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Minutes of the meeting of Dent Parish Council on Monday 02 November 2015

To be presented for acceptance at the Parish Council Meeting on 07 December 2015

Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Tom Stafford, Geoffrey Woof, 

and Rita Corpe.

District Councillors Kevin Lancaster and Mel Mackie.

The meeting opened at 7.30pm.




Councillors Jenny Pilgrim and Scott Thornley.

County Councillor Nick Cotton.


Rise Hill Mill:

2.1.1 Chris O’Connor was welcomed to the meeting as the prospective purchaser of Rise Hill Mill. A presentation followed outlining his plans for the site, including:

2.1.2 Purchase of the site would be conditional on appropriate permissions being granted and change of business use of the building to a microbrewery. As well as housing the brewery there would be ancillary office accommodation, a visitor centre and café together with a warehouse unit. Plans had been submitted for consideration to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.  

2.1.3 Each brew at the site would consist of 1000 litres which would be transferred into 23 stainless steel casks. As a starting point it is envisaged that one brew would be made each fortnight. Dependent on sales and growth of the business it is hoped that five brews per week could be achieved. The business would be sensitive to the movement of casks and working practices would be put into place to minimise noise. Bottling of the beer would be by hand rather than automated by use of machinery. A vapour condensing flue would be fitted in the building which would ensure there would be no odour omitted from the site as a result of the brewing process.

2.1.4 The café area would also be the tasting room for visitors wishing to sample ales produced at the site.

2.1.5 It is hoped that once the business is established there would be scope for the employment of 6 people giving working opportunities to the local community.

2.1.6 Consideration would be given to the warehouse being offered for business rental with the prospect of possible further local employment.  

2.1.7 Dependent on relevant permissions being granted the target date for opening the microbrewery will be the start of the summer season 2016.

2.2 Chris O’Conner was thanked for his presentation and he left the meeting at 7.58pm.




Minutes of the meeting of Monday 05 October 2015 were presented and signed as a true and accurate record.



Declarations of Interest:



Clerk’s Report:

5.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted.

Further information was given on:-

5.2 (item 9) The Clerk had contacted J. Hartley & Sons of Ingleton concerning the Company’s intended timing of the maintenance of highway drains within Dentdale. Arrangements to undertake the work would proceed following the grass cutting season and preferably an initial survey will take place in wet conditions to identify areas of specific ‘water pooling’ issues on the C5101 prior to the operation starting. The project will be funded by the Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale Local Area Partnership.

5.3. (Item 11) The Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association will take place on Saturday 14 November 2015 at Shap Memorial Hall between 10.00am and 1.00pm. The theme of the conference will be Community Resilience which is currently significantly topical in view of the increasing financial pressure on the Police and other public sector organisations.

It was resolved that Councillor Graham Dalton would attend the event if available to do so.

5.4. (item21) On Tuesday 20 October 2015, The North West Ambulance Service held their annual awards ceremony to recognise the service of long serving ambulance staff. Included in the ceremony were presentations to a number of First Responder groups within Cumbria who had achieved a minimum of 10 years service. Dent is one such Group. Peter Knapton as Team Leader and Jenny Pilgrim as Chair of the Group attended the ceremony. In response Dentdale First Responders would like to thank the community for its support, not only financially thereby ensuring that it has up to date and sufficient equipment, but also for the day to day continuing interest in the Group.

It was resolved that a letter of commendation should be forwarded to the Dent First Responders congratulating the Group on its award and for the hard work and dedication of all the Team to the community of Dentdale.

5.5 (item 24) The Police had received a report of a transit van in Dent on the evening of Monday 26 October. The caller was able to give the registration number of the vehicle. As a result of the report the vehicle was subsequently stopped by the Police and one person was arrested for breach of bail conditions. A second vehicle had also been stopped but later allowed to proceed. The occupants of both vehicles were not from the area and the Police together with members of the Council would like to thank the resident for the report and observations in the fight to reduce rural crime.

Information received since the publication of the Clerk’s report included:

5.6 The Council had finally received the completed registration documents from the Land Registry in respect of the transfer of land at Beech Hill from Cumbria County Council to the Parish Council. The project was now closed.

