• Welcome to Dentdale

    Welcome to Dentdale

    A Place of tranquility but with a vibrant Community

  • Peaceful, quiet roads

    Peaceful, secluded roads

    You will have space to breathe in Dentdale. It is an excellent location for cycling, walking and running.

  • Wild open Countryside

    Wild open Countryside

    If wandering across miles of open, wild countryside is your thing, Dentdale has it in abundance.

  • Dent Railway Station

    Dent Railway Station

    The famous Dent Railway Station is the highest in the country and a beautiful place to visit.

  • Railway viaduct

    Settle to Carlisle Railway

    The famous settle to Carlisle railway runs through the heart of the valley.

  • Dent Music and Beer Festival

    Dent Music and Beer Festival

    The annual Dent Music and Beer Festival always draws in the crowds.



  1. Apologies: To receive apologies for absence.
  2. Minutes: To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 05 October 2015. (attached)
  3. Declarations of Interest: Councillors must declare any interest they have in the Agenda items.
  4. Clerk’s Report: To receive the Clerk’s Report. (attached)
  5. Chair and Member Announcements: To receive any announcements from the Chair and Councillors.
  6. County and District Councillor Announcements: To receive any announcements or information from the County and District Councillors.
  7. Public Forum: The public are invited to raise any issues of concern (the Chair may limit this item to 10 minutes).
  8. Playing Field Committee: To receive a report and minutes of the meeting of Thursday 08 October 2015. (attached)
  9. Rise Hill Mill: To receive a report on the proposed acquisition and use of the Rise Hill Mill site.
  10. Superfast Broadband in Dentdale: To receive a report on the current position of superfast broadband delivery in Dentdale and decide appropriate action.
  11. Electoral Review of South Lakeland: To receive details of the South Lakeland Electoral Review and decide whether or not to contribute to the consultation process.
  12. Dent Youth Club: To receive a report on future arrangements for the Youth Club in Dent and decide whether or not any action is required.
  13. Car Park Toilets: To consider a proposal to upgrade the interior of the public toilets in partnership with the YDNPA and decide whether or not to adopt the proposal as a Council project.    
  14. Parish Council Grants 2015/16: To decide on a timetable for advertising and receipt of applications for Parish Council grants 2015/16.
  15. Budget – Financial Year 2016/17: To appoint a Working Group to make proposals for next year’s budget.
  16. Finance:

   Payments for authorisation:-

United Utilities (water & wastewater – October 2015) TBA  
E-on (car park electricity – October 2015) TBA  
Dentdale Memorial Hall (room hire) £19.25  
Dent Stores (car park consumables) £66.45  
A. Stephenson (Admin   & Clerk’s expenses – 10/2015) TBA  
Burton Turf Care (grass maintenance 2015) £3,600.00  
  1. 17. Planning:

17.1 Applications

S/01/273 – Pearl Hill Farmhouse, Dent. To re-build stone barn/outbuilding to provide space for biomass boiler, store and hobby room and erection of draught lobby house.

       17.2 Decisions        

S/01/267 & S/01/267A/LB – Three Roods, Dent, for re-occupation of former dwelling and shop, partial change of use and external alterations (part retrospective). GRANTED with conditions.

S/01/126L and S/01/126M/LB – Biggerside, Dent, for demolition of existing steel building, re-roofing of slaughter house and erection of detached double garage with studio above. GRANTED with conditions.

    18. Next Meeting: 7.30pm. Monday 07 December 2015, Sedgwick Room.

Upcoming Events

Dent is situated in a quiet corner of Cumbria but inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Finding Dent

There are many Community groups to be involved with in Dentdale to suit all tastes.

Dent Community

The Dentdale Parish Council is a very active group managing the affairs of the valley with regular meetings and events.

Parish Council

There are a wide range of Accommodation providers in the valley from B&B to Camp-sites.