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    Welcome to Dentdale

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Minutes of the meeting of Dent Parish Council on Monday 07 December 2015

To be presented for acceptance at the Parish Council Meeting on 01 February 2016

Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Rita Corpe, Tom Stafford and Jenny Pilgrim.

District Councillor Kevin Lancaster.  

The meeting opened at 7.34pm.




Councillors Geoffrey Woof and Scott Thornley.

District Councillor Mel Mackie.   

County Councillor Nick Cotton.



Minutes of the meeting of Monday 02 November 2015 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.



Policing Issues:

A member of the Police Community Support Team was unavailable to attend the meeting.


Declarations of Interest:



Clerk’s Report:

5.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

5.2. (item7) John Sibley has been involved for many years with the Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association (CNHW). Whilst the mission of the NHW remains to combat crime it also targets community safety. It is in this latter respect that he has become involved with officers specifically engaged with emergency planning in the event of a local disaster. Currently he is in the process of compiling an emergency plan for Dentdale which he would like to present to the Parish Council upon completion. It was resolved that John Sibley should be invited to a Parish Council meeting early in 2016 to present the emergency plan for Dentdale.        

5.3 (item 16) Samantha Bagshaw is the new Chief Officer of the Cumbria Association of Local Councils (CALC). In a meeting with the CALC South Lakeland Association on 26 November 2015 she gave a presentation on the proposal for devolution in Cumbria. If implemented, this will see the transfer of funds from central government to a Combined Authority in Cumbria represented by an elected mayor. The intention is to put in place interim arrangements in 2016/17, moving to full implementation of this model of governance in 2018.

5.4 (item 18)A complaint had been received concerning three large pot holes on the C5101 road at Holme Cottage, Dent. The complaint had been reported to Cumbria Highways for remedial action. Complaint reference: 62/1370624.  

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included: -

5.5 Following storm Desmond a report had been received concerning suspected damaged to one of the support pillars at Church Bridge. The County Council Bridge Engineer had been informed in order that an appropriate inspection can take place.

5.6 The Clerk had received information from a resident concerning flooding at Wills Ghyll, Cowgill, where it was suspected that a culvert was blocked. The resident had made a complaint directly to Cumbria Highways requesting the Council’s intentions regarding the problem.

5.7 South Lakeland District Council is asking for help in identifying properties that were affected by flooding during storm Desmond on 05 and 06 December. The purpose of the request is in order that the Council and other agencies are in a better position to provide support. Any information should be forwarded to John Davies at South Lake- land District Council. He can be contacted by email: RJ.Davies@southlakeland.gov.uk.


Chair and Member Announcements:

Councillor Graham Dalton highlighted that once again Dent had received the support of the Air Ambulance Service to attend a patient over the weekend. In respect of suitable helicopter landing sites within Dentdale, Councillor Jenny Pilgrim stated that this would form part of the Local Emergency Plan currently being compiled by John Sibley.


County and District Councillor Announcements:

7.1 District Councillor Kevin Lancaster wished to know if any residents had complained about not receiving their waste bin collection service on the day specified by South Lakeland District Council. Although no complaints had been received Councillor Kevin Lancaster requested to be notified should any collection be missed in the future.

7.2 Councillor Kevin Lancaster announced that he was still pursuing the issue of resident payments for the inspection of private water supplies with the District Council.



Public Forum:



Superfast Broadband in Dentdale:

9.1 A report and draft agenda were received in respect of the arrangements for the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting to be held on Monday 14 December 2015 to consider the delivery of superfast broadband in Dentdale.

9.2 Written information from prospective suppliers concerning the delivery of superfast broadband in Dentdale should be received by Tuesday 08 December 2015 in order that the submissions may be included for consideration by members at the meeting.

9.3 It was resolved to include within the agenda an item entitled, ’County Councillor Announcements’ which would give the opportunity for County Councillor Nick Cotton to state the position of Connecting Cumbria within the superfast broadband delivery process specifically relevant to Dentdale.

9.4 District Councillor Kevin Lancaster stated that the Parish Council’s position would need to be known in January by the County Council.  



Dent Youth Club:

10.1 A meeting had taken place on Friday 06 December 2015 between local volunteers, Cumbria County Council and The Cumbria Youth Alliance. The meeting had included an information gathering exercise by The Cumbria Youth Alliance (CYA) from which an assessment will be made of the support that CYA will be able to give to the Club. Cumbria County Council was unclear at the present time of any support it will be able to offer.