5.7 The latest Police report for Dentdale had been received which included:

The theft of a steering wheel emblem from the Heritage Centre on 21 October and

an incident of anti-social behaviour on 01 November. In the latter case a group of youths had been spoken to by the Police and had since apologised to a number of elderly residents who had been distressed by their conduct.


Chair and Member Announcements:

6.1.1 Councillor Graham Dalton announced that following a statement by Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss the area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park (YDNP) will be increased by nearly 24%. The new boundary of the YDNP will now include: To the north - parts of the Orton Fells, the northern Howgill Fells, Wild Boar Fell and Mallerstang. To the West – Barbon, Middleton, Casterton and Leck Fells, the River Lune, and, part of Firbank Fell including other fells to the west of the River Lune. The extension will come into effect in August 2016 following two public consultations and a public inquiry in 2013. The proposal had been originally made by Natural England.

6.1.2 District Councillor Kevin Lancaster understood that there would be no additional finance available to service the increased area.

6.2 Councillor Rita Corpe reported that she had received a number of cold and fraudulent calls from an individual claiming that he could obtain her compensation on a recent accident. Advice from Cumbria Police was that all residents receiving similar fraudulent calls should report the matter to Action Fraud by contacting: 0300 123 2040.

It is of upmost importance that no personal bank account details are revealed to the callers in these cases. 


County and District Councillor Announcements:

7.1 District Councillor Kevin Lancaster reported that he had recently attended a South Lakeland car park meeting together with District Councillor Mel Mackie and his deduction from the meeting was that how well the car parks were operated by both Sedbergh and Dent Parish Councils.

7.2.1 Councillor Mel Mackie referred to item 5.5.1 of the minutes of Monday 05 October 2015, concerning his intention to contact the District Council to ascertain if a grant could be made available towards replacing a visitor information poster and notice board in Dent as well as funding an additional visitor notice board in Cowgill.

7.2.2 It was resolved that District Councillor Mel Mackie would report to the Clerk after making inquiries with the District Council.



Public Forum:

Concern was raised by a member of the public in relation to the expansion of the boundary of the Yorkshire Dales National Park despite local opposition to the scheme.

Inevitably a larger area would be more for the National Park to service without any indication of additional finance or staff. It was felt that the decision to extend the boundary was a Government imposition which is not supported by the public.     


Playing Field Committee:

9.1 The minutes of the meeting of Thursday 08 October 2015 were received.

9.2 Keith Burrow representing the Sheep Show Committee had confirmed that repairs would be made to the eastern dry stone wall of the playing field in return for use of the playing field for the 2016 Sheep Show event.

9.3 It was confirmed that Playing Field Committee meetings would be now held every three months unless an additional meeting was required for the purpose of expediency.

9.4 The next meeting of the Committee would be held on Thursday 14 January 2016.



Superfast Broadband in Dentdale:

10.1.1 A reply had been received from Andrew Fleck, Chaiman, Fibre Garden, in response to the Council’s request to provide a position statement on the installation of superfast broadband in Dentdale. The response re-iterated a statement which was recently posted on the organisation’s website and included:

10.1.2 An acknowledgement of the disappointing progress of the project which now meant that it was impractical for Fibre Garden to access the funding which had been assigned to the project by DEFRA, rendering the viability of the project to be uncertain.

10.1.3 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Fibre Garden would be held on Tuesday 17 November 2015 to which members would be invited. At the meeting a presentation of various options would be made to members in order to seek guidance on how they wish the project to progress. The direction of the project determined by members would then be disclosed at an open community meeting.

10.2.1 Following Fibre Garden’s statement a request had been made by County Councillor Nick Cotton to Cumbria County Council (CCC) concerning its position on the de-scoping of Dentdale from the Connecting Cumbria project in view of the information received by Fibre Garden. CCC’s response included:

10.2.2 Cumbria County Council de-scoped postcodes in Dent from Connecting Cumbria at the request of the community, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) and DEFRA to allow the Fibre GarDen project to progress. CCC has been advised that whilst funding has been withdrawn the project may still be viable and that the options are being discussed at the Fibre GarDen AGM scheduled for 17 November 2015. CCC is unable to seek options to re-scope the Dent area back into Connecting Cumbria, and, therefore, spend state aid until it is advised that the project is no longer viable by Fibre GarDen and BDUK.

