Bell ringers wanted!

The bells are now back from The Whitechapel Foundry, London
and re-hung in St Andrew’s Church, Dent.

St. Andrew’s Ringers now need more recruits to be trained up to join the band of ringers now ringing on a regular basis.

There are at present two new junior recruits who have recently joined us, but we do need more adults.

Bell  ringing  is   GREAT  FUN !

  • A unique hobby for whole families from 9 – 90
  • Very sociable group participation — you'll make friends for life
  • A craft almost 400 years old practised throughout the British Isles and in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Southern Africa and the USA
  • Healthy light exercise — you don't need to be big and strong

What's in it for you?

A hobby which involves:

  • being part of a team
  • providing a service for the church
  • a good social life
  • continually learning something new

Bell ringing is good fun! Once you have learned the basic technique you will always be made welcome when you visit other towers. There are more than 5,000 church towers and a small number of secular towers with bells suitable for change ringing.

If you are interested please call Colin Brown on 015396 25418

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