Welcome to the Dent, Sedbergh and District Oral History Society! Background Anthea Boulton set up the Dent, Sedbergh and District Oral History Society in the early 1990s with the aim of capturing the memories of this self-sufficient upland rural community as it lived through vast changes such as mechanisation, motorised transport and general prosperity. Recording Interviews Recording people’s memories is a continuous process as we wish to preserve not only memories from the more distant past but those of the second half of the twentieth century right up to the present day. Interviews are conducted in Dent, Sedbergh, Garsdale and the surrounding area.  If you think that your memories of living and/or working in this area may be of interest to us then please do get in touch! We'd be delighted to hear from you! New Members We are a relatively small society but there's much to do and we are always looking for new members: • Perhaps you are good at communicating with people and not shy to ask questions - why not become an interviewer? • Perhaps working from home suits you better and you are comfortable using a computer - why not become a transcriber of the recorded interviews? • Perhaps technology is really your forte and you like working with digital files - why not become involved in the transferral and preservation of the audio material? There is just so much going on and it's a great feeling; knowing that you are preserving the Dales' rich oral testimonies for future generations. Access to Interviews Copies of recorded interviews, with written transcripts, are stored at Kendal Library, where they are available to the public, and also in the Sedbergh History Society's office, housed within the Sedbergh and District Community Office, 72 Main Street, Sedbergh. Do come in and listen to them - they really are fascinating! With the agreement of interviewees, we are hoping to provide remote digital access to some of the interviews within the next few months. Published Book Parts of interviews may be included in talks or exhibitions and some have been made available in our first book, edited by Anthea Boulton and Veronica Whymant,  published in September 2015: Telling it like it was: Dent, Sedbergh and district in living memory If you would like to purchase a copy (£14.95) please contact Westwood Books books@markwestwood.co.uk, telephone 015396 21233. Society details Chair: Anthea Boulton  antheaboulton@btinternet.com, telephone 015396 25321 Secretary: Veronica Whymant veronica.whymant@gmail.com THE PROJECT IS NON-PROFIT-MAKING AND ANY PROCEEDS OVER AND ABOVE COSTS WILL BE GIVEN BACK TO THE COMMUNITIES IN DENT AND SEDBERGH.