1. 1.Apologies: To receive apologies for absence.
  1. 2.Minutes: To approve the minutes of the meeting of Monday 06 July 2015 (attached).
  1. 3.Declarations of Interest: Councillors must declare any interest they have in the Agenda items.
  1. 4.Clerk’s Report: To receive the Clerk’s Report (


  1. 5.Chair and Member Announcements: To receive any announcements or information from the Chair and Councillors.
  1. 6.County and District Councillor Announcements: To receive any announcements or information from the County and District Councillors.
  1. 7.Public Forum: The public are invited to raise any issues of concern (this item will take place at approximately 8pm and may be limited to 10 minutes, at the discretion of the Chair).
  1. 8.Playing Field Committee: To receive a report and minutes of the meeting of 09 July 2015 (attached).
  1. 9.School Transport: To receive a report on the progress of the Queen Elizabeth School (QES) Parent Group’s school transport arrangements following the cessation of the school bus from Dent to QES and decide any action as necessary.
  1. 10.Dentdale Sheep Show 2015: To receive an application from the Dent Sheep Show Committee for the 2015 event to be held at Dent Playing Field and decide whether or not to approve the application.


  1. 11.Council Working Group – Rise Hill: To decide the arrangements and scope of the Working Group concerning the future of the former Lyon Equipment site at Rise Hill.
  1. 12.Dent Youth Club: To receive a report from Councillor Scott Thornley concerning the sustainability of Dent Youth Club and decide appropriate action.
  1. 13.Parish Council Vacancy: To receive procedural details of the current Parish Council vacancy for the Dent Ward together with consideration and decision on any application(s) submitted.
  1. 14.Website Service: To receive a position statement on the redevelopment of and decide any action as necessary.
  1. 15.SLDC Empty Homes Strategy: To receive a report on the SLDC Empty Homes Strategy 2015-20 and decide whether or not the Council wishes to respond to the consultation process.
  1. 16.Street Lighting Project: To receive a report formally concluding the Dent Street Lighting Project.
  1. 17.External Audit Report: To receive the External Auditor’s certificate and opinion for the financial year to 31 March 2015.
  1. 18.Finance:  

                    Payment Cancellation:

                     E.on (street lighting Quarter 1 - 2015/16)                                                               £82.29


     Payments for authorisation:

E.on (street lighting Quarter   1 – 2015/16 - re-assessed) £42.79
E-on (car park electricity – July 2015) TBA
Bentham Plant Hire Limited (car park grounds maintenance) £264.00
Sally Bansor (car park relief) £56.00
Dentdale Memorial Hall (room hire Quarter 1) £31.00

A. Stephenson (Admin & Clerk’s expenses – July 2015)

United Utilities (car park water & wastewater – July 2015)                                                                                            

BDO LLP (external audit   for financial year 2014/15)                    




  1. 19.Planning:

19.1 Applications

S/01/245A/LB – Hewthwaite, Dent. Application for listed building consent for rebuilding of chimney

    19.2 Decisions



  1. 20.Next Meeting: Monday 07 September 2015, 7.30pm in the Sedgwick Room.