10.3 It was resolved that the Council should await the outcome of Fibre Garden’s AGM and review its position in respect of the delivery of superfast broadband in Dentdale at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 07 December 2015.



Electoral Review of South Lakeland:

11.1.1 It was reported that the Local Government Boundary Commission for England is carrying out an electoral review of South Lakeland. A public consultation commenced on 27 October 2015 and will close on 11 January 2016.

11.1.2 The Commission is minded to recommend that 51District Councillors should be elected to South Lakeland District Council in the future. This represents no change in the total number of Councillors.

11.1.3 The electoral review will recommend new electoral arrangements for South Lakeland District Council. In particular, it will propose: 

The total number of councillors elected to the council in the future, the number of wards, the number of councillors representing each ward, ward boundaries and the names of wards.

11.1.4 It was resolved that the Council should respond to the consultation and recommend no change to the current arrangements within the Parish in respect of the two Wards and their boundaries together with the number of Councillors representing each Ward.


Dent Youth Club:

12.1.1 A report was received on the future arrangements for the Youth Club in Dent.

12.1.2 There had been a positive response from the community to ensure that the Youth Club in Dent would not be lost. A new Youth Club Committee is to be formed comprising of: Laura Thornley (Chair), Karen Capstick, Elizabeth Hoggarth, Hilary Deighton and Rosie James.

12.1.3 Four volunteers had offered to provide leadership services on a rota basis, namely; Scott Thornley, Katelyn Thornley, Hilary Deighton and Catherine Hartley.

12.1.4 A meeting will take place on Friday 06 November 2015 which will involve members of the Committee, Cumbria County Council and the Cumbria Youth Alliance.

12.1.5 It was resolved that no further action was required at this time and the outcome of the meeting on 06 November 2015 was awaited with interest.



Car Park Toilets:

13.1 The YDNPA had contacted the Clerk to ascertain if the Parish Council had any interest in a joint venture with the National Park Authority to upgrade the facilities provided inside the Public Conveniences in Dent.

13.2 It was resolved that the Council should obtain estimates on the cost of an upgrade to the facilities in order that it could then consider whether or not it was feasible to adopt any improvements as a Council project in partnership with the YDNPA.



Parish Council Grants 2015/16:

14.1 A proposed timetable was received for advertising Parish Council grants for the financial year 2015-2016.

14.2 It was resolved that applications for Parish Council grants should be advertised in Dent and Cowgill with completed applications to be received no later than Monday 23 November 2015.


Budget – Financial Year 2016/17:

15.1 A request was made to Councillors to support a Budget Working Group to consider the Parish Council’s budget proposals for the financial year 2016/17.

15.2 It was resolved that Councillors Graham Dalton, Tom Stafford and Chris Evans would form the Budget Working Group. Additionally, Councillor Jenny Pilgrim would be invited to attend together with the Clerk as the Responsible Financial Officer to the Council.

15.3 It was agreed that the Group would meet later in the month at the Reading Room.



  Payments authorised:             

E.on (street lighting – October 2015) £22.39
A. Stephenson (administration & Clerk’s expenses – October 2015) £19.96
United Utilities (car park water & wastewater – October 2015) £38.33
Dent Stores (car park consumables) £66.45
Burton Turf Care (grass maintenance 2015) £3,600.00
PC World Business – DSG Retail Limited (Council computer) £249.98

  Dentdale Memorial Hall (room hire)                                                                    £19.25



17.1 Applications

S/01/273 – Pearl Hill Farmhouse, Dent. To re-build stone barn/outbuilding to provide space for biomass boiler, store and hobby room and erection of draught lobby house – Support.

S/01/30C - Rise Hill Mill, Dent. For change of use of business premises to a micro-brewery with ancillary office accommodation; visitor centre and cafe; workshop and warehouse unit – To be considered. 


17.2 Decisions

S/01/267 & S/01/267A/LB – Three Roods, Dent, for re-occupation of former dwelling and shop, partial change of use and external alterations (part retrospective).  GRANTED with conditions.

S/01/126L  and S/01/126M/LB – Biggerside, Dent, for demolition of existing steel building, re-roofing of slaughter house and erection of detached double garage with studio above. GRANTED with conditions.


18.1 Close Meeting:

The meeting closed at 9.09pm.

18.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 07 December 2015, 7.30pm, in the Sedgwick Room.


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