10.2 The local volunteer group estimates that if the Youth Club hold fortnightly sessions for a period of two hours per session the cost of a youth worker per year would be £570 and the cost of the use of the Memorial Hall would also be £570.

10.3 The local volunteer group anticipates that its first meeting will be held later in December to constitute a Committee to take the Club forward.



Dentdale Public Conveniences:

11.1 A meeting had taken place on Wednesday 02 December between representatives of the Parish Council and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) for the purpose of carrying out a feasibility study concerned with upgrading the interior of the public conveniences at Dentdale Car Park.

11.2 A site visit was undertaken which considered the erection of new wall boarding to replace the present tiled area, decoration, sanitary ware and hand-washing facilities.

11.3 Paul Drake representing the YDNPA offered to help with obtaining costs in order that the Parish Council could consider a number of upgrade options, however, this would be subject to the YDNPA Management Team allowing him to do so. A decision by the YDNPA Management Team had not yet been received.

11.4 It was resolved to await response from the YDNPA.


Audit Procedure:

12.1 The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 requires that from 2017, smaller authorities will appoint auditors through a ‘Sector Led Body’ or opt out of such arrangements and appoint auditors locally. Every authority must have an auditor.

12.2 When the previous Government abolished the audit commission, The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and The Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) expressed concerns about the impact this would have on the workload of local councils and drainage boards. Both NALC and SLCC persuaded the Government to allow a ‘Sector Led Body’ to be formed to procure audit services simplifying arrangements and reducing the burden on local councils.

12.3 Should a Local Council wish to opt-out of the Sector Led Body Audit procurement it must inform NALC no later than 31 January 2016.

12.4 It was resolved that Dent Parish Council should participate in the scheme provided by the Sector Led Body.




13.1 Budget and Precept 2016/17:

13.1.1 Budget and precept proposals for the financial year 2016/17 were received.

13.1.2 The car park budget proposal was accepted.

13.1.3 The Parish Council budget was accepted.

13.1.4 It was resolved to formally approve both the Car Park and Parish Council budgets. This would be subject to their compliance with any change in benefit support grant from central government and grant support from South Lakeland District Council.


13.2 Payments for authorisation:

E.on  (car park electricity – November 2015) £21.66
A. Stephenson  (administration & Clerk’s expenses 11/2015) £5.00
S. Bramall (migration of service to new office computer system) £50.00
A. Burrow (car park wall repairs) £75.00
A. Stephenson (Amazon payment – Quickbooks accounts 2016) £155.39

Parish Council Grants 2015/16:

14.1 A total of five Grant applications were received and considered.

14.2 It was resolved to authorise the following Grants:

Dent with Cowgill PCC £150
Dent C of E Primary School £1,000
Dent Youth Club £500
Western Dales Community Bus Service £350

14.3 The fifth application from The Dentdale Club was duly considered, however, it was resolved not to make an award on this occasion.

14.4 It was resolved that the award to Dent Youth Club should be retained by the Council until the new Youth Club Committee had made appropriate arrangements for the receipt of funds.



15.1 Applications:

S/01/67D – Arqiva Site, Whernside Shoulder, Deepdale, Dent. For works to existing communication relay station comprising: replacement of 2 no. wooden poles with an 18m slim-line lattice mast and re-location of 4 no. antennas to the new mast - Support.

S/01/30C – Rise Hill Mill, Dent. For change of use of business premises to a microbrewery with ancillary office accommodation; visitor centre and café; workshop and warehouse unit - Support.

S/01/100A/LB - West View, Main Street, Dent. Listed building consent for internal works – Support.

       15.2 Decisions

      S/01/127D & S/01/127E/LB – Millbeck Cottage Dent. For installation of

      14kw air source heat pump – Granted with conditions.                                                    


Dates of meetings 2016:

16.1 Proposed Parish Council meeting dates for 2016 were received and accepted as the definitive meeting dates for next year.

16.2 In respect of the meeting at Cowgill on Monday 04 July 2016 it was resolved that the meeting should be held at the Sportsman’s Inn subject to availability being approved by the Landlord.


17.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.09pm.

17.2 Next Meeting:

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on Monday 14 December 2015, 7.30pm, in the Memorial Hall.

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Dent is situated in a quiet corner of Cumbria but inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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There are many Community groups to be involved with in Dentdale to suit all tastes.

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The Dentdale Parish Council is a very active group managing the affairs of the valley with regular meetings and events.

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