

6.1 Councillor Chris Evans reported that the street light outside the Sun Inn was permanently illuminated.

6.2 Councillor Rita Corpe reported that the street light at Church View (front) was once again not working.

6.3 It was resolved that the Clerk would make enquiries regarding the lighting defects and take action for repair as necessary.



County and District Councillor Announcements:




Land Transfer – Beech Hill:

8.1 A progress report was received on the transfer of land at Beech Hill to the Parish Council from South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) and Cumbria County Council (CCC).

8.2 Contracts had been exchanged with SLDC on the parcel of land at Beech Hill containing the flower-beds. The terms of the agreement with SLDC state that once contracts had been exchanged repair work to the paving and to the stone slate capping of the walls of the planters should go ahead with the agreed cost of £630 being refunded to the Parish Council by SLDC. Once the work had been concluded the legal documents would be completed.

8.3 An estimate had been received for the cost of replacing the paving at the flower beds as an option to repair. The estimate for this work was £5,642.

8.4 It was resolved that the paving should be repaired rather than replaced and the Contractor should be advised to proceed with the work.

8.5 In respect of the CCC land at Beech Hill the legal process for transfer to the Parish Council was continuing and documentation for transfer would be available shortly.



Parish Plan:

9.1 A paper was received from Heather Fraser on the proposed future structure of the Parish Plan. The paper included an overview of the proposed process, a project plan, resource requirements and proposed governance arrangements.

9.2 The governance arrangements proposed that the Parish Council should appoint a steering group which will have the responsibility for developing the next phase of the Parish Plan and a process to ensure it becomes a rolling strategy for Dentdale. Heather Fraser agreed to forward a notice to the Clerk advertising for steering group volunteers which would be placed in the Lookaround, on, the Parish Council notice board and a request to John Sibley to circulate to the Dent Neighbourhood Watch membership.

9.3  It was resolved:

9.3.1 To advertise for volunteers to be appointed to a Parish Plan steering group. The steering group should consist of at least six individuals, to include Heather Fraser and two members of the Parish Council.

9.3.2 To decide whether or not to approve and adopt the Parish Plan proposal in full at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 12 May 2014.

9.4 Heather Fraser was thanked by members for the detailed paper containing the Parish Plan proposal.






10.1 Payments made since 03 March 2014:

HMRC (PAYE – Quarter 4, 2013/14)                  


HMRC (VAT – Quarter 4, 2013/14)

SLDC (land transfer fee – Beech Hill)




10.2 Payments authorised:

E.on  (street Lighting – March 2014)


E.on  (car park electricity – Quarter 4, 2013/14)


United Utilities (water & waste water – March 2014)


A. Stephenson  (administration & Clerk’s expenses 03/14)


P. E. Middleton (street light bulb replacements 2013/14)


CALC (annual membership 2014/15)


SLCC (annual membership – 2014/15)


YDNPA (rent – Dentdale Car Park 2013/14)


SLDC (Car Park rates – 10 monthly instalments 2014/15)


Dent Stores (car park public conveniences - consumables)


Information Commissioner (renewal of Data Protection Reg.)








11.1 Applications

S/01/49D – Cowgill Barn, Cowgill. Full application for erection of extension to existing dwelling – Support.

S/01/49E – Cowgill Barn, Cowgill. Full application for erection of store with workshop Support.


F100316 – Coombe House, Gawthrop. Application to remove one Ash tree (Town & Country Planning Act 1990) – Support.


11.2 Decisions

S/01/33A - Peacock Hill, Deepdale, Dent. Full application for erection of an agricultural building to form roof cover over sheep handling and feed area. Granted with conditions.

S/01/87B – Millwood, Helmside, Dent. Full application for erection of a steel framed building to cover silage pit and yard. Granted with conditions.  



12.1 Close of Meeting:

The public meeting closed at 9.20pm.

12.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 12 May 2014, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.