1.Apologies: To receive apologies for absence.

2.Minutes: To approve the minutes of the meeting of Monday 07 September 2015 (attached).

3.Declarations of Interest: Councillors must declare any interest they have in the Agenda items.

4.North West Ambulance Service: To receive a presentation from Peter Mulcahy, Head of Service for Cumbria and Lancashire, concerning the changing role of the Ambulance Service both locally and nationally.

5.Clerk’s Report: To receive the Clerk’s Report (

6.Chair and Member Announcements: To receive any announcements or information from the Chair and Councillors.

7.County and District Councillor Announcements: To receive any announcements or information from the County and District Councillors.

8.Public Forum: The public are invited to raise any issues of concern (this item will take place at approximately 8pm and may be limited to 10 minutes, at the discretion of the Chair).

9.Playing Field Committee: To receive a report and minutes of the meeting of Thursday 10 September 2015 (attached).

10.Parish Forum: To receive a report on the Parish Forum held in Leyburn on Tuesday 22 September 2015 (Graham Dalton).

11.Dent Youth Club: To receive a report on the Youth Club meeting of Tuesday 22 September 2015 including a position statement on the future of the Club and to decide any further action as necessary.

12.Music and Beer Festival 2016: To receive a request on behalf of the Music & Beer Festival Committee for use of the Dentdale Car Park site for the 2016 Festival and decide appropriate action.

13.Parish Council Document Archive: To receive a request for the Council’s historic documents to be securely stored in Dent and to decide action as necessary.

14.St Andrew’s Churchyard Steps: To receive a report on St Andrew’s Churchyard steps and to decide appropriate action.

15.Ministry Of Justice Consultation: To receive details of the consultation currently being undertaken by the Ministry of Justice which includes the closure of Court facilities in Kendal and decide whether or not to take any action.

16.Finance and Budget Monitoring: To receive a report on the financial position of the Council to the conclusion of Quarter 2 of the current financial year.

17.Finance - Payments:

           Payments since 07 September 2015:  

             HMRC PAYE (Quarter 2 - 2015/16)                                                                                     £897.18

                          HMRC VAT (Quarter 2 - 2015/16)                                                                         £1141.15

                          Safety Signs and Notices Limited (car park ‘pay here’ sign)                                     £67.12

     Payments for authorisation:

E-on (car park electricity – September 2015)                 TBA
E-on (street light electricity Quarter (2) 2015/16)                 TBA
S. Bansor (car park relief)             £32.00



A. Stephenson (Admin & Clerk’s expenses – September 2015)

United Utilities (car park water & wastewater – Aug &   Sept 2015)                                                                                          





18.1 Applications

S/01/127D & S/01/127E/LB – Millbeck Cottage, Dent, for installation of 14kw air source heat pump.

S/01/268A – Well Head, Dent, for works to existing outbuilding to form bedroom and ancillary accommodation.

       18.2 Decisions



19.Next Meeting: Monday 02 November 2015, 7.30pm in the Sedgwick Room.